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Your effectiveness in achieving a fulfilling life of your chosen results relies, first, on your ability to manage your self. To manage your thoughts, e-motions and energy is to gain mastery over your life and go where you desire to go in life.

Once you have tamed your thoughts, the ego gets tamed and you begin to not re-act to life.

Then you can manage and alter your e-motions and choose to re-act or respond to life.

Now, you can do as you are designed: Craft and Cause the Life Your Desire and Become Who You Choose To Be.

*e-motions = energies in motion.



Thought Leader

  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Speaker
  • Author

What I offer is not for the person or company that just wants to survive and be normal.

These offerings are for those rare people who desire to live above the fray of normality.

My services are for those corporations, businesses, non-profits, groups who desire to be more like Steve Jobs led Apple. Create your own path. Become your industry leader. Bring new ideas for new products and services for your market.

Why choose Lamar Irwin, Mind Technology?

1. When required in a session to further your growth, I lead you through a guided journey that programs your brain and heart, and connects you to the greater self so that changes start right away. I record it, then process it and email it to you with a prescription for listening. It will continue making the changes until the next session.

2. With more than 30 years of training, experiencing, apprenticing, licensing I have used what I teach you to altar myself and my life greatly. From a difficult family, I have been able to choose a different path much deeper and to my liking.

I am a resource for tapping the human potential with a multitude of breadth and depth in my approach. Breadth comes from learning emotional management, behavioral changes, using both the cognitive and intuitive functions, the whole brain, neural re-programming, taming the ego, leverage the quantum laws and principles of life, spirituality, body and life energetics, more.

This assures that I can always find the right approach for those who hire me. So far, that is true and there have been some doozies from a lady who wanted to find a man to date (took a short 2 weeks) to a lady with dire medical diagnoses who found her fountain of youth, to bipolar disorder to a man in 24/7 pain (spinal implant, morphine 2x/day, multiple oxycontins). All of them better.

Oh, and the nurse who had 2 diseases. The doctor said that if he was to treat either one, it would exacerbate the other. He sent her home with meds that did not touch the constant pain, put her on disability and she would live/exist that way. When we met I said: Oh, that just means it has to be healed from within. After I helped her manage the pain and almost eliminate it, both diseases were made miraculously better. No supplements involved. Deliberate thinking only.

Being an electrical engineer and having developed into a resource for empowering humanity is a great blessing <3

Primarily clients come to me for:

  • Medical: reduce drugs, eliminate pain, reverse diagnoses
  • Achieve what you desire to have and to bet in life
  • Business/project effectiveness beyond the norm
    • Make better decisions, be a creative workforce, use your whole brain (cognitive and creative), improve unity. All of this ends up reducing health care costs, reducing sick days, increases employee retention, creativity, innovation and effectiveness.
  • Personal relationships
    • attract a partner, handle conflict, release the pains of the past, get over rage, manage e-motions, change behavior
  • Deepen your ability to listen to your own ideas. It is your life. Be self-directed.
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You tune your Mind to the Channel of how you want to be by Consciously Choosing Your Thoughts.

Empowering people & business through neural reprogramming, behavioral change, e-motional effectiveness, quantum laws & principles of life, energy work.