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Good Vibrations | The Healing Power of Sound | Mantras & Crystal Bowls

Flyer Good Vibrations The Healing Power of Sound

Through the powerful blending of the crystal bowls with the magic of mantra, we bridge the two worlds of Humanity and Infinity. It’s the magical key that allows us to touch into a deeper, organic and flowing Life. As we are embraced by the steady rhythm and the vibration that connects us all, our thoughts merge wholly with the sound current, allowing a deep healing in the mind, body and spirit. […]

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Crystal Bowls Meditation Cocoon for Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Insights, Healings...

Crystal Bowl Meditation

A primary reason to relax and meditate is to release life’s stressors, disharmonies and imbalances. THEN you experience the deep connection to your Inner Center that aligns you to your good and your guidance. These multi-harmonic sounds create a meditative cocoon in which you can go deeply within to find your Inner Empowerment Center & connect with the All Good. […]

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Awareness Exercise ~ Deep Meditation Tuesday ~ Service Discount

Suggested exercise to develop more dominion over life. Gain awareness of how your thoughts drive your actions, behavior and interactions. Start noticing the thoughts you have as you take actions and interact with others. Schedule a reminder or put a rubber band on your wrist to remind you to do this throughout your day. Invest in yourself and bettering your life. It pays lifelong dividends […]

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Intuitively-Guided Crystal Bowl Meditation Journey &...

Deep relaxation, release burdens, let go of the past, healing, insights, private sessions

…Some of the comments from participants are below…

at the Center for Spiritual Living, Central Texas Cslctx.org 4402 Merle Dr, Austin, TX 78745 Google Map Link

7:00 – 8:30pm – Wednesday, July 27 & Monday, August 29 $Donations Welcome 🙂

Each […]

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