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You are invited to rise above the haze
of normal limits on how your life is.
Join in learning, contemplating and
quite possibly eliminate a limit or 2 along the way 🙂

It takes All of Us to Raise the Consciousness

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Amazing Technology - 2018 Guinness World Record | Dance of 1374 Drones

Dance of 1374 Drones

Amazing Technology – 2018 Guinness World Record | Dance of 1374 Drones […]

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De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

Internal Scream

Stress is a killer, a maker of dis-ease in the body, a cause for acting out towards others and the self, a detriment to the immune system, a reason a person stays in a limited life box. It cuts off a person’s access to creativity. It adjusts the mental perception to be closed rather than open and curious about life. […]

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What a minister, actress and comedian has to say about working with me...

I worked with Rev. Nancy Bergreen, a wonderful lady in August 2017. She is a minister with www.csl.org, an actor and a comedian. She was dealing with pain after an illness. In working with her I ‘heard’ the missing rhythm in her life. So, in the custom audio recording I guided her using both a spiritual and a scientific process to shift her into her inner power zone. Then I introduce and call forth the rhythm that she needs to propel her forward. Great results. She tells me she continues to use the audio before auditions and performances to calm and prepare herself. […]

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Are you like a leaky water hose, losing personal energy?

What bothers me about you, belongs to me. That translate into what bother you about someone else, belongs to you. A Masterful Teacher I had in my twenties,Frank Natale said: No one can reject anything about you, unless you have already rejected that within yourself. […]

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Lamar's Empowerment Channel on YouTube

it is all within you

You are designed for success & You live in a proactively supportive universe. Actually you are designed to receive a new idea in your creative mind, process it within all the resources within you and output it into your life. Incredible! And true… […]

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