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A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often

Cognitive therapists talk about how our brain is designed to use both cognitive and intuitive functioning. The approaches I have learned activate the mostly unknown truth that we can also use our intuitive functioning just as easily as we use our logic. It provides immeasurable benefits. […]

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Awareness Exercise ~ Deep Meditation Tuesday ~ Service Discount

Suggested exercise to develop more dominion over life. Gain awareness of how your thoughts drive your actions, behavior and interactions. Start noticing the thoughts you have as you take actions and interact with others. Schedule a reminder or put a rubber band on your wrist to remind you to do this throughout your day. Invest in yourself and bettering your life. It pays lifelong dividends […]

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Quick Success from Silva Mind Body Healing

Tai Chi

Led by a goal, following intuition.

This is called effortless manifestation. If I would allow myself to do more goals this way… what fun would that be?

I had a result from the Silva Mind Body Healing class. During that class I set as a goal to find a movement (aka exercise) […]

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Silva Mind Body Healing class days 2 & 3

Feeling Lighter Already

Well, the week got away from me. I ended up volunteering to be the evening host for dinner Tuesday through Thursday since there were so many people who have never visited Austin. Sam, the director from Australia said that he had never eaten Mexican food; sacrilege. Tuesday evening we went to […]

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New Silva Mind Body Healing class Day 1


I am attending the Silva International Conference this week in Austin.

The new Silva Mind Body Healing class is today (Monday through Wednesday). Then “The Lost Sense” class is Thursday. Then the weekend conference is Friday afternoon through Sunday.

I have to admit that today surprised me with the amount of self-realizations that […]

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San Antonio Mini-class preview June 18

San Antonio Silva Mind Skills class (aka Life System) mini-class preview

June 18, 2009 7:00 to 9:00 pm Free Outreach Pediatric Therapy office 6601 Blanco #160, San Antonio, 78216 (map below) (In the Advantage Plaza Building) I am told this is inside the 410 loop on Blanco in the Castle Hills area

Attend this mini-class […]

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Silva Method is returning to San Antonio

Mind Technology presents… The Silva Method in Austin and San Antonio Enriching the Planet by Empowering the Individual A Better You… A Better World

The Silva Method is returning to San Antonio in June

June 7, 2 to 4 pm – Preview of the Silva Life […]

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Silva Method: Makes me smile and be grateful…

Happy Spring,

This is one of the best things that makes me grateful to be an instructor for the Silva Method. I get phone calls like this every once in a while and it always makes my heart smile.

This lady just called from San Antonio. She and her husband first took the Silva Method […]

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