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Spiritual Empowerment Circle in North Austin

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Spiritual Mind over matter using principles and laws of the Creative Mind

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Every Sunday 1:00 – 2:30 pm, North Austin

Spiritual Development Circle for finding peace, learning universal principles and laws, and understanding who you are in this great cosmos. Usually we meet to study some Science of Mind material; a philosophy of ONEness with empowerment principles and a safe space without dogma. Sometimes we watch Livestream of someone talking. Other times we go to a restaurant to enjoy a Gospel Brunch.


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In-joy how you are created to be a powerful part of Life’s Creative Process.

I am a licensed spiritual practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living,, aka Science of Mind philosophy by Dr. Ernest Holmes. Licensed in 1999. The organization used to be called Church of Religious Science.

We do a variety of things to grow personally and together. Some of the things so far:

• study some of the Science of Mind philosophy; it’s deep and satisfying to many

• watch Livestream of Agape International, Michael Beckwith

• go to a gospel brunch somewhere

• other learning…

• we barbecued after a meeting one time

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner I do Spiritual Mind Treatments

We began the Sunday before Mothers Day 2016 and continue each Sunday.

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