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Pain Elimination: spinal implant, morphine and Oxycontin. No more meds and no more pain

I met Michael Thurman socially.  He told me about being in pain his entire life. He has a spinal implant to intercept the pain signals going to his brain with a control knob implanted where he can adjust the level. He was taking morphine twice a day and taking several Oxycontin pills daily. I do not know how he functioned so well in his small farm and restoring furniture. Beautiful work.

Mind over pain

Mind over pain. Direct your thoughts to manage/eliminate your pain

Overview of the four sessions with him


I talked about how pain travels in the body, gets amplified by our thoughts and stress level, and the relaxation response. Also, pain is not continuous; it is in pulses, i.e. signals sent from the body to the brain where it is registered. Find the calm between pulses and expand it.Then I prepared him for the upcoming quantum deep relaxation exercise.

Then guided him through this forty minute thought-focusing cycle to relax his body, mind, energies and enter into the optimal brain level for releasing pain while reprogramming the brain neurons to make changes.


He reported that he turned off the neuro-stimulator implant. Yea! Discussed his pain level. We went into more detail of the causes for his pain. I told him some about visualizing those areas of the body to heal. I then guided him through a short, 3 to 5 minute, process to eliminate pain and to use it just when his pain begins. 

He told his pain doctor that he wanted to start reducing the morphine. The doctor and PA asked him how he could do that. He told them that he is working with a man who is teaching him how to direct his thoughts. The Physician Assistant told Micheal I am getting better results than their own trained pain coaches. (I wish they want to learn what I am doing?) I encouraged him to give them all my contact information. He did. (See the letter I wrote to them below. No response.) We discussed different times he used the quick pain relief technique. I gave him some pointers.


He reports he has been out of pain for a while. When a spasm starts, he stops them right away with the quick pain relief technique. His morphine intake is reduced and he has only taken 3-4 Oxycontin pills in the last month when he used to take more than that daily.He had a blood test that measures lifespan based on the side effects of medicine a person is taking. Great result!

His lifespan has increased AND something I did not know: his pituitary gland had been declared dead by doctors. NOW it is alive and working. Awesome results. I gave him specific pointers to speed up the regrowth of nerves through scar tissue where he had numbness.


More than a year after working with him, he was in a bad accident. EMS told him that he shouldn’t be able to walk out of that. He had sat there and used the pain elimination techniques then walked out. (see his Facebook post below about this) This is so useful and better than all those drugs people carry around…and all of their detrimental side effects. This does not require a pill bottle.

It is carried in the mind, ready to  use at a moment’s notice, when needed. And the side effects include: self-management and shifting into pain and peace in mind and body quickly on-cue along with a true sense of freedom in life. Plus you will use this for the rest of your life.

A year or so later he was totally off all pain meds and the implant has remained off. And he does not need to spend money at the pain doctor saving his dollars and his sense of well-being in life. 

I write this in all caps: I KNOW THERE ARE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS INTERESTED IN HELPING PATIENTS BY EMPOWERING THEIR INNATE ABILITIES. IT JUST TAKES TRAINING. CONTACT ME! Let’s empower the patient and bring forth their own innate healing abilities.

AND this was done over the phone. Available by phone, Skype or in person.

Michael gave me explicit permission to use his name in any way that would get the word out. Some of his Facebook posts are below.

Letter sent to a pain management clinic in South Austin

I asked to coordinate my notes with his doctor visits to produce a report that could be used. I offered to show them how it is trainable with repeatable results. I heard nothing. You draw your own conclusions.

Michael’s Facebook posts

M Thurman FB post M Thurman FB post 4 M Thurman FB post 5 M Thurman FB post 1 M Thurman FB post 2

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