Welcome to a Field of Possibilities!

You are invited to rise above the haze
of normal limits on how your life is.
Join in learning, contemplating and
quite possibly eliminate a limit or 2 along the way 🙂

It takes All of Us to Raise the Consciousness

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Welcome! To A World of Possibilities! Shift from a life of difficulty. Inner G.E.M.S. Services

Awkaken-Close the door to the past

The doorway to living in the field of possibilities lies in consciousness.

Awareness  Mindfulness  Meditation  Masterfulness

Welcome to a world of possibilities.
Thank you for your interest and I’m happy you have curiosity about better yourself and your life 🙂

Move your dreams, purpose and vision into the realm of changing life as you desire it to be. Define who you want to be and become that. This truly is a life of limitless possibilities. We simply need to know how and open up to it.

My favorite realization after these many years of learning, licensing and experiencing, is that you are designed for success and you live in a supportive Life that is seeking to bring you to your inherent good.

Often, your problems, dis-ease and kinks in life are a clarion call for you to realize how much more powerful you truly are than the current circumstance.

I am now serving from the Austin area to the San Antonio area. Also available via phone and online.

The major focuses I use to assist include:
I am an electrical engineer and Life has led me, for decades, to learn multiple approaches to tapping into the human potential. Brain science based, advanced visualization that I coined as sensualization, spiritual/quantum laws and principles, emotional behavioral, energetic feedback to find new answers, and intuitive guidance.

* Brain science based skills: instant stress relief, pain relief, reduce meds, energize self, visualization (sensualization), healing, and more.

* Licensed Spiritual Counselor with csl.org. No dogma. Just working to heal the false idea of separation from your Good using known Life Laws & Principles.

* Energy work where I’m guided real time. P.E.A.C.E. Sessions – Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expression. This came to me in guidance 12+ years ago. Tremendous healing energy massage.

* Assist healing through Mind and Heart Visualization, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Energy Work, crystal bowl sounds, unique energetic feedback where the person accesses new info from the body’s intelligence, Shaktipat learned through Francis the Healer and others.

Rhythms of Life
The rhythms and thoughts within you dictate what is going on in life; problems and good things. In a session I listen for your rhythms and can hear which one(s) is off or missing. Then we go about aligning it to your good.

Around 2014/2015 people with dire medical diagnoses started coming to me. It has been an eye-opening experience watching them begin to heal and find their own inner medicine. Check ‘healing’ category in my blog. I have been fortunate to assist those with high blood pressure to reprogram their brain and stress events while reducing their internalized stress and getting off meds.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.
Handle your stress and the body’s inherent healing abilities come forth to do the rest. Learn a straight-forward science-based approach to On-the-Go, as needed, stress relief.
Another impact of stress is that it greatly effects your decision-making process, zaps your immune system, turns off your creativity, causes you to re-act not so kindly to others and more…
Watch National Geographic: The Science of Stress

Solution Based, Forward Focused
This is my motto for sessions. It is rarely needed to search for your limits. They are obvious in your current life circumstances. The modus operandi for sessions is to establish your starting point, find what is out in your rhythms and thoughts, and discover what you really, truly want in life; your passion. Then we go about revealing that which pushes limits up and out of you.

Business and Workforce Empowerment
The science based mental skills are particularly effective in the workplace. Employees increase productivity, decrease stress, get along better, improve decision making, enhance creative approaches and more effectively achieve goals. When employees can better handle their own life, they are more focused and productive at work. 

And employers experience increased retention, enhanced creativity, decreased medical costs and sick days while enhancing teamwork effectiveness.

Unique Value Added
At the end of most sessions, when it is appropriate, I guide you through a unique guided inner journey based on what you want. This is recorded, edited and emailed to you with a prescribed listening practice. It continues to develop you from within.

Some of the Focuses for Private Sessions

  • Discover your inner center to solve problems and enhance goal effectiveness 
  • Handle unwanted life circumstances
  • Choose and Declare Your Statement of BEing
  • Bring a vision and purpose for your life into reality
  • Discover your vision
  • Spiritual: Knock down those false beliefs in separation from your Good in life.
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment blows out the blocks and opens you to your All Good
  • Find your inner power center from where all personal power emanates
  • Reverse a bad diagnosis, thus unleashing the body’s natural healing process
  • Reduce Medications
  • Align yourself to meet someone for a new relationship
  • On-the-go stress reduction; in the moment
  • Eliminate pain in mere moments
  • Advanced visualization (sensualization) to make inner and outer changes
  • Have a challenging goal? Determine it precisely and implant it deeply within your visual, auditory and kinesthetic bodies so that it begins to unfold naturally
  • P.E.A.C.E. Session

Mention this blog post to receive a 20% discount off a single session.  

What are you ready to change, heal and bring forth in your life?
Contact me and let’s get started.

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