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De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

Internal Scream

Internalized Stress May Be Suppressed and Forgotten while it methodically eats away at your well-being.

Stress is a killer, a maker of dis-ease in the body, a cause for acting out towards others and the self, a detriment to the immune system, a reason a person stays in a limited life box. It cuts off a person’s access to creativity. It adjusts the mental perception to be closed rather than open and curious about life. And on and on.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.
Handle your stress and the body’s inherent healing abilities come forth to do the rest. This is why I train a straight-forward science-based approach to On-the-Go, as needed, stress relief. It is trained at the brain frequency that programs a person’s brain and heart neurons This causes the user’s body, mind and energy to relax. Then a person can access the array of personal power that exists within each person.

Until a person learns to de-stress on cue in order to tap into their potential for directing their own life, these incredible powers lie dormant while the person lives a life in a haze of normality.

This National Geographic video goes into the detail of how stress deteriorates and kills.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

This mental atmosphere causes a person’s focus to be on what is not working which leads to more of what is not working. Where you place your attention the Life Force flows to create more of that. And, you are the only person who has the control to focus your mind.

This is why in my Achieving Greatly class each person first learns how to de-stress their body, mind and energy. Then the mind opens up to learn the other empowerment skills.

Using these techniques people have reported “A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often“.

Published article: The Grand Design For Success & Holistic Wellness

This leads to a plethora of benefits including: (from post Life Empowerment Engineer)

  • I feel whole again.
  • I maintained my thoughts and emotions during that difficult situation with such ease.
  • I have not had a migraine since the first session.
  • I was able to not have to go on high blood pressure medicine. Lamar taught me targeted relaxation skills.
  • In college I went from academic probation to graduating with honors thanks to the study skills.
  • I slept 7 full hours after 6 years of not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up.
  • I haven’t been able to move my neck independent of my shoulders moving for 15+ years. In a session we dealt with forgiveness. Lamar recorded a Focused Thought+ custom audio cycle for me. 3 days of listening to it and I now have neck mobility.
  • I lost most of my limousine business after 9/11 tragedy. 3 hours after my session with Lamar I got a new client that paid all bills for 3 months.
  • I was in an accident and used the Stress Management Technique to minimize the tension/pain in my body.
  • I turned off the implant in my spine controlling pain after the first session.
  • (On dialysis) I have started urinating more and the tests show kidney function has increased.

Take care of yourself so you can live a joyous life and be there for your loved ones.


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