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Opportunities & Challenges of Learning to Work with the Whole Brain Functions

Explore the idea of using your whole brain functioning with the opportunities and challenges that this presents.

Cognitive & Intuitive Brain Functions

                                      Cognitive (left) & Intuitive (right) Brain Functions

Each person is designed to use both the logical and creative/intuitive functioning their brain is designed to be able to do. This post will use logic, cognitive as the same. Creative, intuitive are interchangeable.

Cognitive therapists work with the use of both the cognitive and intuitive brain functioning using their approaches.

Can a person handle a new concept?

The first challenge is to even consider that one has intuitive and creative functioning. The older a person who is very logical is the more likely their logical mind will resist opening up to this concept. It will disregard any thoughts since the logical mind likes and protects its domain. I like to say that the logical mind has never met a creative idea it does not resist.

Societal norms and expectations

Societal schooling teaches mostly how to use the logical brain functioning. Think of learning historical facts, mathematics, language and other logical functions. This exercises and develops the left brain hemisphere, mostly. Unless someone is exposed to the arts, music and other creative endeavors, the person is operating using half of the brain’s design and potential, leaving out the rich content of the intuitive mind.

This is necessary in many ways for people to be trained to do most job function requirements. I am trained as an electrical engineer which allows me to use the engineering approaches to function in a job. This is a very logical training. I have had to not resist practices to open up to creative ideas. And, my life now, proves the benefits.

When a person uses their logical brain functioning the operate using qualities, motivations and modalities to interact with and create their life. This modus operandi is on the left hand column in the table below. It sets in expectations of the way a person does his job and begins to bleed into, eventually consuming, the way that person does life. Has anyone ever known an engineer? There is a certain way to sell to us logical thinkers. There is a certain approach to analyzing the job tasks to then perform the outcomes.

If the logical method is deviated from, especially in school, through an intuitive thought, the outcome is marked wrong even though it is the right answer. Because the process did not follow the expected and trained way of doing, the teacher tells the student to show his work process.

What people who naturally have creative thoughts say about their experiences.

In my brain skills training classes I have had a noticeable number of students who have shared that this happened to them. For them, they describe how the answer pops into their mind. It is accurate but the teacher discredits it because the expected process is not shown. These people describe how they had to learn to do it the ‘right way’ to pass classes.

This is part of the process of un-training the natural creative mind functioning. When a person is told their creative mind provided answer is not valid without the correct process, she begins to lose this valuable brain function until she may eventually live life in a totally logical manner. 

Use it or lose it

This can be considered unimaginative since the creative mind is not being utilized. Unimaginative because it is logical wrote functioning. And new ideas that come from intuition come through the imagination. The right hand column in the table below shows the modus operandi of living more so from the intuitive mind.

It always feels like one is making it up because the pathway to receive creative thoughts is through the imagination. Whereas action is the way to use logical plans. Both are necessary to a whole approach to job tasks and life.

Imagination is the way of the intuitive mind.

Action is the way of the logical mind.

Both are needed.

The logical mind only contains a database of everything learned thus far while on the planet. Family training, peer influence and judgments made from doing something creative that did not work out. Of course they did not since the idea came from the creative mind yet the pathway to taking action was developed using the logical mind.

What can be done about this?

I have developed a class that trains the brain skills mixed with quantum laws of life to do life more effectively. When a person can begin to develop their creative mind and develop their imagination the results are experiences outside their current life box. Practicing these skills based on proper use from brain science, frequencies, focus and intent develop the person’s empowerment, effectiveness and ease in life.

Good news: Continuing to practice, continuously

develops whole brain functioning…for a life time.

This table is one way to compare the modus operandi of functioning logical versus creatively. I find it motivating to continue this whole brain development. As you can see on the left hand side there are typical words used in taking action coming from the logical mind. These are the ways the logical mind approaches life.

The right hand column indicates the ease of doing life that begins to develop. This is the way the creative mind creates life.

Modus Operandi Table

Cognitive vs Intuitive modus operandi

A story

I met a man for a lunch meeting. He is the owner of property that he and two directors are turning into a sanctuary, retreat center. When I met the two directors the first thing that became clear to all of us was a realization that I offer services and trainings that are the missing cog in a wheel where they are already offering some services.

When we all realized that and they mentioned “community” my ears, heart, mind and spirit perked up since my vision in life is to be a part of and build a dynamic community offering multiple approaches to personal growth, development and evolution. This is an outcome of my personal intent to raise the consciousness on the planet.

With this I made expectations of their intents and focus based on my many years in different personal growth, especially spiritually based, communities. I am drawn to be a part of building a dynamic community. After this lunch meeting where the property owner shared his focus and intent, I realized my expectations were off their mark.

The expectations I learned are from a totally different model based on businesses renting hotels for trainings. It is a model where the teacher comes and brings his own people and simply rents the space for use of the beautiful land and facilities. The goal there is to attract business retreat trainings and those of groups who need all their people in an isolated location for their needs. 

Once I knew this, it was when I had to face my expectations. In the lunch he was engaged with my discussion of explaining the process of visioning developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Center for Truth, www.agapelive.com. He was trained as a minister in the organization I have been trained in as and maintain my license as a spiritual counselor and practitioner.

I provided a short story of how he built his worldwide influential organization through his process of visioning first. Then taking action based on the vision. In brief, to vision is to connect to your source, higher power, quantum field (whichever label you use). This is where the better ideas, guidance and answers one needs exist.

Vision + Sensualize = Profound long lasting results

Then to what I teach: As the vision is developed, a person can use proper sensualization skills, commonly called visualization, to  activate the brain’s innate ability to initiate the unfoldment of the vision. It also reprograms the brain and heart neurons real time to create the neural pathways to achieve the vision.

Summary (use a different word)

When you want to build something in life be sure to train your imagination, thus your creative mind, to be able to be utilized as needed in the course of planning and doing. The developed skill to be able to switch between the cognitive and creative brain functions is invaluable in building a long standing endeavor.

When speaking with others about combining each person’s various skills into a common focus make sure you are on the same page. Otherwise your combined endeavor will be unsatisfactory since each person expectations and focus are not aligned.

Be willing to challenge your expectations. They are the only way you currently know how to approach an endeavor. And quite possibly they will impede discovering the best way to approach the endeavor.

Question yourself:

Are your expectations and plans blocking what is the best for you and your project?

Do they need to be adjusted?

Are you willing to adjust them?

If you want to use your intuitive mind, are you willing to change?

Find a way and be led in ways to achieve your vision. It is your vision. You came into this life to manifest it. 

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