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You are invited to rise above the haze
of normal limits on how your life is.
Join in learning, contemplating and
quite possibly eliminate a limit or 2 along the way 🙂

It takes All of Us to Raise the Consciousness

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Strengthen Your Inner Truth & Honor Others. Build Esteem & Quality People in Your Life

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements from book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The process of beginning to practice these agreements is the journey to building the truth of who you are and expressing that. This builds a higher level of effectiveness in life and relationships.

Great book, or audio book.

Empower yourself by aligning your thoughts, spoken word and deeds to be empowering and full of integrity. This leads to increased personal power and life effectiveness.

Some of this I am fortunate to have learned in my late twenties from my most masterful teacher Frank Natale, founder of The Natale Institute. I express some of this in the following blog posts:

Gossip & Effective Communication

Effective Communication is when both people involved are willing to change as a result of this communication

Withholds, Those little things that remain unsaid or unasked between you and someone

Effective Communication Between Folks is Difficult When People are Busy Filling in…

Do better.

Be better.

Live better.

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