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Crystal Bowls Meditation Cocoon for Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Insights, Healings...

Crystal Bowl Meditation

A meditative cocoon for you to relax deeply, release stressors and find your inner power center. insights, precognitions, healings, deep meditation, energies.

Sounds to support your Deep Relaxation & Meditation

A primary reason to relax and meditate is to release life’s stressors, disharmonies and imbalances. THEN you experience the deep connection to your Inner Center that aligns you to your good and your guidance.

These multi-harmonic sounds create a meditative cocoon in which you can go deeply within to find your Inner Empowerment Center & connect with the All Good.

In 30 years people have reported many things including important insights, precognitions, healings, deeper meditation than ever, feel energies, discover their vision…endless possibilities.

$Suggested $20 Donation; sliding scale  Dress comfortably. Bring a pillow or mat if you want to sit on the floor.

What people say

“Amazing! Pure joy! Sublime” 

“You never know what will happen at one of Lamar’s intuitively-guided quartz crystal bowls meditation: healing, insights, resolution, lots of release of pains, lots of deep relaxation like never before, improved sleep.”

“I felt like I was the pulsing vibrational energy. At one point I heard a tone that made my soul homesick. It was angelic”

“I walked in with a persistent problem in my knee. The pain went away and has not returned.”

“Insight about something troubling me answered what it was all about.”

“I saw this white building that I was going into. Did not know what it was until the following weekend I went on an out of state trip and checked into that precise building. It’s where we stayed. Wow.”

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Studio recording available. Recorded at Sounds True Studio in Boulder, Colorado

BIO with the crystal bowls

Quartz Crystal Bowls are magnificent instruments made of 99% quartz crystal. They create a sound cocoon that envelop each person to allow them to go deeper within. Results include deep relaxation, healings, insights, precognition, and more. Lamar is an engineer who bought a crystal bowl in 1988 which took him on a journey, out of his logical mind and into the creative mind. He recorded his first creative project at Sounds True Studio in Boulder, Colorado. He found that when he plays a bowl for a person or a group he is given a unique meditation piece by piece that is perfect for the people present.

You may even feel Bliss in this very deep inner journey! Click here for more…

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