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Good Vibrations | The Healing Power of Sound | Mantras & Crystal Bowls

* Important note: Tickets must be purchased through Austin Yoga Tree at this link or at the door:

Good Vibrations

The Healing Power of Sound and Mantras

The experience of sound and vibration is at the core of human consciousness. Sound causes a shift in the energy of the body, releasing deeply held tension and inscribing new patterns of calming frequencies in the brain.

Through the powerful blending of the crystal bowls with the magic of mantra, we bridge the two worlds of Humanity and Infinity. It’s the magical key that allows us to touch into a deeper, organic and flowing Life. As we are embraced by the steady rhythm and the vibration that connects us all, our thoughts merge wholly with the sound current, allowing a deep healing in the mind, body and spirit.

Please join Vikki and Lamar for an enchanting afternoon of elevation, self-love and healing. You will leave energized and relaxed, empowered and inspired, focused and expansive, all at the same time.

Flyer Good Vibrations The Healing Power of Sound

Flyer Good Vibrations | The Healing Power of Sound

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