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At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

“Lamar, don’t worry about that. You are going to learn how to do life better.” I was seven years old and another not-so-good thing was happening in the family. With this guiding voice’s message came a wonderful feeling of peace, a lacking quality in my family. This saving voice would guide me during some important times throughout life.

To me, this confirms the spiritual philosophy that I use for life: Life is proactively supporting my highest good and best life.

This post is a sampling of what I experienced once I knew how to think deliberately for deliberate changes and outcomes.

Lamar at the Matterhorn

I am sitting across from the Matterhorn, Switzerland.

“Wow, I just relaxed my mind and body just by breathing and listening to words the instructor spoke. I felt physical stress leaving my body and mind. Then I felt relaxed in my body and mind. This process was strange and this feeling was new.” That is what I thought after this instructor guided me to release stress I didn’t know I had. I began to settle into a sense of being stress-free, relaxed in my own body. This was amazing to me.

As an electrical engineer, I liked learning enough of how the brain works to understand what is happening in my body as a result of directed thought at an optimum brain frequency. Then we would take a break so that the next closed-eyed brain training exercise would have its impact and reprogram my brain neurons so I could use the techniques easier on my own.

After four days, eight hours each day, learning many thought-focused techniques to cause changes in my body (eliminate pain in moments, stay alert, energize self, sleep, visualizing for internal or external change, use brain to study less while increasing grades, prepare your self for an important meeting/interview, develop intuition and much more). I had learned enough usable techniques for many life situations that may happen.

Again, wow, I am better equipped to handle life more effectively while directing it in a deliberate direction… while continuously getting better at using them which continuously develops the intuition, creation and self management. 

I had taken my first week off after working a year for Schlumberger International to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for this class. What an adventure and now I was back at work and living in an expatriate’s camp, food, recreation and housing. the Mahakam River Delta on Borneo Island, Indonesia.

I had many times in a remote location, sleeping, eating and preparing for doing my field engineer job that could happen at any moment. During idle times I wanted to learn more and have what they said is possible and what I experienced myself. I would practice the techniques, and ponder how life could be different now.

I wonder how I can use what I just learned? Hmm

Be who you are born to be.

It was a lot to take in. Such a mind expanding vacation. It let me develop a bigger picture of my self and my life. It was a real booster to my self-esteem and began to create a sense that I get to direct my life more than I had ever considered.

I was working my first job out of college with my electrical engineering degree for a French company in the Far East. A very demanding job, beginning on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. I worked with high physics-based tools and some radioactive sources for measurements.

The job had lots of perks, ample accumulated time off and hazard pay due to living in a less safe place. Plus I got to fly in helicopters and float down the Mahakam River watching all the exotic animals watching us.

This Sagittarius was in adventure heaven traveling, exploring, and seeing other cultures. And this young man from a farm town of 150 folks had his first awakening to what he can do in life and began to see some of his greater potential. It was a new mind space to grow into. Plus I now had specific mental tools to practice and use.

1st experience was at 14 years old

In a suppressive and not so kind family environment I could not express myself if it was different than expected. All that emotional constraint has its effects on health. I had headaches daily and took aspirin often. There were other stress related symptoms. Luckily, my older half-brother had come back from being in Vietnam War and had taken this class.

He gave me the cassette with a pain relief spoken audio guided exercise. My headache went away the first time I listened to it. I then memorized it to use it whenever I felt a headache or had a pain. By the time I went off to college, I no longer got headaches. My body now had a way to release the built up stress in that sort of family environment. And to this day, just a few decades later, I have had the onset of a headache maybe a handful of times. But I get rid of it right away. I use it for other pains, at times. For me, it works faster and more effectively than taking a pill.

Check out this amazing result for Michael’s elimination of 24/7 pain and use of prescription drugs. 

                         Pain Elimination: spinal implant, morphine and Oxycontin. No more meds and no more pain

This experience is what motivated me to take the class. I couldn’t afford it in college so I waited for my first opportunity once I was making money.

San Fran Bridge

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

#2 experience – Stay awake for 3+ days without sleep

Yes, this job was demanding. Once Schlumberger’s services were needed I had control and was under pressure to be efficient, accurate and safe. We were held fully responsible for one suite of services and therefore we had to complete the job as the field engineer. There was no relief provided. When we were doing many services it could take 3 days to complete the job, print and interpret and provide the results the results onsite.

Once I had these mind skills, my crew was pulling the tools out of the drill hole from their cab driving the cable wench. I was sitting in my computer equipped cab. I’d pull the shade, close my eyes, put fingers together as an anchor to the brain and begin to do the count to relax. I’d set a goal of my brain believing I had a few hours of sleep in this five to ten minute technique. It worked. Five to ten minutes produced a feeling of several hours of deep, refreshing sleep.

#3 experience – Healing

The next time I got a cold I used visualization to unleash the healing white blood cells to attack the invader and imagine the healing as if it was done. I would get over symptoms much more quickly. I learned that if I used this self direction of thought as soon as a symptom appeared, it could stop the illness progression and restore full health.

Using these sort of techniques boosts and improves a person’s immune system.

I have lots of stories about the impact of using accelerating healing skills.

This was the first of five healing techiques I have been fortunate to learn. Using a synthesis of these, great results happen. It is an honor to witness what I get to see when I work with someone or in a class.

Click here to search this blog for ‘healing’ category.

#4 – Diagnose and repair tools

These, maybe, ten foot long tools with a few put together would have a component fail when working in hot, salt brine mud water. I had been through the six to nine month training indoctrination in Brunei where I was taught how every circuit worked. So, I knew how to logically diagnose, then repair the tool.

Through the imagination comes all great insights,
solutions and ideas that benefit greatly.

But now… I wondered if I could diagnose using my intuitive mind. These thoughts are supposed to be more expansive and connected to a truth that my logical mind could not access. Why not try?

Intuitive thoughts show up, usually, by suddenly popping into your mind. They pop in from somewhere that is more expansive in thoughts than the logical mind could ever be. It initially feels like you are making it up since it comes through your imagination. 

I was very curious, wondering what I could do about speeding up diagnosis when a tool failed. I adapted a technique we learned to be able to detect certain details from afar. Too long a story to explain how. And, I was blown away by the results I had experienced in class. 

I had the crew pull the next tool that failed out of the drill hole. In my tech cab I went into this inner mental zone using the countdown method. I scanned the tools using my imagination looking for any hot spot that grabs my attention. Usually the spot that is not working or the problem in someone’s body shows up as whiter or lighter than what surrounds it.

The first time was uncanny. I saw a hotspot and then I saw the component that had failed. I did not believe it at first. So, I did my intuitive scanning again and had the same results. When the tool was out of the drill hole, I had the crew undo the locking collar that was close to the hotspot I had seen. I pulled out the components and saw a burned one. It was the one I had imagined seeing. Wow. Double wow. I replaced the component and tested operation. All was okay and we continued with the job.

Yes, I am a sane electrical engineer with a pretty well trained logical mind; and I am saying this. And this is just the beginning of many unusual experiences.

At one point when I would be somewhere in the jungles watching monkeys watch me, I no longer had to order a helicopter to pick up a failed tool, take it to base camp for the technician to diagnose and repair it to fly it back to me. That was at great expense and lots of unwanted attention and criticisms.

My improved job performance caught management’s attention and I was pushed to move up the ladder more quickly. I had to write a technical paper to do so.

#5 Thought Directed Full Relaxation exercise

Mental and physical relaxation while focusing within is the doorway to opening up to access the potential that lays dormant within. The more relaxed, the better. Once a person is in a relaxed and focused state the intuitive mind opens up. There is still access to and use of the logical thoughts. Whole brain/mind functioning is achieved. 

This is the beginning of doing life balanced, accessing intuitive thoughts, making better decisions and managing one’s thoughts.

We must be relaxed consciously for effective use of the mind to cause life changes and reprogram brain and heart neurons. This full guided cycle 1) deeply relaxes your body, mind and energy while 2) training you that you can choose your thoughts to deliberately cause changes and outcomes. Every time I listened to it, then, I would feel so relaxed. It always felt deeper than previously. All the built up stress from life was lifting off of me.

I got to where I could relax myself to be more focused, attentive and creative quickly. This is great since stress is a health killer while also damaging our ability to make good decisions under complex conditions. Relaxed Focus is your goal zone to shift yourself into when you want to make a change or create something new.

All these many moons later, these mind skills have integrated into my life in many ways which helps me remember to think more expansively and not be afraid to do things differently. I have gone from logical to increasing creative and intuitive thoughts.


At the Matterhorn, Switzerland

I hope this possibly helps someone to think about what I am talking about on this blog. It is not pie in the sky and every person has inner power. They just need to right training and coaching which I provide. Maybe my story shows the benefits more clearly, in action. There is no way that a person can comprehend it until they have experienced it for themselves.

As my great teacher Frank Natale, PhD said:

When a new thought meets a new experience,
transformation occurs.

Having used these techniques for many years it has continued to develop a better use of my brain. With enough practice I know this works. It’s not a matter of if I never thought creativity was so easy with new ideas; am still relaxing my body and mind regularly, visualizing for things in my life.

Now, I’m so happy to be in a position where I can offer hope to those people who have curiosity to gain self-mastery, direct their thoughts and their life, eliminate pain, heal quicker and learn how to shift into the inner power zone, on cue.

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Upcoming class: Achieving Greatly Class. Deliberate Thinking causes Deliberate Results. Lifelong Development

Whatever you do in life, find a way to control your own thoughts for they are what keep you stuck in unwanted life circumstances OR begin your new life experiences.


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