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Achieving Greatly Class. Deliberate Thinking causes Deliberate Results. Lifelong Development

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Empowerment from Within brings Self-Direction

Achieving Greatly class

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

In this one-of-a-kind class you will learn specific brain-science-based techniques to manage stress on-cue, eliminate pain, energize self, shift mood, sensualize (visualize 2.0) your life to be what you want it to be and more. Training is at the level of brain operation to reprogram your brain/heart neurons real-time to create the neural pathways so you can use the techniques right away. The more you use them the more the neural pathways are developed.

This is developing use of your cognitive (logical) and intuitive (creative) brain functions. Using your whole brain opens up the doors to a life being a self-fulfilling prophecy of your choosing.

Quantum physics governs the unseen creative realm, the realm for personal power. It is a completely different world with different laws. Introducing these quantum laws that govern the life force adds another dimension in consciousness enabling great effectiveness to write your life script and achieve it.

A life empowering synthesis occurs.

The Mind’s Eye for Change technique is the synthesized technique for manifestation. It is a synthesizes of the above approaches to generate your life as you envision it.

Continue using these skills to deepen, grow and evolve your brain, heart and consciousness.

Develop mastery for the rest of your life.

Invest in your self-development. Gain self-direction. Receive lifelong dividends.

Students receive:

  • An extensive manual with the skills and worksheets to continue development
  • Audio files of the important guided processes to continue to develop better and better use of your Mind, Heart and Energies. Continuously develop your inner powerful self. Value $150
  • One free coaching session. Value $150

Regularly reported results: http://mindtechnology.com/blog/?p=2347

My experiences: At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

What students say: http://www.thoughtcreates.com/html/students_say.html

Extensive detail about the class, its benefits and what students say is at ThoughtCreates.com

The tragedy of life is...

Be who you are born to be

April 28-29, 2018 ~ This is a Saturday and Sunday class. 9 am to 6 pm. Lunch break and other breaks.

$495 investment. All specials to be paid for or arranged by April 20. www.PayPal.me/MindTechnology or cash

Specials: * $445  *Student, military and senior discount (60+) with ID

* Half price to repeat * Special offers I made to those attending Meetups

* Reduced rate for anyone who took a Silva Method class from me

* 1 man wanted the class and could pay in 3 weeks. He used the Mind’s Eye for Change technique starting Sunday in class. Unexpected money arrived in the mail 3 days after class. He paid me in full + a session and was able to pay some other bills. It really does work.   Give me a day and I can tell many (too many) stories of achievement. LOL

Isn’t it great that there is so much potential that we can tap into?

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