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Get Woke, Better & Direct your life. Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

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                                               The Power of Life is Within You. Learn how to access it for a good life.

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing yourself, your thoughts and feelings while doing life. What do you think and feel when talking with a coworker, a boss, a cashier, a friend, a romantic partner or when making a phone call, paying a bill, anything. Just begin to notice.

Meditation – Passive – is when you are seeking to connect to a feeling like being at ease, peaceful, joyful. Of course, this relaxes you. This includes activities like yoga, shin zen, or others.

Meditation – Active – is when you are using your inner power to focus deliberately on what you desire to have in life or who you choose to be. Sensualize (Visualize) scenes of having what you desire, feeling and sensing it as if it is already done. Sensualization is the process of imaginging what you want in life using any or all of your five physical senses while in a meditative state to generate change. 

Masterfulness is gaining mastery over the many aspects of your inner personal power by using all of the above in a synthesis of living, perceiving and creating your life.

How do you do this?

This is a process. One step at a time. Start becoming mindful. Start relaxing on purpose to breathe and relax yourself. Start getting curious about having something change in your life. Learn the skills to do active meditation to be the director of your own life.

These are the processes learned in the upcoming Achieving Greatly class.

Snoopy flying his doghouse taking off

Fly your doghouse and live life at a higher level


Achieving Greatly class

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

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Empowerment from Within brings Self-Direction

In this one-of-a-kind class you will learn specific techniques to manage stress on-cue, eliminate pain, sensualize your life and more. Training is at the level of brain operation to reprogram your brain/heart neurons real time to use techniques right away.

Then introducing quantum laws that govern the creative forces adds another dimension in consciousness enabling greater effectiveness to write your life script and achieve it. 

A life empowering synthesis occurs.
Continue using these skills to deepen, grow and evolve your brain, heart and consciousness. The great news is you can use these skills to continually develop self-mastery for the rest of your life. Ask me about the changes I continue to experience. 
Invest in your self-development. Gain self-direction. Receive lifelong dividends.
Students receive:

  • A manual with the skills and worksheets to continue development
  • Audio files of the important guided processes to continue to develop better and better use of your Mind, Heart and Energies. Continuously develop your inner powerful self. Value $150
  • One free coaching session. Value $150

My blog post about some of the changes I experienced by learning just the brain skills part of this class when I was 24 years old. At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

Blog post: A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often
Extensive detail about the class, its benefits and what students say is at Achieving Greatly class
April 28-29, 2018 ~ This is a Saturday and Sunday class. Lunch break and other breaks..
$495 investment. All specials to be paid for or arranged by April 20. www.PayPal.me/MindTechnology or cash
Specials: * $445 paid 1 week prior
* Student, military and senior discount (60+) -$50 with ID
* Half price to repeat
* Special offers I made to those attending Meetups
* Special rate for anyone who took a Silva Method class from me

1 man wanted the class and could pay in 3 weeks. We agreed. He used the Mind’s Eye for Change technique starting Sunday in class. Unexpected money arrived in the mail 3 days after class. He paid me in full + a session and was able to pay some other bills. It really does work. Give me a day and I can tell many (too many) stories LOL

There seems to be a lot of curiosity about these empowerment concepts. I encourage you to find a way to attend. If you have a desire, we can find a way. It will pay lifelong dividends by continually developing and expanding your mind and your better use of both cognitive and intuitive brain functioning. And it will provide you some surprising results along the way as you keep using it.

All questions are welcome.

Flyer: http://mindtechnology.com/blog/?p=2692 

Meetup: Discover Your Inner G.E.M.S. 

Intent: Become more empowered with greater effectiveness and ease in a supportive environment.

This is a special discussion of the incredible power hidden inside each of us. To understand some processes and why it works makes it more appealing and an efficient habit to develop.

  1. Understand the barrier between what we want and us having it. This is our mental atmosphere which is re-programmable. Great news!
    1. Multiple approaches to open up this thought-based barrier between us and the All Good of Life
  2. If we are vibrating quanta, quantum energy, how does our form come about?
  3. How working with the laws of life while sensualizing the scenes of already having what you choose causes results that are broader than expected and speeding up the process. This is a multidimensional use of the treasure chest of what lies within us.
  4. Enough of how to reprogram your brain and heart neurons for what you are choosing.
  5. What do you think the benefits are of having the skills that will continually expand your intelligence, increase intuition on cue, and generate energy from within you to enhance your mastery? 
  6. Direct experience of a power skill

Lifelong development of scripting and directing your life.

Move from being at the effect of life to beginning to
deliberately generate your life from within. 

Bring what you want to create, change, internally or externally. Bring pen and paper.

Suggested $25 (sliding scale). Get a ticket at Eventbrite to get a handout: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discover-your-inner-gems-develop-personal-power-tickets-44662589006

April 25, 7:00 – 9:00 pm 

All events listed at:

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Listing at Meetup

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