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People report results from class...during the class: A Silent Mind & Illness Recovery

Years of empowering people, I am always so happy when results happen…especially when they happen in the class. I taught my Achieving Greatly class recently and these results were reported during class. This illustrates the benefit of this unique teaching style that reprograms the brain and heart neurons, real time. Being able to benefit from and use the technique is the result.

a silent mind

A peaceful, calm and clear mind

A man who works for a well-known company in the technical field commented at lunch on Saturday that he was trying to figure out what to do with his mind being silent for the first time in his life. I had a big smile. He has to be creative in his job and this will go a long ways to being more creative…and on cue.

Before lunch I had trained them The Wisdom Method, the process to train their brains to be able to get into a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind when wanted. This trains them to be able to relax physically, mentally and energetically through directed thought while staying alert and use both their cognitive and intuitive brain functions.

A silent mind with focus is the optimal approach to doing your best. It accesses the intuitive mind and creative thoughts, improves the logical mind’s focus, boosts the immune system and, by definition, releases the reactive mind that is driven by the unhealed past.

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think


Value of Silence

Stopping the progression of an illness

Sunday morning the following was reported.

Sometime Saturday night her stomach was bothering her and she was getting sick. She said that all other times when this happens she would be up all night sick and exhausted the next day. She now had a new skill to use. When she laid down in bed Saturday night she used The Wisdom Method to deeply relax her body, mind and energy. And went to sleep. She woke up hours later feeling good.

Again, my heart smiled. She had found dominion over herself in a meaningful way.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illness is stress related. Pause. Let that sink in.

I had reason to speak with a neurologist who is on some American board for headaches. So, I asked him about stress and headaches. He said that not enough water plays a big part in headaches and 90% of all headaches are stress related.

So, my students and clients gain a most valuable skill to control their own health and well being.

An eye-opening National Geographic video The Science of Stress | Portrait of a Killer is at this blog post: 

De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

lotus flower

The reason people can have instantaneous results

Quick answer: When your desires are aligned with your mental focus and the laws of the quantum field it creates a straight shot through you into your life.

Thus a common realization people have is that when I got out of my own way it just happened.

We live in a supportive intelligent quantum field of energies, answers, new ideas, laws and principles. This quantum field is infinite and is why we have an infinite field of possibilities from which to choose.

We are designed to be able to receive these energies and new ideas, process them, craft them, and sensualize them to cause them to occur in life. When we do this leveraging the quantum laws and principles a straight path is created for these desired manifestation and change in life.

It is truly amazing. We are each the portal for ideas to come from the unseen into the seen manifest reality. It’s not new age. It’s science.

This is what happened for the two examples above and for others in classes and coaching sessions.

More reports from classes are here


Whatever you do, develop within yourself a portable skill to relax your body, mind and energies. This does not mean a 45 minute meditation. I am talking about being able to get into a relaxed, focused mindset in a few moments. That is when you direct yourself to be much more effective in the daily moments of life.


Life emanates from our consciousness


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