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A former marine has an energy massage. Power center snapped open. P.E.A.C.E. Session


You are not isolated in this life. You live fully connected to a universal energetic grid that feeds you all the supportive energy you can receive.

The unseen parts of us often go without care and maintenance.

It is so easy to look in the mirror to see how to care for and maintain the physical body. When growing up we are compared to our age group to check on the physical body’s growth and progression.

But what do we do about our unseen bodies? Mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, energetic body?

How do you tell their proper progression?

Actually, your life is the mirror to check on the progression of our unseen bodies.

For instance, are you quick to anger? Are you afraid to love…again?

These can be signs to maintain your emotional body.

Do you feel disconnected from life? Isolated? Have your dreams faded away as possibilities?

These are possible signs of your spiritual body needing to reconnect to Source.

A lot of life’s imbalances can also indicate a need to cleanse and maintain your energetic body.

We are so magnificently designed that we have intelligent energy centers in our body that pull in unique universal energies that support us in doing life deliberately, passionately and powerfully. As an engineer, I used to question this because, at that time, it did not make logical sense. A lot of things about our design do not make logical sense. That’s because logic is a small part of who we actually are. It just happens to be what most people learn to focus upon. It is so predictable, known and safe.

solar plexus chakra

Self-confidence, Power for Goal Achievement

Validation our Energetic Bodies Need Maintenance

Once I had direct guidance to do these energy massages I found out through client experiences that there is validity to the fact that we pull into our bodies at least seven unique universal energies that support our expression in life.

For example, one former tall built marine, 26 years old, had one of my first sessions. In these, I am completely guided and have no logical thought or plan. After some initial work, I did energy work starting at his root and sacral/sensual chakras. Then I moved up to his abdomen for what is commonly called the solar plexus. I ‘saw’ and felt like there was no energy moving here. I did as guided to break up what I was shown in my mind’s eye was like a plug that blocked this energy. I had to work on it awhile to break up the plug. Then I sensed it had been broken up and continued with the remaining energy centers.

After the session, he told me that at the moment I broke up that plug he felt his body instantly grow as if it was twice as tall as his 6’2″ frame. He felt that change energetically. I attribute this to being a power surge until it balanced out. It could be something else. And…my mind went WOW 🙂 Plus it confirmed to me that my guidance was spot on; I am plugged in. Yes!

Between my guidance, senses and his direct experience, this helped me become confident that these intelligent energy centers need care and maintenance. And they end up making a big difference in life. 

Brief info about the solar plexus chakra

This is traditionally considered to be about personal power. When open and strong we have self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to achieve goals,  The real truth is this is the energy center that pulls in the Universal Power that we can personalize and use as personal power to achieve what we focus upon for our life.

Energy massages are P.E.A.C.E. Sessions = Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expansion. 

These can be done for the care and maintenance of the seven chakras, intelligent energy centers. And they can be healing sessions focused on altering a problem in the body.

Find your power. Allow your strength. Be your passionate self.

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