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The Elixir for Life and Its Woes. The answer to all questions is...

I saw this on Facebook…and it inspired the writing below.

The Elixir of Life

To Love OneSelf is to find the Light within that makes Life Rich with All Good

No matter who we are born as, there is a uniqueness of God seeking to be brought into the world through us.

No matter the pains of our upbringing, there is a salve that heals our heart, and our life.

No matter the injustices done to us, there is an Ultimate Justice to be found in our Heart of God.

No matter how different we are from others, there is a Gift to be found in that diversity that makes us Shine Brightly.

No matter what people say about us, our Love of self knows that it knows the truth.

No matter the darkness of our journey, at times, there exists a Light at the end of the tunnel. Always.

For each of us is born to BE the Divine Presence bringing our unique gifts to the world.

Each of us is born as a Gift of God in this Life of Infinite Possibilities.

Each of us is born with a mission to serve this world.

The answer to all questions is Love.

   Love yourself.

   Love others.

   Let the Love of Life be your beacon so that others may find their way.

We are the expressions of Love. We are Loved. And We Live this Truth

                              ~ by Lamar Irwin, RScP

Meditation to bring this forth

15 minutes

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