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Client lowers blood pressure and is able to move neck after being stiff for 15+ years

All of life emanates from our consciousness. Clear your consciousness and you will clear problems in life.

I would like to share something that I have been experimenting with using the deep relaxation technique learned in class:

Issue: high blood pressure recovery plan – with my doctors support to try to get it under control without prescribed medication.

Approaches: lots of different herbal, food, and drink introductions, lots of walking and now strength training with a personal trainer who is ‘easy does it’ with me, but effective and challenging for me, I cut out salt, butter, coffee, most cheeses and breads, and tons of personal awareness work with counseling sessions with Lamar who is helping me ‘forgive’ some deep, past hurts.

[Lamar: She had been promoted to head a new tech department for a large government agency. For her to develop control over her high blood pressure, in private sessions, I helped her modify her neural program response to stress in specific situations that cause the stress. This is one way that stress is a silent killer. She was also using the Quantum Deep Relaxation method regularly. She had the use of a device between sessions. It measures how relaxed she gets using the science-based countdown method. I then can see the results.]


1) after listening to Lamar’s recorded session with me on forgiveness, on two consecutive nights before bedtime, the next morning, as I drove to work, I instinctively checked my blind spots for cars … without having to move my whole body left and right! I could not do this for the past 15-20 years! And I have been to chiropractors, pain therapy, massages, etc. Amazing! A very big deal for me.

[Lamar: In a session, she briefly mentioned a long-term family problem of disconnection. My intuition told me to go there with her. I asked if I could go there with her. We explored that situation. I then recorded a custom mind-focusing audio based on forgiveness. Once again, this shows the numbing, killing effects of stress. Holding onto pain, hurts, old emotions from the past continuously take away our Life Force diminishing our self-healing mechanisms. At this time, I did not know about her 15-20 stiff neck.]

2) blood pressure experiments – Am getting better and better with all my efforts paying off.

getting it down in 10 minutes after meditating & going to level, i.e. inner power center.

I would not have believed it if I had not taken my blood pressure on my machine myself:

On 11/9, 823am, 129/79, pulse 61, just got up from bed, only water, and meditated a few minutes. This reading, by the way, is an excellent reading for me because I had been high for me (in the 150s/80s or more).

Then, I experimented with going to level, 11/9, 833am, 118/72, pulse 58! with just 10 minutes of fervent alpha level, I lowered systolic 11 points/diastolic 7 points.

Today, 11/16, 458pm, 146/72, pulse 61 – no meditation, just got home, hauling my overnight bag, plenty of other bags up my stairs.

Experimented by going to level. at 508pm, 121/69, pulse 60! Wow! After only 10 minutes of going to level, I was shocked that my blood pressure went down 25 points/3 points!

Do I believe? Yes, I believe.

Alicia W


Be Well! Live Well!



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