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Surrender to the Miraculous Nature of Life - Talk with a Spiritual Mind Treatment

Surrender to the Miraculous Nature of Life – podcast below

Inner Sanctuary

Your Inner Sanctuary from where all Love and Good emanates


Let’s start at the beginning, the truth. The bottom line truth to sear into our conscious mind is that each of us is this living, breathing True Self of the God Presence. Each person has this at their center and foundation of being. This is the part of God in us that is the pure Light of Life. This is that part of us we refer to as Whole, Perfect and Complete.  It is the Life Force from which each of us can be renewed, rejuvenated, reborn and uplifted. This is the pure connection to God, Source, Love. It is the source of never-ending hope about life.

And this is most important: this True Self, God Self has never been hurt, wounded or damaged. And it can never be! It is only Good. It is All God.

So, consider in your life all the trials and tribulations, wounds and hurts. They have not touched this True Self that you are.             Elixir of Life

From this comes the nudge within us that seeks to awaken unto Its True Self.

With each awakening, each rejuvenation, each rebirth we have, we experience a loving jolt of this universal essence that is pure unconditional love. We feel a new sense of personal freedom. We experience more love for our self, our life, others and the world. With it comes a new sense of possibilities for this is where infinite possibilities exist.

Each of us has this. Is this.

“I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way”
           ~ Lady Gaga

This ends with what is called a spiritual mind treatment. Sit back, relax and listen 🙂 

Spoke at the Center for Spiritual Living Central Texas in Austin,, Texas, July 1, 2018

Contact me for a spiritual counseling/coaching session.

The primary focus is to clear a path between your mind and this Inner True Self, where All Good exists. Once that alignment is made, life begins to change how you want it to. We can also deal with other life issues, grief, sadness, feeling troubled.

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