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It takes All of Us to Raise the Consciousness

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Change Your Perspective to See the Whole Truth. It's a Brain Thing.

Only your Whole Mind can Perceive the Whole Truth


This image comes from www.facebook.com/physicsdashastronomy

The brain has two primary thought channels: Cognitive logical thinking and Intuitive creative thinking
Logical thinking occurs primarily in the left brain hemisphere. It is a massive database of everything you have learned in this life. It is nothing more. Logical thinking is a sequential process. Have a thought, then another thought, then another thought. This sees what is true from different perspectives.
Intuitive thinking occurs mostly through the right brain hemisphere. It plugs into the infinity of possibilities and is where new thoughts and ideas come from. This is multidimensional thinking where you are plugged into the All-ness that is life. Thoughts and senses come alive. This is the brain mode that can see the whole truth.
Note: The logical brain has never heard a new idea that it did not resist… until it is tamed and under your control.
This is easily accomplished through training.
Because of this brain design, when you look at the image above, your logical mind can make sense of it. Shift your thought perspective and the circle shadow makes sense. Shift again and you make sense of the square shadow. While logical thinking can make sense of the individual perspectives it cannot comprehend the meaning of the whole scene.
Through your intuitive mind, you can see the whole perspective and get what it means. 
Think of the saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees. When you are looking at the individual trees you cannot ‘see’ the forest.

My story – Shifting from seeing the trees to seeing the forest

Allow me to share how my most masterful teacher, Frank Natale, got me out of my stuck logical thinking. As an engineer, my logical thought processes are well trained. I can pick apart the problem and put something together to come up with a solution. This is seeing the trees.
However, I used to have real difficulty seeing the overview perspective, the forest.
In one class, Frank was ‘processing’ me through some of my life pains. I just could not get the overview message he was trying to get me to see. Finally, he said: Lamar, you see the wallpaper on the wall in this hotel? Go over there and place your nose against it. I did that. He asked me to describe what I see. I described the pattern of the wallpaper that I could see. Then he asked me to describe what the entire wall looks like. I said: I can’t see it. I can’t describe it. He said: Exactly! You are so busy seeing the trees in life that you cannot see the forest. That worked. I began to be able to see the overview perspective. With practice, I could then switch between seeing details and overview.
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