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Univ of Texas Student Learning Study Skills

I met a University of Texas student, 18 years old. He was in a high-level international study program in High School but hit a wall this year as a freshman. He has been having troubles studying and keeping the grades he is accustomed to. I had mentioned that I help people use their brain the way it is designed to be used and other personally empowering things.

We talked when he hit that wall and was unnerved by it. I gave an overview of how the brain is designed and the way we use it begins with adjusting the brain’s frequency through thought and breath. These brain skills are done in a way that re-program the brain’s neurons so that brain skills become embedded. It is there for us to use in those certain moments in life.

I mentioned that I train students on how to study less while increasing their grades.

I think I heard his ears perk up through the phone šŸ™‚

He would learn how to index the class material in his brain where he would have increased comprehension, understanding, and recall. There is a test-taking process to access the ideas and answers if he gets stuck on a question.

Students Taking Tests

One student came to mind to tell him about. This twenty-year-old was on academic probation in his sophomore year. Once he had these brain skills his grades increased. He commented that he was playing more video games now because he had time. He ended up graduating with honors.

There are many reports from students who have used this brain skill. All had their grades increase. Many graduated with honors. They will then have this for their professional lives to gain that edge.

This works for professionals who need to learn and recall material and information for their jobs. Anyone. Any age. Any purpose.

Talking about the potential of it all excited him and he recognized this as something that would help him bring out his best student self.

The Journey

THE most important brain skill to learn and use is developing control to change your brain frequency. This is done first to begin the self-mastery process of using precise thoughts to cause precise results. This just so happens to also fully relax you, body, mind, and energy. This deep relaxation becomes on cue.  

Under stress, access to our highly developed neocortex brain diminishes as the mammalian brain takes over. Its reaction to stress is the fight or flight response where all reasonable thinking is gone. This relaxation method regains access to the neocortex brain.

This is a brain skill that is important for every person to learn that enables them to reduce their stress level, to be in control of thoughts and to develop their brain continuously to access their whole brain functioning: logical + intuitive.

He will be able to go into that state using a simple countdown method; 3-2-1-0. It will less and less time to become fully relaxed, and focused, so that it can be used in those moments that matter. He will also have a physical anchor to access this relaxed state quickly.

First Session

While discussing all of this in his first session he revealed how much stress he is under. He has high expectations because of his extraordinary results in High School. Growing up, his family put high pressure on him to excel. Plus, in this learning difficulty, he just did not know how to learn better than he already knew.

Who would? I remember those thoughts?

As he spoke, I began to sense and observe his high level of stress. I recognized the signs that he was disturbed by all the stress. He admitted to symptoms in the past week that come from runaway thoughts as a result of the stress.

Effects of Stress on your Cognitive Process
Perception distorted, misinterpret a lot
Memory repressed, distorted, mis-remember
Attention narrow, difficult to concentrate
Thinking inappropriate responses, self-destructive
Decision making delusions, cognitive dissonance, wishful thinking (no plan, just hoping someday it will show up)

Student Stress

He had all kinds of insights about what was going on within himself. He recognized how stressed he felt while studying and taking tests. And that he was carrying this around as it built up within him. His stress-filled thoughts had caused some concerns. He felt overly tight and wound up mentally which means physically. He had fallen during that week causing a minor injury.

World Note: Whatever you do, learn a physiologically based relaxation skill preferably brain-based and easily usable in a moment. 

Then I discussed the brain frequency chart. This is like a map of what your thoughts are doing, how to access the logical and intuitive thought channels, and the common brain development that will occur and where the ego comes from. As in all brain skills, after they have heard the logical explanation, I then do the brain programming through my voice and a simple background sound. Audio files are given for regular use.

After this first experience, he was beaming from such deep relaxation. I saw it on his face and in his body. THAT is what every person would do well experiencing. 

It is still amazing to me that we have such direct self control that we knew nothing about from typical education.

Text Messages

Him: I was feeling stressed out until I used the 45 mins meditation session (uh um, it’s a brain training session). Really, it felt like I’ve had a good night sleep. I also feel relaxed? Not sure if this is a placebo effect, but it works great!

Me; I answered about it not being a placebo effect. It is physiologically changing you, to relax. Great! Glad it’s working for you. The logical mind can’t understand thisā€¦ I get it.

Him, a few days later: just a quick updateā€¦not sure if this is a placebo effect, but I feel much more relaxed while studying. And I didn’t even meditate (listen to the audio file) today? Odd.

Me: It’s working! You can let go of the idea it’s the placebo effect. That’s ur logical mind trying to understand it haha Now you have an idea of what the shift feels like from brain neural programming. Just from 1 audio script. Amazing, isn’t it?

Midterms are next week

I look forward to hearing more as he goes through midterms. We still have 2 more sessions. I’ll keep you updated.

FYI: This is teachable to individuals, at schools, in groups. Gather a group of 10+ and I’ll come teach it. Manual, audio files and support are included.

My request for your assistance: If you know a decision-maker in public school, a university, college or any place for education, even in corporations, please let me know.

I have reached out to the University of Texas student learning center a few times and hit a wall that they do not need any help. Any school that truly wants to give their students a leg up and educate their students well can use these brain skills. Thanks for any connections.

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