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Great Brain Skills Results for a High Level Tech

The Empowered Workforce

Empowering your people always improves their effectiveness and your business bottom line

Knowing him for a while, I recognized his intelligence. He works at a well-known computer company. We did private sessions and he took my Achieving Greatly Class, Brain Neural Skills Programming, in 2018.

I took the following notes after talking to him a few months after class.

This link is an earlier post about his unique experience during class. I have never heard this experience happen so quickly:

People report results from class…during the class: A Silent Mind & Illness Recovery

A quiet mind is a more effective, focused and creative mind

At lunch on day one of class, I asked him a question to start a conversation. He paused, then commented that he had a quiet mind for the first time in his life. Yes! Something to celebrate! Good for his brain, wellbeing, and effectiveness.

Increased Peace

Their 3 dogs used to stay away from him when he got home because of his rage. Now, when he gets home they are all over him wanting his love and attention.

A trained mind has increased focus and new ideas as needed

He overheard two teams talking that had been put together for a project. They had not yet found common ground. He had ideas pop into his mind (that is the intuition in action) and shared the needed clear ideas on the spot that helped.

His relationships at work are changing

His boss has more confidence in him and is giving him more freedom and responsibility in projects.

He is now getting along with others better; he used to isolate and judge. He is now liking his coworkers and they, him. For the first time, he invited four to go to lunch with him.

Keep going.

It only gets better as you use these skills. The brain changes and evolves to better suit an empowered person.

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