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Meditation 2.0 Evolves Into Masterfulness

VisioningMeditation 2.0 is the next step for a meditator. This is for those who seek to gain mastery over themselves, internally and externally.

This is the ultimate in Self-Mastery which leads to Life Mastery.

Traditional Meditation

When a person begins to meditate, the clear benefit is feeling peace and calm. This is a big improvement from the normal stress-filled life. It is healthful, fulfilling and life-changing.

Another benefit is learning that they are in charge of how calm their mind is and how relaxed their body is. This develops an inner confidence that they are in charge of their body and how they feel.

What most do not know is there is an evolutionary process available, to evolve from normal meditation into Masterfulness.

Meditation 2.0

Learn how to do precision thinking that causes chosen results. That is what is required. Learn that when you have a pain or a headache you eliminate it through precision thinking; amazing pain relief case. When you have experienced eliminating your pain just through thinking, your paradigm of managing your life changes. You begin to wonder what else is possible.

Some of the possibilities when you dare to step into this vast field of potential:

  • Shift your mood
  • Energize yourself
  • Drop your stress from work before you walk into your home
  • Sensualize your life as you choose it to be
  • Claim Your Moment of Power in a not-so-good moment
  • Adjust who you are and how you present yourself
  • Goal achievement using your Whole Brain
  • Develop your creativity or, in my case, become creative
  • Access intuitive thoughts on cue
  • Develop a project using both logical and intuitive brain functions
  • Sense and  adjust the energies within your body
  • Boost your immune system
  • Lessen the time you have a cold or illness
  • Heal yourself
  • Heal others
  • …and more

How many just had thoughts of “he is full of shit” as your current paradigm is challenged? Ignore it. That is the ego’s behavior as it detects you may consider something it does not understand.

I tell my students and clients to not believe what I say; do not adopt my beliefs. Instead, see this as an experiment. Use it and as you have experiences you will develop your own beliefs. Then it has anchored in your consciousness matrix developing a deeper level of self-esteem and confidence in life.

Cross the Bridge to Masterfulness


As a person develops and experiences the above results their brain (and heart and more) are evolving. Getting further and further away from that old life of surviving in a haze of normality unfulfilled, stressed and troubled. Moving into a life of thriving and fulfilling achievement.

As I look at the above and consider my origins in this life, I am still amazed at some of my experiences. My amazement often extends to the results my clients achieve. All of this is possible because of how your human body is designed as the interface between the infinite field of possibility and manifest reality. 

You Are Designed to take a New Idea, Craft It Within You, and Bring It Into Fruition

I just attended a weekly series Quantum Spirit by Ted Windecker. My take away is that quantum science, its principles, and laws, is where the infinite field of possibility exists and we can access it for our good. This is why I designed my Achieving Greatly Class to mix brain neural programming + quantum laws and principles + energy principles.

The idea that our brain is a quantum computer makes a lot of sense and has my creative mind wondering. More on that later.

I envision a worldwide network of people who dare to evolve into their Masterful Selves. This will help to uplift the consciousness on the planet, which is my intent in life.

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