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Do You Come From Love or Unhealed E-motions?

Do you come from your True Self or your wounded self?

Diagram referred to in talk


Your True Self is Overshadowed by your wounds when you come from your wounds


Your True Self is way more powerful than your wounds when you come from your True Self.

Life is a moment by moment choice


“…each one of us has within himself a deeper nature, [sic] being an eternal unity with God [sic] is where the nature of man merges into the Being of God.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind pg 557

“So we let go of everything and turn to the Divine Depth within our own nature, wherein the Spirit of God – the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Peace – dwells with calm serenity. We withdraw into that place within us which has never been hurt, nor has ever been sick, has always and forever lived in divine and eternal peace.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind pg 557

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” ~ Marianne Williamson, bestselling author and teacher of the Course in Miracles


Where I come from in all interactions is my choice. Remembering that what I put out comes back to me, I choose to come from that place in me that is simply My Truth. This Divine Essence that I AM is where my nature merges into my Divine Being. From this place I emanate Love, Truth, Freedom and Clarity. Thus, Love, Truth, Freedom and Clarity is my chosen reality.

As Love, Lamar Irwin, RScP


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