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Your Pain Feel Like Fire? Eliminate It through Directed Thoughts

Fire Heart Eliminate Pain

Mind over pain! You do not feel pain if the signal does not make it to the brain. Stop that signal using your directed thoughts.

Years of clients gaining relief.

The Power Within You is Much Greater than Any Pain. I train you to direct your thoughts, at the right brain frequency, to eliminate pain. You are then empowered to do it on your own, as needed. My experience is my headaches stopped happening after using this for a while. I haven’t had a headache in decades; knock on wood <3.

The most profound and life-changing for a client/friend:

Pain Elimination: spinal implant, morphine and Oxycontin. No more meds and no more pain

This includes a letter I wrote to his pain management clinic saying it is brain science based, teachable, coachable and repeatable. No response ?
If you know of a medical doctor, a nurse, a school interested in truly empowering their patients, please send them my way.

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