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Special: Rise into a Unified Spiritual Field to Rise Above Life Challenges

giraffe rise above it all

Rise Above It All in a Spiritual Field

Spiritual Mind Treatment puts you in the Infinite Field of Possibility.

I do this for you to travel on your path above the current challenge.

For any area of life that is a challenge, there exists a false idea that you are separate from the Supportive Love and Intelligence of Life. This is not really possible and any obstacle is a temporary appearance made from wrong thinking. When healed, that area self corrects to its natural, loving and abundant flow.

Phone/Skype Session: I listen. We discuss. Then I do a verbal, energetic and healing spiritual mind treatment to seal the deal.

Approximately 30 minutes

Current Special Rate: Reduced to $45 (tips optional). +$15 if you want it recorded and emailed to you.

Payments through PayPal

Contact me to open up to the natural flow of life.

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