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Wow! Healing Circle was Alive with Energies

Healing Energies


I had the pleasure of leading a spiritual mind treatment healing circle last Sunday (4th Sundays of the month). It went beyond what has ever happened before.

Everyone felt the energies in the room and stirring within them. One man couldn’t move for 15 minutes and had to process it all. The room we were in heated up considerably. When done, I walked into the other room that was about 10 degrees cooler.

One man who had come to avoid lower back surgery told me today that it worked. His pain level went from a 12 to a 2 so that now his chiropractor can do the healing in that way.

Another man, on Monday, told me his degrading right hip was no longer hurting him; stays the same today.

This was something special. I have had those strong energies when doing private sessions and I am so glad all that energy runs through me so I get some of it as it’s on its way to the recipients.

Love heals. Energy heals. The body is designed to heal. I just help it along some

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