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Who are you? Define it before the world defines you for you.

Who Am I?

Who are you?

Are you your body?

Are you your emotions?

Are you your spirit?

Are you your career?

Are you your confusion?

Are you your limitations?

Are you your dreams?

Are you your fears?

Are you your joys?

Are you your wounds?

Are you your gifts?

Are you your failures?

Are you your successes?

Are you your life story?

Are you your marriage?

Are you your single-ness?

Are you your weight?

Are you your poverty?

Are you your wealth?

Are you your actions?

Are you your missteps?

Are you your mission?

Are you your purpose?

Are you your vision?

Who do you define yourself as?

Define who you are before someone else does it for you

Then, THAT is who you are.

Define yourself beyond the limitations of your story and all above.

It is your unique life. Not anyone else’s business!

Who you are is your choice. Stop living other people’s life they want you to be.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind that within each atom that makes up your being, you are 99.9999999999999% space.

Keep in mind that you are birthed out of the nothingness in life and will return to that loving nothingness.

Keep in mind what brings you joy and passion. What is it that you do where time disappears and you are wholly into that?

Keep in mind who and what brings you love.

Create Who You Are

Once you have defined who you are, a blueprint for life will unfold for you to follow

Take contemplative time and connect with the you within you. Write it out as you decide who you define yourself as. Read it and embody it regularly and you will then see who you are. Then, people will see your true self.

This will make it okay for other people to do the same.

This world will be better for everyone defining themselves.

As Love,


If you want a trained outside observer to help you see yourself contact me. There are specific exercises that will help you.

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