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Crystal Bowls Meditation Cocoon for Deep Relaxation & Meditation

Quartz Crystal Bowls

                                                                        Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Theme: Energies Materialize as Manifestations

All of life comes from the nothingness full of love. All of life returns to this loving field of nothingness.

Bring one goal/result/feeling/material item you truly want. Place this in this field for manifestation. Then relax into it knowing the opportunities and new ideas will come forth showing you the way.

These 99.9% quartz crystal singing bowls will create a cocoon around and within you for you to go deeper than before into meditation. Insights, healings, realizations, pain release, deep relaxation and so much more has happened in my 31 years of doing this in multiple states.

My journey with the crystal bowls and ‘What they say’ is on the site: http://thoughtcreates.com/html/what_they_say.html

Sample of playing crystal bowls

Remember 2 important things:

Life is constantly conspiring on your behalf to bring you
Your Highest Good and Your Best Life!
That is Life’s Truth & Promise for you to Accept.

Your most optimal mindset: Relaxed, Focused & Full of Joy!

Facebook event

Manifestation Meditation

                                                                  Come join us & bring a friend or 3

Suggested $20 donation. Donate what you can if funds are tight

Crystal Bowl CD

                    Crystal Bowl CD


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