A wedding – Friends – Eufaula, OK

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Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes

It’s 4:00 am on Saturday and we have to get up to drive north for a wedding. Last night it rained so much that I-35 was closed north of Austin. I sit in the car, put my three fingers together, relax, imagine a protective bubble of energy around the Tahoe and visualize a safe, easy and enjoyable trip. Six and a half hours later we have arrived in Eufaula, Oklahoma checking into the Eufaula Inn. We are here for a friend’s wedding at the Longtown Full Gospel Church. It’s not Hankamer, Texas but I recognize my southern roots in the people’s demeanors and beliefs, the small town and all that goes with that. Take a deep breath and be here for the groom, I tell myself.

It is 1:00 pm and they are ready to start. They say that every wedding has a story. Well, Dan and Anna have a story. It has been raining here for days and the power goes off… exactly at the beginning time of the wedding. With the power goes the piano music that was being played behind the maroon sheers that hang behind the podium for the activities. Dan’s grandmother offers to play the acoustic piano but the people in charge do not go for that. They decide no music and no candles. They open the door to let the warm and humid rain-filled breeze to waft through the quickly warming sanctuary. This should be fun 😉

A lady uses a small flashlight to read her introductory statements. The flashlight is passed to an elderly woman who has the bible and commands the wedding party to walk down the aisle. Select parents and grandparents come down the aisle with no music. Children next. In silence and tropical humidity the groom is sweating at the front as everyone rises and watched the bride walk down the aisle. The ceremony was nice with many cameras flashing to capture the moments.

A sweaty groom and obviously warm bride now take many of the required pictures. Afterwards we all walk a few steps from there into the hall where they have prepared a meal. With the recliners, boxes, cabinets and folding tables around the plywood framed room I am reminded that we are in a small town church. We enjoy a good meal and watch the presents being opened followed by the toss of the bouquet and garter.

Then, as if on cue, as soon as the garter is tossed by the groom, the lights come back on. The gods do have a sense of humor.

Sunday morning we are going to meet Dan’s family and new wife for breakfast before we drive back to Austin. I walk out and see that I have a flat on my car; new tires and I have a flat. Oh well. That is changed and we have breakfast. We drive back to Austin. I stop in a small town and get some fruit and vegetables from a roadside stand. She gives me a ripe peach; that is sooo good. That is one of the things I loved about living in Ventura/Oxnard, California. I would stop at a roadside stand on my way home and get fresh everything for dinner. That doesn’t exist here in Austin except for the once a week stands.

At least the drive back was only in eighty percent rain. There was one bad accident and lots of slow downs due to rain. My safe bubble around the car and visualizing a safe journey worked. We arrive home Sunday evening. All in all, it was fun and worth the thirteen hour drive in two days.

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