Thank You

Thank you for your on-going support and encouragement.

Truly. I find my life to be unusual as compared to whatever I thought would be the norm as an electrical engineer; who knew? lol

And I am happy that I am being guided on a big adventure to find these inner empowering skills that alter anything in life… then to find a way to get the word out in my quest to empower people into their best life, be a part of uplifting the world’s consciousness and bringing more Light onto the planet.

Each person has within him or her all that is required to live the life of their dreams. Do you think the greater essence of life would provide you with the ideas, the impulse and the drive without also providing you the resources to bring that idea forth into life through you?

Seriously. That is a good question to ponder.

More than thirty years of learning, practicing, apprenticing, etc has conditioned me to be a skilled catalyst to people who desire a change, no matter what it is: personal, business, career, empower teams, mental focus, achieve a dream, performance enhancement, A+ Student Skills, headache/pain elimination, improved health, mental, heartfelt, energetic imbalance, reverse diagnosis, reduce medications…to name a few 😉

As long as there is willingness I can help.

So, thank you for your financial donations and ideas. And much thanks for telling your friends and family…

I believe these words in this picture deeply. I am fortunate to have been impacted by learning beyond-the-norm inner empowering skills starting at age 24 while living in the Far East working as an engineer.

The tragedy of life is...


The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.


In-Joy, En-Liven, In-Spire, 
Lamar Irwin
Life Empowerment Engineer