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P.E.A.C.E. Session: Personal Energy Alignment, Cleansing and Expansion

You are SO much more than what you see in your physical form. As physicists tell us, you are vibrating quantum energy dense enough to be physical. Your energy expands all around you for many feet. This is why you can feel someone ‘invade’ your personal space, i.e. get too close.

When these energy centers have not been tended to and when you have experienced hard knocks in life they get clogged up.  Sometimes closed up. A few people have had completely closed solar plexus (personal power) and sacred/sensual chakra. Once opened amazing things happen and people’s perspectives change. Check the testimonials below.

Also, read below the magical reason I began to do these. 

The problem for us humans is that we can only see our physical form to manage it. And we can only see the results in life which are a result of our consciousness and how well these energies are open to receive life energies that propel us forward. The only way a person can tell that something in their energy is off, clogged or not working is by the way they feel about life and what is happening in life.

This is why you may:

  • Feel weak or ineffective in life
  • Feel unloved
  • Have an inability to speak your truth, inability to connect to your higher power for answers, speak unkindly to yourself
  • Feel un-confident, uncertain about being on this planet and/or expressing your true self
  • Feel ungrounded
  • Feel disconnected from your sensual nature
  • Have physical symptoms in your body 
  • Feel lost in life
  • Be unable to sense/see how to handle obstacles, problems in life
  • Tend to ‘catch’ the current illness that is going around
  • …more

These intelligent energy centers, chakras, are receiving different energies from life that Fuel you and your:

  • creativity
  • sexuality and sensual nature
  • sense of life being sacred
  • groundedness
  • sense of personal power
  • confidence, boldness, courage
  • openness
  • lovingness towards others and feeling loving towards yourself
  • way you communicate 
    • to yourself (kind or not)
    • with your higher power to receive answers/ideas
    • to the world
  • ability to know/see beyond life’s obstacles, twists and turns
  • access knowledge
  • more…

These sessions are life changing, life-enhancing, improve immune system and so much more.

People with disease can opt to receive some straight-forward healing energy and shaktipat.

Some Testimonials from clients:

When I was doing this for a 26-year-old marine this was the first time I sensed someone’s solar plexus was plugged up. I proceeded to break up the plug, clear it and start the flow of Life Power to come into him which is called personal power. After the session he told me that when I did that he instantly felt he was twice as tall as he physically is. He’s about 6′ 2″, tall like me at 6′ 4″. Awesome results!

“When I went home my dogs never barked; they have never done that. My two children, 20s, 1 with a disability were not fighting. I called Lamar the next day and said: everyone changed as a result of that session. He said, no, you changed profoundly and everyone is relating differently to your new self.”

“The day after my session I was walking along South Lamar Boulevard (Austin) and I was contemplating what kind of man I want to grow to become. I looked down at that moment and there was a book right next to my feet titled Becoming a Man. [A month later: My income has increased significantly. We can go on a vacation now. (His product sales in the salon went through the roof)”                     ~Keith P.

The first session I ever did was for the hostess for my Meetup groups when I went to San Antonio monthly. I was being guided to say and move my hands in ways I have never done. At one point I verbally was saying “I am pulling out threads of discontent” while I was moving my hands pulling imaginary feather-like threads from her shoulders and back; they had a barb at the ends. At one point I felt a presence enter the room and said your grandmother has just joined us. She confirmed. After the session she told me she had fibromyalgia. Her shoulders and back were lighter feeling than ever and remained that way.
      ~ Monica S.

Here’s what I’ve felt since session on Tues: Vision improved…colors more vivid, everything more beautiful. Have a feeling of being open…feels good. Dynamics between me and daughter much improved. Sleeping amazingly better. I can take full deep breaths now! Stress/tightness carried in shoulders is gone..no longer hold shoulders tense/up. Have been very thirsty since Tues…usually don’t drink a lot of water but have been since session. Seems like my dog is more in tune with me. General feeling of peace, contentment, positive outlook

     Thank you again. You have helped me so much. Keep up the great work you are doing!
     ~ Vicki (better and better), March 2011

The session was very much different: it helped me physically to where the Fibromyalgia doesn’t hurt so much. It’s still in my shoulders especially and neck, but I could “feel” the “pulling” in my abdomen and hips. I also sensed a mind-shift, as in: get with it, most people would love to have your life, you are not alone. I got my little saying out again and stuck it on the dashboard and wanna say I started walking with my head high again. 

     Lamar, I believe the session Saturday gave me the strength to “move” on if necessary. Thank you for the session.

     ~ M.S. March 2011

This older gentleman’s hands shook a lot and he did not know what it was. When doing the peace work for him I sense his sacred/sensual and solar plexus energy centers were completely clogged. It took a whole lot of energy movement to unclog him. This is an example of when a chakra is clogged, our physical form shows it as well as our life results show it.


If you have a health condition let’s talk about it. These sessions can be altered to directly move bad conditions, diagnoses out and enhance health & wellbeing often profoundly.

Find Internal P.E.A.C.E. Like never before

Why I started doing these P.E.A.C.E. Sessions

Around 2006 I had a sudden and drastic change in life concerning my income. I used the scientific process I teach to go into meditation and get answers and ideas from my intuitive mind. I simply said: What now? I did not expect to hear this booming voice from within say: Schedule people to put them on the table and work with their energies. I answered back: But I have not been trained how to do that. It answered back: We will tell you when you are doing it. I thought to myself: Oh, shit. I have to trust. Then it said: call them PEACE Sessions – Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expansion. I trusted all of this and the results keep getting stronger and powerful for the person on the table.

While doing these I am verbose about what is happening and what I am sensing. I have described the individual energy centers differently than I have heard of them from others. And how they work in unison with the heart center/chakra being the ‘brain’ of the body’s intelligences.

Note: I take 20 or so minutes before each session to prepare myself so that I am truly clear in this process, guided and to make sure I am sensing what is happening underneath the facade of the person.

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