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Quickly Release Stuck Emotions for Success, Abundance, Health, Love and Happiness

Release Your Stuck Emotional Energies for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness

            Your Journey is fun, abundant and fulfilling without your baggage from the past

Emotional baggage prevents people from receiving the incredible good that is available to us. With this negative emotional energy released in a certain area of life, that area starts filling up with good. The blocks are gone.

  • eliminate physical pain
  • create more financial abundance
  • improve relationships
  • overcome emotional pain and negative thinking
  • conquer self-doubt and live more confidently
  • pinpoint and correct a health imbalance
  • go for the gusto – release blocks to living your best life

There’s much more, as this applies to any aspect of life that is not flowing the good into your life.

In what area of life do you want to have good?

  Is there any area that used to be full of good but is not now?

    What would life be like for you if all areas were full of good that you most desire?

We first use the body’s intelligence to identify the emotional block. Your subconscious mind holds the details of how you are wired. This is the body’s intelligence we access.

That negative emotional energy is then removed in less than a minute. Since we are working at the energy level it is just released without the need to process the emotion. We then identify another emotion and release it. This continues until all the blocks are released and/or until the body’s intelligence says it is done for the day.

My first client session results

My first client using this quick emotional release technique was a fit contractor. He identified pains in 4 part of his back that he usually has, and they flare up at times. I did the technique for him and after several emotions were released all pains were gone. Success!

He told me that a few days later inflammation in his mouth and throat had gone away. The inflammation was from an encounter with black mold in recent years.

It’s good to handle pain because when we’re in pain it drains our energy and distracts our focus. Also, pain relief is immediately noticeable.

Empowerment w brain 638x350

You Are Designed to Receive All the Good in Life. Remove the blocks for a New Life.

Available anywhere in the world

One on one sessions can be done locally in Austin, by phone or Skype

$110 Retail per session

$279 Package of 3 saving 15%

$460 Package of 6 saving 30%

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