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Energy Work

“Just because you cannot sense it does not dictate that it does not exist.”

Quantum science continues to prove that each person is a bundle of vibrating quanta.

Our 5 physical senses deceive us. They have limits and can only perceive what is in the physical realm of life.

An odor has to waft by the two holes in your head for you to smell it.

Your touch is limited by the length of your arm.

Your eyes can see until a physical obstruction is there or a distance is too far.

Sound waves have to pass by the two holes on the side of your head for you to hear it.

For you to taste something your tongue has to touch it.

Also, for each sense there is a bandwidth that it can detect. Anything outside this bandwidth cannot be sensed though it exists.

Dogs can hear a dog whistle. Most people cannot hear that high pitch. It still exists.

Science now tells us that our bodies emanate a light. Unfortunately, that light is outside the bandwidth of what our eyes can see. Some people have seen the colors and auras (energies) that emanate from people.

I have seen this, usually in black and white. This occurred with an advanced teacher when I was volunteering to support him while sitting in the back of the class. This occurs every time that I do an energy session for someone. It just turns on so I know what to do for them.

A Person Can Develop Their Inner Senses

Luckily, at the right brain frequency, in your optimal relaxed and focused mindset, your inner senses can be accessed. With continued practice, a person’s awareness expands. This is when someone begins to access the inner senses which have no limits, no boundaries, and no blocks.

I train those willing folks through programming the brain’s neural pathways, through spiritual practices and energy clearing work.

I offer 5 different energy sessions

P.E.A.C.E. Sessions

A description of one of the 5 energy sessions I offer is at

P.E.A.C.E. Session: Personal Energy Alignment, Cleansing and Expansion

Look for posts about the others…

Shaktipat Sessions

Sending pure shakti, life energy, through me into others. I learned this from Francis the Healer who was trained by Sai Baba. I went to him for years to receive this shakti for my consciousness. Luckily I took his nine-month training. It did not involve a whiteboard and theory. It was all experiential and opening ourselves up to become channels. There was much learned in this.

Healing Sessions

When someone comes to me for healing assistance, I use all and any skills to help them. I am fortunate that a few years ago people started coming to me with dire diagnoses. I have been able to alter and sometimes reverse those diagnoses. The allopathic approach works and it has its limits.

When someone comes to me it is usually after the medical people have declared they cannot do anything more.

I always tell them: When it cannot be cured from an outside medical system, that means it must be cured from within. In-curable means cure it from within. 

The body is an amazing self-healing systems. I help those come forth to do their innate ability to heal.

Find Answers through Video and Energetic Feedback

The best testimonial is amazing on this page

This works especially well for business owners and those seeking to improve their careers.

This is a unique approach I learned while on Maui for 30 days after taking several classes in Houston and Austin. What a beautiful and inspiring setting to learn about energies.

I help your consciousness dig from within you answers that always shock, in a good way, and always are accurate.

I am writing out the right words for this unique technique in the (future) page.

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