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Employers: For these moments of reading this, suspend your normal beliefs about how employees are and how to train and manage them properly. These benefits are superior and lead to a superior workforce which leads to a superior company which leads to becoming the market leader.

A business is made up of people. I say this because all of my services are available to employees.

When employees are empowered there are many benefits that are not achieved in any other approach. Typical business training improves the cognitive, logical thinking processes which cause the employee to function better doing his or her job functions.

As in CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, people learn to use their whole brain. This means they can use their cognitive/logical brain functioning integrated with their intuitive/creative brain functioning.

As an electrical engineer who worked globally for corporations, I understand what this does. It is like driving my first car, a Camaro, that had a V8 engine. If the engine only had 4 cylinders working of its 8 cylinder potential then it would be spitting and sputtering doing its job. That is how you might see the workforce and it could be seen as the norm. 

When you alter the engine to use its full 8 cylinders then the potential becomes kinetic and markedly improves its functioning. When an employee (any person) learns to use both their natural logical and intuitive brain functions they change and their potential becomes kinetic improving their job performance.

This is sort of hard to describe because no one gets it until they have been through it. Then, they go aha and can look back to realize they were only using 4 cylinders and were in the normal mindset with normal accomplishments.

You can liken this to how you look at yourself after you have gone through puberty. Before puberty kicks in to bring more cylinders online transforming the body and adjusting the brain, no one can ever imagine how life will be different and better.

Initial Personal Experience with this

All of this happened for me when I was working for my first post-graduate employer, Schlumberger International in the Far East. I took my first week off and went to Malaysia to take a four-day class that permanently altered me and my life. When I got back to Borneo, Indonesia my job performance did not just gradually improve, it stepped up several octaves immediately. I was able to repair the highly scientific, condensed tools onsite instead of needing to waste rig time helicoptering it to base camp to be repaired. Management noticed my markedly improved job performance and suddenly I was being pushed to move up the ladder quicker than before.

I write all of this because what really improves job performance is when the employee is empowered from within. There is science behind it. This is using the brain as it is designed to be used and is not taught in the educational system.

Inner Empowerment is when the person manages their own thoughts which leads to personal benefits including feeling more confident, not being distracted, improved mental focus and much more. All of this leads to them being able to sustain the optimal relaxed, focused mindset which leads to wiser decision-making, improved immune system and being more harmonious.

When employees are able to relax their mind and body as needed, they are more harmonious and can lift the whole team.

Employer Benefits

All of this leads to major benefits for the employer including:

  • Better performance by employees
  • Increased creativity from the workforce
  • Greater employee retention
  • Decreased healthcare costs since an empowered employee will be sick less often
  • Less sick days used. You might consider calling them personal days
  • Obviously, this leads to a more unified workforce

And the cream of the crop will rise and their special gifts and skills will become obvious. This is a boon for the employer to have the people in the right job that utilizes their greater skills.

An added bonus is the employee will be grateful for a thoughtful employer who expanded their life potential.

There is much more to this and we can discuss this when we meet.

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