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Clark Cook Healing Testimonial

This is a personal success testament and a thank you to Lamar for the positive and undeniable results I experienced after attending a recent healing session with Lamar in Austin, Texas.

I was one of 7 persons in attendance and can honestly testify that there was “something different” about this session that was unique and transforming for me and, by observation, the others as well. 

After Lamar conducted short interviews with each person to obtain the nature of their requests for healing, he performed a spiritual mind treatment separately for each person.

The energy in the room was palpable and seemed filled with the promise of Spirit. Just by remaining open and receptive to the words of Truth Lamar spoke, I felt as if all in attendance were affirming along with Lamar on behalf of each other.

My request was for healing my right hip, which was becoming uncomfortable with beginning stage deterioration.

After the treatment, and these weeks since, the pain has not returned and I have enjoyed full range of painless motion!

Thanks, Lamar! Thank you Spirit!

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