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Ask the right question to get the right answer

I am not your regular Life Coach.

Life Coach has become a more well-known term as there are many people who are becoming Life Coaches. It is a great profession for a well-trained professional to assist someone in obtaining their desired goal(s). We know that education helps us to improve in any area of life. You may have heard of mentoring where someone highly experienced in a profession will take another person under his/her wing and train them.

Life Coaching is when you get the education, the knowledge, the support, the guide, the shoulder to lean on and the proverbial kick in the tush when needed from someone well-trained in life skills.

There are a lot of typical Life Coaches. There are an extremely few numbers of Life Coaches who are skilled in multiple disciplines that cover a range of the human condition including: spiritual foundation, mental discipline, intuitive thinking, increasing creative thoughts, emotional management, behavioral change, energetics, finding your answers from your energy system, video feedback, belief change, etc.

I am blessed to have had this burning desire to learn how to do life better… and I’m still learning.  And somehow my electrical engineering degree is relevant 😉 My life is not perfect by some peoples’ standards and I continue to get better and better. I do not like pedestals; I am already quite tall. And I do not set myself as the perfect presenter or teacher. I am an authentic person who had some under current from my soul to learn these skills for myself and for others… while doing my engineering career. Go figure. We have to trust that life will take us in the right direction even when it does not make logical sense.

The way coaching is normally performed is good for its purposes. Typical coaching occurs at the surface level of life where the coach provides new information to the client, has the client do a list of things and push them. It is great to get people to take action and to hold them accountable. In sessions with me this is done so that you do achieve and… Much more…

Real change happens beneath the surface level of life and people just have to be shown how.

LIfe Coach - Helping hand up

A Coach, A Guide, A Hand Up

I am a Life Catalyst Coach

The difference is I never have your answers for you. I teach you to find your own answers from all the different inner channels available to you. I do not have a particular system into which I try to make you fit. That just does not compute for me. Each person is a unique individual with their own unique life programming. Honor that and learn how to work with it.

I love to guide you to find your own answers, gain your own skills, empower your own life and build your esteem to achieve your life’s dreams. This is my unique skill.

We move towards the causal source for achievement. My intent for clients goes much deeper. I strive to facilitate long-lasting, if not permanent, change within each client. Each gains the skills to do it for himself. Each has increased awareness to handle situations by herself. Each client becomes more self-directed and empowered. This is accomplished while also assisting him and her to achieve the changes desired in life.

Life is a Reflection

Each person’s life is a reflection of their reality that is operating within. No one has shown them that they can and how to change this causal level of life. To become bold, to achieve dreams and to make a footprint in life requires altering one’s inner reality. This is my greatest skill for which I have trained.

A unique path to empowerment

Without knowing it throughout my life, this is where my life has been heading all along: to be a presence and a facilitator for assisting others in finding their good and to live a better and better life. I have spent 29+ years significantly altering my inner reality from an upbringing of extreme contrasts in life. I found the way out so that I can become who I am to be. It has taken strength, self reliance, persistence and trust in my teachers and inner guidance.

Life Catalyst

Now I find myself as a unique person who has developed into a Life Catalyst. I am searching for a title change that communicates easily what each client receives. For now I am saying Life Catalyst. I know there is a more accurate phrase which reflects the power, depth and effectiveness my clients realize and I will receive it.

From a shy wallflower to standing in my truth

I just have to say… I have never been a ‘look at me’ person. I have always been way too shy and humble to toot my own horn. To get to this point in life from what I was born into is a testament to the human potential and my willingness to learn, grow and change. My soul is very comfortable with me saying I am a very unique, if not rare, individual having learned the depths of the human condition and how to change it so that I am now a leading edge person in many fields and perspectives of personal growth.

Mind Technology | Life Coach

Life Coach - Metamorphisis is available to each of us

Some of my expertise

Mental focusing agent

Licensed Spiritual Counselor

Stress management specialist

Applied Hypnosis and Trained Self Hypnosis

I am someone who a client comes to with what they want and they get it

A guide within your inner reality

I coach you how to use the different levels of mind

I coach people with the Silva Method Mind skills

Personal Energetic Changes

Emotional Management and Guidance

Lots of tools, methods, energies to assist others.

Get what you want

What I have noticed is that when people come to me seeking life changes (clients’ examples are listed below) they begin to get them rather quickly. One reason this occurs is that in the first session the client is provided tools to use right away resulting in generally rapid external changes that they now know how to do even more. Another is that I am doing remote work with my clients using certain skills which assist you in achieving it even greater.

Now that there is a tangible benefit, a goal is achieved, we have more trust to handle the underlying inner reality to make it last. She is guided into her inner reality to explore her gifts that will help her be that person who achieves what she desires. He then trusts me to guide him into his inner reality where life is his oyster, so to speak. She trusts me to alter some past difficult moments in life so that these are no longer an energy drain on her life; we alter the memory without having to re-experience any pain (that method is old school and generally not required) so that it becomes a positive influence on life. Each time she does this she gains more energy by freeing the past energetic drain. Each time he makes a Statement of BEing he pulls his scattered energies together so that he can focus on building that business.

Hopefully that provides some idea of what is possible. Each of us lives in a Field of Infinite Potential through which we have all that is required to live a fulfilling life of love, service and achievement. It just requires the right skills.

Life Coach - Life Direction

Find your Direction - Live your Life - Make Wise Decisions

Examples of clients’ results are listed below

More money as an acupuncturist just starting out – doubled within two sessions, quadrupled within four sessions and kept increasing.

My very first coaching client was a business man with a vision. When we began he had contractors and his business was valued at less than a million dollars. Within a couple of months it was valued at well over a million dollars. Afterwards he ends up selling his company for $500 million. I should have had a contract for a percentage of his increase 😉

A person who wants a job that is more fulfilling found it after two sessions. A few options suddenly showed up.

A lady comes to me, with her doctor’s approval, and wants to find a way to avoid high blood pressure medicine. She identifies her inner triggers and learns new ways for her human system to manage each one. She does not have to go on blood pressure medicine.

– I find this interesting: I asked her if she knew of others in that situation. She does. I ask for referrals and each one would rather pop a pill than do simple things to alter their inner reality.

Life Coach - Silva Coach - Bridge to Life

Find the Bridge to a Fulfilling Life

A lady in another state who wants to learn how to calm her mind and be more effective in life to achieve a certain BIG goal that has been elusive due to family dysfunction. I train her how to empower herself and the end result no matter what the circumstances are. Within three months (2 sessions per month by phone) the contracts are signed.

Several people who cannot sleep (either go to sleep, stay asleep or go back to sleep after waking) come to a class. After just one day in a class each sleeps and stays asleep.

The young man who has been on highly toxic anti-seizure medicine for 15+ years no longer wants to be. He finds out what the neurologist needs to let him off of it. He learns these skills and achieves the goal.

– I find this interesting: The neurologist when saying the EEG was free of spikes and he could be weaned off the medicine makes a point to say that since the condition had stayed with him into young adulthood that he fully expected to see him again with a month. That was January 2008. Now what would have happened had this young man given his power to the doctor like so many people do?

Life Catalyst Coach, Mind Technology

Contact me to discuss options for your needs

The college student who moves from Academic Probation to Dean’s List: He came to me on academic probation. He learned the student study skills and test-taking skills. A year later he was on the Dean’s List which he has been on for five of the last six semesters; one semester he missed it by a 0.1. And he is taking much less time to study freeing up time to do other things.

Do you think any of these results are worth your time and investment?

What would it be worth to you to change what you want changed, achieve what you desire to achieve and live an increasingly fulfilling and successful life?

Contact me. I can help.

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