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Masterful Monday Meditations

Mondays 7-8 pm
Donations accepted, not required

Announcing a new meditation group on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm in south Austin.

I am a Science of Mind-trained Practitioner. Three of us Practitioners have come together to begin this meditation group to offer regular meditations on Monday evenings. We will be alternating the lead of this group and will be varying the meditation styles.

Location is close to William Cannon Dr at Brodie Ln in South Austin just off Mopac. Since this is held at a private residence I won’t post the address here. Just contact me and I’ll get you the info.

You can join the Google Group:

Austin Masterful Monday Meditations

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Accept it or not?

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.” – William Somerset Maugham

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Value Close Friends

“Your friends will know you better in the first minute they meet you than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” – Richard Bach
Bless your friends. Tell them how you feel.
Richard Bach is the author of a book that is on my Most-Recommended, Must-Read books short list. If you have not read this please pick it up and spend the few hours it takes to read the whole book. It is all about personal freedom and self-created limiting beliefs we hold about our self. Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull
What matters most?

What matters most?

“Your friends will know you better in the first minute they meet you than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” – Richard Bach

Bless your friends. Tell them how you feel.

Richard Bach is the author of a book that is on my Most-Recommended, Must-Read books short list. If you have not read this please pick it up and spend the few hours it takes to read the whole book. It is all about personal freedom and self-created limiting beliefs we hold about our self. Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Brain Research Confirms a Yoga Practice

Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma Practice & Current Brain Scan Research

Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma Practice & Current Brain Scan Research

Did you know that current brain scan research proves increased frontal lobe brain activity after just 8 weeks of a simple practice done 12 minutes a day? Improved activity in this area of the brain indicates increased ability to maintain clear, focused attention upon a task.

The practice is from Kirtan Kriya Yoga: the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation; it sounds like a great and easy practice to do. I found this website with an easy description and pictures.

This is in the bestselling book How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist. I am bringing in Mark Robert Waldman, co-author to Austin April 30, May 1 and 2 for a variety of individual events. He and his research partner Andrew Newberg, M.D. have been declared the world’s leading experts in spirituality and the brain by Time, Newsweek and the Washington Post. They currently conduct research on the neurological correlates of beliefs, morality, compassion, meditation, religious experiences, and spiritual practices.

The events with Mark are designed so that you can come for pieces of it or save money, learn some fascinating new findings about our brains and attend it all.

The events are listed here. Read about it, visit Mark’s website and consider joining us: http://www.mindtechnology.com/html/events.html

Have a great April, Lamar

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Adult follows Child's Map for Life

Who created the map you live by?

Who created the map you live by?

do you
rely on
to find
Life’s Treasures?

I was talking with a very insightful and psychic friend the other day and he said something that was such a good way to put ‘it’.

The child makes the map that the adult lives by.

In some classes we talk about how as a child your initial job is to watch, learn and absorb how those ‘big people’, adults, do life. The child is building belief systems, learning what to do in specific situations and what not to do and generally learning how to relate to all the aspects in this life.

So, if you had great role models, adults, around you then you learned some great ways to handle life. BUT if you didn’t then… you end up taking workshops 😉

Take a moment to contemplate what this means to you. As an adult your Treasure Map for finding your Life’s Treasures was created by you when you were a child.

There is so much to this… and this is a BIG part of my motivation to teach and coach those who want new Treasure Maps.

What is on your map for finding the treasures in your career?

What road does your map take you down when you consider romantic relationships?

What about health, money, friends, fun…

Take a moment today and look at the path you have been following? Is it still valid after all these years? Or does it need a bit of upgrading?

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Giving Thanks & A Quick Fun Thing To Do

Brain skills for Tuning Your Mind

Brain skills for Tuning Your Mind

Happy April Fools 😉

It is a new month. Make it like a New Year! What do you resolve to do this month?

You can do something simple to Tune Your Mind to Receive good things in life. Relax and recall the things, people and events that you have enjoyed in your life. Write it down if you wish.

It is just like tuning a radio. You tune your mind to what you desire to perceive/receive in your life simply by choosing your thoughts!

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Mental Preparedness & Olympians

Mind Games: Making Olympians Mentally Fit

From National Public Radio, February 10, 2010

This is a great read for those who truly desire to achieve their goals.

Imagine yourself into achieving

“The No. 1 issue that I deal with the most — just how to handle the nerves … how to get rid of the mental anguish, be confident and perform the best.”

– Nicole Detling Miller, mental coach for the U.S. speedskating team

You can read this story here

Or listen to it here

The reason I post this is that the mind focusing skills and brain-based strategies I teach work for people who use them. AND one of the side effects that many people experience is an Achievement Lag Period where disruptions can occur. This is the prime time to practice and develop Achievement Mental Toughness, the ability to maintain your focus no matter what the distractions. Who better to learn from than those who are at the Top of their Game???

Watch for two things: 1) The use of variations of the word “imagine”. A well developed imagination is one of the four primary skills successful people use. 2) Notice the focus on the mind of the athlete. Your Mind is THE most powerful physical asset that you are born with. How much have you done to develop yours???


Reutter and the other members of the U.S. Olympic speedskating team don’t have to suffer self-doubt alone. They had a “mental coach” to turn to before the Olympics. And University of Utah sports psychologist Nicole Detling Miller is with the skaters in Vancouver as they train and compete.

“Many of [the athletes] will tell you that the difference between the person at the top of the podium and fourth place is who was most mentally tough that day,” Miller says. “Who could handle the distractions and not get freaked out, not allow it to affect their performance [and] not allow it to prevent them from trusting themselves?”

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Don't be confused...

“Don’t be confused. A serious person knows what is important to him.” This is a line from a movie.

How true.

Later the same character said to expect only five minutes of feeling happy twice a year.

I choose a higher level of expectation.


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Mental Toughness

I saw a report about how Vancouver, Canada, where the winter olympics are being held in 3 days, is not having enough snow. They talked about what they’re doing to get the mogul track ready with trucked-in snow.

Then they asked the athletes what they thought about the situation. There are two points that I thought were transferable to what we all learn about causing change in life.

Each one of them said the Olympic Organizers know how to handle that situation; i.e. they trust them. And their job (the athlete’s) is to show up and do what they do best…their sport.

This is a similar idea to how you create something in your life:

  • Step 1: Ask for what you desire (Clarify, Claim and Visualize what you desire)
  • Step 2: NOT your job
  • Step 3: Become the person who receives what you are visualizing daily.

Are you trusting that step 2 is not your job?

Do not limit the opportunities that come to you by thinking that you know how it is best for it to come to you. Step 2 is where you allow the Universe, your Source, the Infinite Potential to bring to you the best way for you to proceed. This is not as mystical as it may come across here and in classes this is made clearer.

Point 2 was given by one of the athletes. He said it does not matter how good they make the course with snow. The athlete with the greater mental toughness will win.

That’s when my teacher/student light bulb went off…

Mental Toughness is a term indicating how focused you remain on your desired outcome without being distracted by anything that is not that.

How focused are you?

How often do you let your attention be distracted to what is not working?

What can you do to increase your Mental Toughness?

Remember: You are in control of your thoughts and you were born with the Power of Attention. Where you focus your attention is the direction in life you are heading.

What you think is a choice… always.

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Free eGuide to Create Your 2010

Choose + Clarify + Focus + Receive

This is a simplistic view at how every person creates, modifies and adjusts what they have/do/be in life.

The absolutely fantastic awesome rejuvenating news is that this is under YOUR control.

Everyone is doing this either intentionally or automatically. When we run on autopilot we are doing these steps automatically and they are based on the past… thus we keep having/doing/being the same things in life. That is good for those aspects of life that are always working well.

But what about those aspects of life that are not working so well?

Then it’s time to do something different. What better time than now… the New Year!

The end of each year is a great time to evaluate the current year to see what worked, what didn’t work and how much on the ‘right track’ you feel that life is going. This has become something I enjoy doing for the past many years.

So my New Year Gift to you, to say thank you, is your Personal Guide to Choose Your Life in 2010.

Go to this link: http://www.mindtechnology.com/html/hidden_download.html

This is a small workbook. Print it out. Get a cuppa tea, a pen and a blanket and have fun imagining.

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What It Is All Truly About

Mind Technology de-stress re-train

Mind Technology de-stress re-train

I held the Silva Life System class in San Antonio in Susan’s house last weekend. We did it there because she had tried to refresh the class (she had taken the original BLS class in mid-1970’s) in August but is supersensitive to dusts and things in the air that most of us are not sensitive to… due to a genetic health condition.

Remembering that one of Jose Silva’s dreams was to have a healer in every household I looked forward to it. Since this is a subjective educational system it is a matter of training those people who are curious enough to learn something new and powerful.

Interestingly, since this class was a little more focused on healing that it drew someone else with a progressive illness to attend. A hypnotist, Karen Peterson, who practices in San Antonio recommended the classes to a gentleman. So, we got to help him create a visualization/imagination scene with specific measurable benefits to use as he continuously will be re-programming his brain to direct the body to heal. Every time he practices creating these scenes by directing his thoughts he is directing the energy that runs through all the intelligent network of pathways to cause change.

Having taught several people with physical health conditions this reminds us how important our underlying health is to our life. Without vibrant health we are less effective in life in some way; it is vital… and mostly under our direction.

Who’s the healer in your household?

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Finding a lost item

So, I got home about 8:30 from teaching Silva Life System to hypnotists in Boerne, Texas. Great class. One of my best yet; the last half of this year have had some of the most impactful and energy-filled classes. Good reason to refresh…

Monday I had to go somewhere and my wallet was not where I usually put it. I was feeling tired so I just casually looked for it, remembering when I last had it. I knew it would show up sometime that day. By the time I needed to leave to make a deposit and go set up someone’s computer system, I still didn’t know where my wallet was.

So, I finally went to use a Silva Method technique to find it…

I went to level and visualized the last time I remember touching it planning to trace what I did next with it. I did briefly see where it was but didn’t trust it fully as it was a “light” impression.

So, I did another technique. I cleared my mind visualized the wallet then asked where it is. I cleared my mind and listened for the first words. They were not strong either.

So, I did one that works well for me. At level I visualized and moved my hands as if I was touching and feeling around my wallet; these are strong memories since I’ve had it for a couple of years at least. I brought back those feelings, smells and memories. Then I started to connect with the energy of the wallet and made that energy strong. After doing this I programmed that energy that it would immediately draw my attention to it when I was close by.

Finally, as a cap off to confirm it will happen… I made up a program saying that I was going to count from 1 to 5. At the count of 5 I will open my eyes and will immediately be drawn to where the wallet is located. I will find it and it will be effortless.

I carried out the plan, opened my eyes and was drawn immediately to the pair of short pants I was wearing last night and found my wallet in a pocket. This was where I first saw it with my first attempt.

Hopefully it is useful  ideas on how to apply the Silva Method concepts to finding a lost item.

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Great time at Silva Method Potluck Meetup

Silva Mind Method Potluck Social & more Meetup

Silva Mind Method Potluck Social & more Meetup

Just wanted to let you know how we had a good time at Tuesday’s Austin Silva Method Potluck Meetup and the date of the next one.

You can sign up for free for that grouphttp://www.meetup.com/Silva-Mind-Method-in-Central-Texas/.

Thanks to Dick Dunbar who owns a condominium in the complex, we can use a very good clubhouse space for meetings. Kitchen/eating area in one half and meeting space in the other half.

On the menu: salads, sushi, various cookies, homemade Indian food, yummy beans and sweet potatoes. Hungry yet? We had coffee, water, tea to drink. Thank you to everyone for bringing some food and refreshments to share.

We chatted about things for awhile. Dowin told us about different minerals and rocks he carries and uses; he had 2 golden azeztulite that had a lot of energy in them and had given him a personal energetic detox experience. He’s a real enthusiast and good resource in this plus he is closely linked to Nature’s Treasures; two great stores in Austin for all kinds of minerals, all sizes and lots of decorative things.

There were several graduates who had taken classes before; a few from more than 30 years ago… then from the last class. So each of us who had taken it before shared how some experience, recent or past, of how it has impacted our lives.

Then we adjourned to the other side of the meeting room and discussed a fundamental outline of how anyone can achieve what they desire to have, do or be. With an internal desire strong enough to motivate you to do something different, i.e. make a change, this is how you direct your life with intention:

  1. Direct your mind and body into a Relaxed Focus. This is the fundamental skill learned in classes. At its simplest, this can be done by sitting in a relaxed spot indoors or outdoors. Relaxing music, if that’s helpful. Control your breath and direct the mind and body to relax using self-directing words, images and feelings.
  2. Pro-actively use your imagination to create an image on a mirror of what you desire to have, do and be. Draw it in your mind as you would like to allow it into your life. Know and feel that it is already done and complete.
  3. Be persistent. This is a step that is often overlooked. For many reasons we tend to want fast results and if we do not get it then we give up and confirm, declare to yourself and then believe that “it” didn’t work. Our research from our world-wide reach shows that all you have to do is allot 5 minutes a day, at a minimum, to initiate your mind to show you the path to the change you seek. This is your guidance system that then activates the Law of Attraction… as in the movie The Secret.

One question was about the use of emotions in the process. This is important. Every amount of seconds and minutes that you direct your imagination to practice what it looks like and what it feels like to have what you desire. I see emotions as a faculty we have to generate our life; equivalent to an activating catalyst to speed things up.

We are all rehearsing for our life by our current predominant thoughts. We might as well learn to get it under our control.

We then began a goal-energizing process:
Everyone wrote on the chart their name and their goal to prepare for our Goal Creating Mind Cycle. We went through the process outlined above and everyone created a direct experience in their own minds of having what they desire to have, do and be. Then, for step 3, I mentioned to just visualize that same desired and imagined slice of life for 5 or so minutes each day, at a minimum. Keep doing this for however long it takes. Some things happen quickly. Others take some time. Bottom line: it generally will happen as long as we persist in directing our mind while following up on opportunities that arise as a result.

It was fun to enthusiastically hear right after this empowerment exercise that people wanted to do this again next month.

So, it’s on. Same location, on Tuesday November 17th 7 to 9:15 pm. Free.

Location : The Summit Condominiums Clubhouse, 2425 Ashdale Rd, Austin, TX (north on Burnet Rd above W. Anderson Ln. – NorthCross Mall).

For those who were there and for anyone who wants to join in this process now, I look forward to hearing about the things in life that start to change as a results of doing the outlined procedure for 5 minutes a day. Please phone in, email and bring with you to the next meetup questions, questions and results. We will handle them and continue to end with an empowering and self-directing group experience to keep you moving forward and self-directed in life.

San Antonio folks – Does someone have a home or a clubhouse that we can use to do the same sort of monthly event there? I will commit to driving there to hold the meeting… just let me know. I came down for a meeting two weeks ago. I will see if anyone has a place before I set the next meeting.

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Success: One step at a time

A bowl of one success at a time

A bowl of one success at a time

My Zimbio
Recommend this site!

I have found it wonderful when people share their successes with me AND when I have people around me who get it that sharing success is a way of keeping it and creating more.

I just returned from holding my first Silva Method Meetup in San Antonio for my way of supporting graduates who want support and introducing new people to this. It went very well.

Here’s synchronicity for you. I stopped in Buda to get gas on the way to San Antonio this afternoon. A man was getting gas behind me and came over to ask me about what I did; he had seen the lettering on my Tahoe.

He commutes from San Antonio to Austin for work and was on his way home. I invited him to the meeting. He said he had a meeting but asked where I was hosting the meeting so I told him. He ended up showing up and is very excited about what it could do for his life. Synchronicity. Intuition. Are they different? I passed up several gas stations in Austin and decided to stop on the highway; first time ever to do that. That’s what we teach and it works: to cause synchronicities and intuition automatically.

I showed up at the Unlimited Thought Bookstore and set up for my meeting at 7 pm. They said they had money for me. What? Ears perk up? One DVD, one Crystal Bowl CD and several Silva Method Long Relax CDs sold. This is my first ever retail store to have some product in AND it works. Yippee!

Anyone have any bookstores they want to suggest?

Be sure to check out my new Meetup Group for Silva Method for Austin and San Antonio. Sign up. I have a meetup scheduled in Austin on October 13th. http://www.meetup.com/Silva-Mind-Method-in-Central-Texas Most importantly, let me know what you want in a support meeting.

Thanks and success to you…

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An Angel Appeared

Pondering Life

Pondering Life

On Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm I am at the Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Austin to hold the consciousness for the community and to offer donation-based Spiritual Mind Treatments. [NOTE: Since the center is moving, I will not be doing this until we find another space.]

I was there two weeks ago and had one of those “real moments” that make life valuable.

I was in treatment for the center and I heard the door open. This lady I did not recognize came in. She introduced herself as Melissa. She said that she was riding by (on her bike) and was reminiscing about a time before we were using this space. I invited her to look around. I then got to witness a beautiful event as seen from the heart.

Evidently our space used to be an AA office. 15+ years ago she came in, scared, shoe-less and needing a miracle. She had no shoes in her life, was staying drunk and other bad things which I will not write here. She pointed to the spot just inside our sanctuary and said that she sat there as far in the back away from the speaker in the front as possible – scared to death. She was so withdrawn and non-trusting that no one could touch her.

At one point a woman at that meeting came over and told her that she was going to braid her hair. She has very long hair down to her lower back. Melissa did not object. A tear started streaming down her face as she recounted this memory and let this unknown woman braid her hair. She said at that moment her “armor” started to crack a little bit.

She then pointed out that the office for our minister was the half-way room for those who were too afraid to commit to the big room; they would gather there and talk. Have you ever been that scared about your life?

She pointed to the kitchen and said that is the first place she ever did service for anyone or any organization. She continued to recall important spots in the building where healing moments along her journey occurred. It was a beautiful journey, accompanying her on her memory of acknowledgment of her personal progress.

Then she said that where the podium currently is, is where she and her husband renewed their vows, sober together for the first time.

I am the most lucky person on the planet at this moment. To witness someone sharing their story of recovery in such a powerful moment in her life. I could feel her growth in the few minutes she reminisced and shared. Then she gave me a hug. A beautiful moment for sharing.

Especially at this time when we are about to move away from this space because the owner is allowing all tenants’ leases to expire without renewing them. To know that this space for at least 15+ years has been used for healing is powerful. It is nice to know that this healing energy will continue to spread into the new uses of the property.

This is what I call a real moment with a real angel. I had to read a book called Real Moments by Barbara DeAngelou while studying to become a licensed Science of Mind practitioner. It was about having those moments in life that you remember; that impact you on a deeper level. Those moments when two people drop facades and connect from the heart.

[An aside: There’s a graphic that Frank Natale used to use, facetiously called the fried egg, that describes our crust which develops over time that serves to separate us and others from our true selves and each other. I’ll post about it sometime – and do a class about it; personally powerful stuff.]

This was the perfect reminder for me that day of my own progress from my troubled background. Once in a while it is important to acknowledge ourselves for the evolution we have made in this lifetime. Surely we are not the same person we were 10, 20 or even just 5 years ago. I certainly hope not. Quite often we get ‘stuck’ in the gotta-do-to-get mode in life and forget to pause and take stock of how good life really is.

When was the last time an angel visited you?

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