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Client lowers blood pressure and is able to move neck after being stiff for 15+ years

All of life emanates from our consciousness. Clear your consciousness and you will clear problems in life.

I would like to share something that I have been experimenting with using the deep relaxation technique learned in class:

Issue: high blood pressure recovery plan – with my doctors support to try to get it under control without prescribed medication.

Approaches: lots of different herbal, food, and drink introductions, lots of walking and now strength training with a personal trainer who is ‘easy does it’ with me, but effective and challenging for me, I cut out salt, butter, coffee, most cheeses and breads, and tons of personal awareness work with counseling sessions with Lamar who is helping me ‘forgive’ some deep, past hurts.

[Lamar: She had been promoted to head a new tech department for a large government agency. For her to develop control over her high blood pressure, in private sessions, I helped her modify her neural program response to stress in specific situations that cause the stress. This is one way that stress is a silent killer. She was also using the Quantum Deep Relaxation method regularly. She had the use of a device between sessions. It measures how relaxed she gets using the science-based countdown method. I then can see the results.]


1) after listening to Lamar’s recorded session with me on forgiveness, on two consecutive nights before bedtime, the next morning, as I drove to work, I instinctively checked my blind spots for cars … without having to move my whole body left and right! I could not do this for the past 15-20 years! And I have been to chiropractors, pain therapy, massages, etc. Amazing! A very big deal for me.

[Lamar: In a session, she briefly mentioned a long-term family problem of disconnection. My intuition told me to go there with her. I asked if I could go there with her. We explored that situation. I then recorded a custom mind-focusing audio based on forgiveness. Once again, this shows the numbing, killing effects of stress. Holding onto pain, hurts, old emotions from the past continuously take away our Life Force diminishing our self-healing mechanisms. At this time, I did not know about her 15-20 stiff neck.]

2) blood pressure experiments – Am getting better and better with all my efforts paying off.

getting it down in 10 minutes after meditating & going to level, i.e. inner power center.

I would not have believed it if I had not taken my blood pressure on my machine myself:

On 11/9, 823am, 129/79, pulse 61, just got up from bed, only water, and meditated a few minutes. This reading, by the way, is an excellent reading for me because I had been high for me (in the 150s/80s or more).

Then, I experimented with going to level, 11/9, 833am, 118/72, pulse 58! with just 10 minutes of fervent alpha level, I lowered systolic 11 points/diastolic 7 points.

Today, 11/16, 458pm, 146/72, pulse 61 – no meditation, just got home, hauling my overnight bag, plenty of other bags up my stairs.

Experimented by going to level. at 508pm, 121/69, pulse 60! Wow! After only 10 minutes of going to level, I was shocked that my blood pressure went down 25 points/3 points!

Do I believe? Yes, I believe.

Alicia W


Be Well! Live Well!



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The Elixir for Life and Its Woes. The answer to all questions is...

I saw this on Facebook…and it inspired the writing below.

The Elixir of Life

To Love OneSelf is to find the Light within that makes Life Rich with All Good

No matter who we are born as, there is a uniqueness of God seeking to be brought into the world through us.

No matter the pains of our upbringing, there is a salve that heals our heart, and our life.

No matter the injustices done to us, there is an Ultimate Justice to be found in our Heart of God.

No matter how different we are from others, there is a Gift to be found in that diversity that makes us Shine Brightly.

No matter what people say about us, our Love of self knows that it knows the truth.

No matter the darkness of our journey, at times, there exists a Light at the end of the tunnel. Always.

For each of us is born to BE the Divine Presence bringing our unique gifts to the world.

Each of us is born as a Gift of God in this Life of Infinite Possibilities.

Each of us is born with a mission to serve this world.

The answer to all questions is Love.

   Love yourself.

   Love others.

   Let the Love of Life be your beacon so that others may find their way.

We are the expressions of Love. We are Loved. And We Live this Truth

                              ~ by Lamar Irwin, RScP

Meditation to bring this forth

15 minutes

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Amazing Technology - 2018 Guinness World Record | Dance of 1374 Drones


Dance of 1374 Drones

2018 Guinness World Record | Dance of 1374 Drones

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A former marine has an energy massage. Power center snapped open. P.E.A.C.E. Session


You are not isolated in this life. You live fully connected to a universal energetic grid that feeds you all the supportive energy you can receive.

The unseen parts of us often go without care and maintenance.

It is so easy to look in the mirror to see how to care for and maintain the physical body. When growing up we are compared to our age group to check on the physical body’s growth and progression.

But what do we do about our unseen bodies? Mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, energetic body?

How do you tell their proper progression?

Actually, your life is the mirror to check on the progression of our unseen bodies.

For instance, are you quick to anger? Are you afraid to love…again?

These can be signs to maintain your emotional body.

Do you feel disconnected from life? Isolated? Have your dreams faded away as possibilities?

These are possible signs of your spiritual body needing to reconnect to Source.

A lot of life’s imbalances can also indicate a need to cleanse and maintain your energetic body.

We are so magnificently designed that we have intelligent energy centers in our body that pull in unique universal energies that support us in doing life deliberately, passionately and powerfully. As an engineer, I used to question this because, at that time, it did not make logical sense. A lot of things about our design do not make logical sense. That’s because logic is a small part of who we actually are. It just happens to be what most people learn to focus upon. It is so predictable, known and safe.

solar plexus chakra

Self-confidence, Power for Goal Achievement

Validation our Energetic Bodies Need Maintenance

Once I had direct guidance to do these energy massages I found out through client experiences that there is validity to the fact that we pull into our bodies at least seven unique universal energies that support our expression in life.

For example, one former tall built marine, 26 years old, had one of my first sessions. In these, I am completely guided and have no logical thought or plan. After some initial work, I did energy work starting at his root and sacral/sensual chakras. Then I moved up to his abdomen for what is commonly called the solar plexus. I ‘saw’ and felt like there was no energy moving here. I did as guided to break up what I was shown in my mind’s eye was like a plug that blocked this energy. I had to work on it awhile to break up the plug. Then I sensed it had been broken up and continued with the remaining energy centers.

After the session, he told me that at the moment I broke up that plug he felt his body instantly grow as if it was twice as tall as his 6’2″ frame. He felt that change energetically. I attribute this to being a power surge until it balanced out. It could be something else. And…my mind went WOW 🙂 Plus it confirmed to me that my guidance was spot on; I am plugged in. Yes!

Between my guidance, senses and his direct experience, this helped me become confident that these intelligent energy centers need care and maintenance. And they end up making a big difference in life. 

Brief info about the solar plexus chakra

This is traditionally considered to be about personal power. When open and strong we have self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to achieve goals,  The real truth is this is the energy center that pulls in the Universal Power that we can personalize and use as personal power to achieve what we focus upon for our life.

Energy massages are P.E.A.C.E. Sessions = Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expansion. 

These can be done for the care and maintenance of the seven chakras, intelligent energy centers. And they can be healing sessions focused on altering a problem in the body.

Find your power. Allow your strength. Be your passionate self.

Discover Your Inner GEMS universe-backgrounds 800x208

The Power of Life is Within You

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People report results from class...during the class: A Silent Mind & Illness Recovery

Years of empowering people, I am always so happy when results happen…especially when they happen in the class. I taught my Achieving Greatly class recently and these results were reported during class. This illustrates the benefit of this unique teaching style that reprograms the brain and heart neurons, real time. Being able to benefit from and use the technique is the result.

a silent mind

A peaceful, calm and clear mind

A man who works for a well-known company in the technical field commented at lunch on Saturday that he was trying to figure out what to do with his mind being silent for the first time in his life. I had a big smile. He has to be creative in his job and this will go a long ways to being more creative…and on cue.

Before lunch I had trained them The Wisdom Method, the process to train their brains to be able to get into a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind when wanted. This trains them to be able to relax physically, mentally and energetically through directed thought while staying alert and use both their cognitive and intuitive brain functions.

A silent mind with focus is the optimal approach to doing your best. It accesses the intuitive mind and creative thoughts, improves the logical mind’s focus, boosts the immune system and, by definition, releases the reactive mind that is driven by the unhealed past.

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think


Value of Silence

Stopping the progression of an illness

Sunday morning the following was reported.

Sometime Saturday night her stomach was bothering her and she was getting sick. She said that all other times when this happens she would be up all night sick and exhausted the next day. She now had a new skill to use. When she laid down in bed Saturday night she used The Wisdom Method to deeply relax her body, mind and energy. And went to sleep. She woke up hours later feeling good.

Again, my heart smiled. She had found dominion over herself in a meaningful way.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illness is stress related. Pause. Let that sink in.

I had reason to speak with a neurologist who is on some American board for headaches. So, I asked him about stress and headaches. He said that not enough water plays a big part in headaches and 90% of all headaches are stress related.

So, my students and clients gain a most valuable skill to control their own health and well being.

An eye-opening National Geographic video The Science of Stress | Portrait of a Killer is at this blog post: 

De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

lotus flower

The reason people can have instantaneous results

Quick answer: When your desires are aligned with your mental focus and the laws of the quantum field it creates a straight shot through you into your life.

Thus a common realization people have is that when I got out of my own way it just happened.

We live in a supportive intelligent quantum field of energies, answers, new ideas, laws and principles. This quantum field is infinite and is why we have an infinite field of possibilities from which to choose.

We are designed to be able to receive these energies and new ideas, process them, craft them, and sensualize them to cause them to occur in life. When we do this leveraging the quantum laws and principles a straight path is created for these desired manifestation and change in life.

It is truly amazing. We are each the portal for ideas to come from the unseen into the seen manifest reality. It’s not new age. It’s science.

This is what happened for the two examples above and for others in classes and coaching sessions.

More reports from classes are here


Whatever you do, develop within yourself a portable skill to relax your body, mind and energies. This does not mean a 45 minute meditation. I am talking about being able to get into a relaxed, focused mindset in a few moments. That is when you direct yourself to be much more effective in the daily moments of life.


Life emanates from our consciousness


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Reset Yourself In Nature. Reduce Stress, Increase Immune System, Change Your Brain

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You Are Designed to take a New Idea, Craft It Within You, and Bring It Into Fruition


You Are More Powerful than You can Ever Imagine

You are so magnificently designed that you can take a new thought from the creative mind, process it through your whole brain and heart then bring it in your reality.

Breathe in that truth about who you are. Do your thoughts say this is total nonsense? Or does it somehow resonate with you?

What would you do with your life if you knew how to do this process?

Dream big and awaken to your potential. 

#amomentswisdom #empowerment #selfmastery #lifemastery 

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Get Woke, Better & Direct your life. Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

Discover Your Inner GEMS universe-backgrounds 800x208

                                               The Power of Life is Within You. Learn how to access it for a good life.

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing yourself, your thoughts and feelings while doing life. What do you think and feel when talking with a coworker, a boss, a cashier, a friend, a romantic partner or when making a phone call, paying a bill, anything. Just begin to notice.

Meditation – Passive – is when you are seeking to connect to a feeling like being at ease, peaceful, joyful. Of course, this relaxes you. This includes activities like yoga, shin zen, or others.

Meditation – Active – is when you are using your inner power to focus deliberately on what you desire to have in life or who you choose to be. Sensualize (Visualize) scenes of having what you desire, feeling and sensing it as if it is already done. Sensualization is the process of imaginging what you want in life using any or all of your five physical senses while in a meditative state to generate change. 

Masterfulness is gaining mastery over the many aspects of your inner personal power by using all of the above in a synthesis of living, perceiving and creating your life.

How do you do this?

This is a process. One step at a time. Start becoming mindful. Start relaxing on purpose to breathe and relax yourself. Start getting curious about having something change in your life. Learn the skills to do active meditation to be the director of your own life.

These are the processes learned in the upcoming Achieving Greatly class.

Snoopy flying his doghouse taking off

Fly your doghouse and live life at a higher level


Achieving Greatly class

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

Empowerment w brain 638x350

Empowerment from Within brings Self-Direction

In this one-of-a-kind class you will learn specific techniques to manage stress on-cue, eliminate pain, sensualize your life and more. Training is at the level of brain operation to reprogram your brain/heart neurons real time to use techniques right away.

Then introducing quantum laws that govern the creative forces adds another dimension in consciousness enabling greater effectiveness to write your life script and achieve it. 

A life empowering synthesis occurs.
Continue using these skills to deepen, grow and evolve your brain, heart and consciousness. The great news is you can use these skills to continually develop self-mastery for the rest of your life. Ask me about the changes I continue to experience. 
Invest in your self-development. Gain self-direction. Receive lifelong dividends.
Students receive:

  • A manual with the skills and worksheets to continue development
  • Audio files of the important guided processes to continue to develop better and better use of your Mind, Heart and Energies. Continuously develop your inner powerful self. Value $150
  • One free coaching session. Value $150

My blog post about some of the changes I experienced by learning just the brain skills part of this class when I was 24 years old. At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

Blog post: A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often
Extensive detail about the class, its benefits and what students say is at Achieving Greatly class
April 28-29, 2018 ~ This is a Saturday and Sunday class. Lunch break and other breaks..
$495 investment. All specials to be paid for or arranged by April 20. www.PayPal.me/MindTechnology or cash
Specials: * $445 paid 1 week prior
* Student, military and senior discount (60+) -$50 with ID
* Half price to repeat
* Special offers I made to those attending Meetups
* Special rate for anyone who took a Silva Method class from me

1 man wanted the class and could pay in 3 weeks. We agreed. He used the Mind’s Eye for Change technique starting Sunday in class. Unexpected money arrived in the mail 3 days after class. He paid me in full + a session and was able to pay some other bills. It really does work. Give me a day and I can tell many (too many) stories LOL

There seems to be a lot of curiosity about these empowerment concepts. I encourage you to find a way to attend. If you have a desire, we can find a way. It will pay lifelong dividends by continually developing and expanding your mind and your better use of both cognitive and intuitive brain functioning. And it will provide you some surprising results along the way as you keep using it.

All questions are welcome.

Flyer: http://mindtechnology.com/blog/?p=2692 

Meetup: Discover Your Inner G.E.M.S. 

Intent: Become more empowered with greater effectiveness and ease in a supportive environment.

This is a special discussion of the incredible power hidden inside each of us. To understand some processes and why it works makes it more appealing and an efficient habit to develop.

  1. Understand the barrier between what we want and us having it. This is our mental atmosphere which is re-programmable. Great news!
    1. Multiple approaches to open up this thought-based barrier between us and the All Good of Life
  2. If we are vibrating quanta, quantum energy, how does our form come about?
  3. How working with the laws of life while sensualizing the scenes of already having what you choose causes results that are broader than expected and speeding up the process. This is a multidimensional use of the treasure chest of what lies within us.
  4. Enough of how to reprogram your brain and heart neurons for what you are choosing.
  5. What do you think the benefits are of having the skills that will continually expand your intelligence, increase intuition on cue, and generate energy from within you to enhance your mastery? 
  6. Direct experience of a power skill

Lifelong development of scripting and directing your life.

Move from being at the effect of life to beginning to
deliberately generate your life from within. 

Bring what you want to create, change, internally or externally. Bring pen and paper.

Suggested $25 (sliding scale). Get a ticket at Eventbrite to get a handout: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discover-your-inner-gems-develop-personal-power-tickets-44662589006

April 25, 7:00 – 9:00 pm 

All events listed at:

My Google Calendar
Listing at Eventbrite
Listing at Meetup

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Achieving Greatly Class. Deliberate Thinking causes Deliberate Results. Lifelong Development

Empowerment w brain 638x350

Empowerment from Within brings Self-Direction

Achieving Greatly class

Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & active) + Masterfulness

In this one-of-a-kind class you will learn specific brain-science-based techniques to manage stress on-cue, eliminate pain, energize self, shift mood, sensualize (visualize 2.0) your life to be what you want it to be and more. Training is at the level of brain operation to reprogram your brain/heart neurons real-time to create the neural pathways so you can use the techniques right away. The more you use them the more the neural pathways are developed.

This is developing use of your cognitive (logical) and intuitive (creative) brain functions. Using your whole brain opens up the doors to a life being a self-fulfilling prophecy of your choosing.

Quantum physics governs the unseen creative realm, the realm for personal power. It is a completely different world with different laws. Introducing these quantum laws that govern the life force adds another dimension in consciousness enabling great effectiveness to write your life script and achieve it.

A life empowering synthesis occurs.

The Mind’s Eye for Change technique is the synthesized technique for manifestation. It is a synthesizes of the above approaches to generate your life as you envision it.

Continue using these skills to deepen, grow and evolve your brain, heart and consciousness.

Develop mastery for the rest of your life.

Invest in your self-development. Gain self-direction. Receive lifelong dividends.

Students receive:

  • An extensive manual with the skills and worksheets to continue development
  • Audio files of the important guided processes to continue to develop better and better use of your Mind, Heart and Energies. Continuously develop your inner powerful self. Value $150
  • One free coaching session. Value $150

Regularly reported results: http://mindtechnology.com/blog/?p=2347

My experiences: At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

What students say: http://www.thoughtcreates.com/html/students_say.html

Extensive detail about the class, its benefits and what students say is at ThoughtCreates.com

The tragedy of life is...

Be who you are born to be

April 28-29, 2018 ~ This is a Saturday and Sunday class. 9 am to 6 pm. Lunch break and other breaks.

$495 investment. All specials to be paid for or arranged by April 20. www.PayPal.me/MindTechnology or cash

Specials: * $445  *Student, military and senior discount (60+) with ID

* Half price to repeat * Special offers I made to those attending Meetups

* Reduced rate for anyone who took a Silva Method class from me

* 1 man wanted the class and could pay in 3 weeks. He used the Mind’s Eye for Change technique starting Sunday in class. Unexpected money arrived in the mail 3 days after class. He paid me in full + a session and was able to pay some other bills. It really does work.   Give me a day and I can tell many (too many) stories of achievement. LOL

Isn’t it great that there is so much potential that we can tap into?

Download flyer 

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At 24 years old I learned inner empowerment… How it changed me.

“Lamar, don’t worry about that. You are going to learn how to do life better.” I was seven years old and another not-so-good thing was happening in the family. With this guiding voice’s message came a wonderful feeling of peace, a lacking quality in my family. This saving voice would guide me during some important times throughout life.

To me, this confirms the spiritual philosophy that I use for life: Life is proactively supporting my highest good and best life.

This post is a sampling of what I experienced once I knew how to think deliberately for deliberate changes and outcomes.

Lamar at the Matterhorn

I am sitting across from the Matterhorn, Switzerland.

“Wow, I just relaxed my mind and body just by breathing and listening to words the instructor spoke. I felt physical stress leaving my body and mind. Then I felt relaxed in my body and mind. This process was strange and this feeling was new.” That is what I thought after this instructor guided me to release stress I didn’t know I had. I began to settle into a sense of being stress-free, relaxed in my own body. This was amazing to me.

As an electrical engineer, I liked learning enough of how the brain works to understand what is happening in my body as a result of directed thought at an optimum brain frequency. Then we would take a break so that the next closed-eyed brain training exercise would have its impact and reprogram my brain neurons so I could use the techniques easier on my own.

After four days, eight hours each day, learning many thought-focused techniques to cause changes in my body (eliminate pain in moments, stay alert, energize self, sleep, visualizing for internal or external change, use brain to study less while increasing grades, prepare your self for an important meeting/interview, develop intuition and much more). I had learned enough usable techniques for many life situations that may happen.

Again, wow, I am better equipped to handle life more effectively while directing it in a deliberate direction… while continuously getting better at using them which continuously develops the intuition, creation and self management. 

I had taken my first week off after working a year for Schlumberger International to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for this class. What an adventure and now I was back at work and living in an expatriate’s camp, food, recreation and housing. the Mahakam River Delta on Borneo Island, Indonesia.

I had many times in a remote location, sleeping, eating and preparing for doing my field engineer job that could happen at any moment. During idle times I wanted to learn more and have what they said is possible and what I experienced myself. I would practice the techniques, and ponder how life could be different now.

I wonder how I can use what I just learned? Hmm

Be who you are born to be.

It was a lot to take in. Such a mind expanding vacation. It let me develop a bigger picture of my self and my life. It was a real booster to my self-esteem and began to create a sense that I get to direct my life more than I had ever considered.

I was working my first job out of college with my electrical engineering degree for a French company in the Far East. A very demanding job, beginning on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. I worked with high physics-based tools and some radioactive sources for measurements.

The job had lots of perks, ample accumulated time off and hazard pay due to living in a less safe place. Plus I got to fly in helicopters and float down the Mahakam River watching all the exotic animals watching us.

This Sagittarius was in adventure heaven traveling, exploring, and seeing other cultures. And this young man from a farm town of 150 folks had his first awakening to what he can do in life and began to see some of his greater potential. It was a new mind space to grow into. Plus I now had specific mental tools to practice and use.

1st experience was at 14 years old

In a suppressive and not so kind family environment I could not express myself if it was different than expected. All that emotional constraint has its effects on health. I had headaches daily and took aspirin often. There were other stress related symptoms. Luckily, my older half-brother had come back from being in Vietnam War and had taken this class.

He gave me the cassette with a pain relief spoken audio guided exercise. My headache went away the first time I listened to it. I then memorized it to use it whenever I felt a headache or had a pain. By the time I went off to college, I no longer got headaches. My body now had a way to release the built up stress in that sort of family environment. And to this day, just a few decades later, I have had the onset of a headache maybe a handful of times. But I get rid of it right away. I use it for other pains, at times. For me, it works faster and more effectively than taking a pill.

Check out this amazing result for Michael’s elimination of 24/7 pain and use of prescription drugs. 

                         Pain Elimination: spinal implant, morphine and Oxycontin. No more meds and no more pain

This experience is what motivated me to take the class. I couldn’t afford it in college so I waited for my first opportunity once I was making money.

San Fran Bridge

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

#2 experience – Stay awake for 3+ days without sleep

Yes, this job was demanding. Once Schlumberger’s services were needed I had control and was under pressure to be efficient, accurate and safe. We were held fully responsible for one suite of services and therefore we had to complete the job as the field engineer. There was no relief provided. When we were doing many services it could take 3 days to complete the job, print and interpret and provide the results the results onsite.

Once I had these mind skills, my crew was pulling the tools out of the drill hole from their cab driving the cable wench. I was sitting in my computer equipped cab. I’d pull the shade, close my eyes, put fingers together as an anchor to the brain and begin to do the count to relax. I’d set a goal of my brain believing I had a few hours of sleep in this five to ten minute technique. It worked. Five to ten minutes produced a feeling of several hours of deep, refreshing sleep.

#3 experience – Healing

The next time I got a cold I used visualization to unleash the healing white blood cells to attack the invader and imagine the healing as if it was done. I would get over symptoms much more quickly. I learned that if I used this self direction of thought as soon as a symptom appeared, it could stop the illness progression and restore full health.

Using these sort of techniques boosts and improves a person’s immune system.

I have lots of stories about the impact of using accelerating healing skills.

This was the first of five healing techiques I have been fortunate to learn. Using a synthesis of these, great results happen. It is an honor to witness what I get to see when I work with someone or in a class.

Click here to search this blog for ‘healing’ category.

#4 – Diagnose and repair tools

These, maybe, ten foot long tools with a few put together would have a component fail when working in hot, salt brine mud water. I had been through the six to nine month training indoctrination in Brunei where I was taught how every circuit worked. So, I knew how to logically diagnose, then repair the tool.

Through the imagination comes all great insights,
solutions and ideas that benefit greatly.

But now… I wondered if I could diagnose using my intuitive mind. These thoughts are supposed to be more expansive and connected to a truth that my logical mind could not access. Why not try?

Intuitive thoughts show up, usually, by suddenly popping into your mind. They pop in from somewhere that is more expansive in thoughts than the logical mind could ever be. It initially feels like you are making it up since it comes through your imagination. 

I was very curious, wondering what I could do about speeding up diagnosis when a tool failed. I adapted a technique we learned to be able to detect certain details from afar. Too long a story to explain how. And, I was blown away by the results I had experienced in class. 

I had the crew pull the next tool that failed out of the drill hole. In my tech cab I went into this inner mental zone using the countdown method. I scanned the tools using my imagination looking for any hot spot that grabs my attention. Usually the spot that is not working or the problem in someone’s body shows up as whiter or lighter than what surrounds it.

The first time was uncanny. I saw a hotspot and then I saw the component that had failed. I did not believe it at first. So, I did my intuitive scanning again and had the same results. When the tool was out of the drill hole, I had the crew undo the locking collar that was close to the hotspot I had seen. I pulled out the components and saw a burned one. It was the one I had imagined seeing. Wow. Double wow. I replaced the component and tested operation. All was okay and we continued with the job.

Yes, I am a sane electrical engineer with a pretty well trained logical mind; and I am saying this. And this is just the beginning of many unusual experiences.

At one point when I would be somewhere in the jungles watching monkeys watch me, I no longer had to order a helicopter to pick up a failed tool, take it to base camp for the technician to diagnose and repair it to fly it back to me. That was at great expense and lots of unwanted attention and criticisms.

My improved job performance caught management’s attention and I was pushed to move up the ladder more quickly. I had to write a technical paper to do so.

#5 Thought Directed Full Relaxation exercise

Mental and physical relaxation while focusing within is the doorway to opening up to access the potential that lays dormant within. The more relaxed, the better. Once a person is in a relaxed and focused state the intuitive mind opens up. There is still access to and use of the logical thoughts. Whole brain/mind functioning is achieved. 

This is the beginning of doing life balanced, accessing intuitive thoughts, making better decisions and managing one’s thoughts.

We must be relaxed consciously for effective use of the mind to cause life changes and reprogram brain and heart neurons. This full guided cycle 1) deeply relaxes your body, mind and energy while 2) training you that you can choose your thoughts to deliberately cause changes and outcomes. Every time I listened to it, then, I would feel so relaxed. It always felt deeper than previously. All the built up stress from life was lifting off of me.

I got to where I could relax myself to be more focused, attentive and creative quickly. This is great since stress is a health killer while also damaging our ability to make good decisions under complex conditions. Relaxed Focus is your goal zone to shift yourself into when you want to make a change or create something new.

All these many moons later, these mind skills have integrated into my life in many ways which helps me remember to think more expansively and not be afraid to do things differently. I have gone from logical to increasing creative and intuitive thoughts.


At the Matterhorn, Switzerland

I hope this possibly helps someone to think about what I am talking about on this blog. It is not pie in the sky and every person has inner power. They just need to right training and coaching which I provide. Maybe my story shows the benefits more clearly, in action. There is no way that a person can comprehend it until they have experienced it for themselves.

As my great teacher Frank Natale, PhD said:

When a new thought meets a new experience,
transformation occurs.

Having used these techniques for many years it has continued to develop a better use of my brain. With enough practice I know this works. It’s not a matter of if I never thought creativity was so easy with new ideas; am still relaxing my body and mind regularly, visualizing for things in my life.

Now, I’m so happy to be in a position where I can offer hope to those people who have curiosity to gain self-mastery, direct their thoughts and their life, eliminate pain, heal quicker and learn how to shift into the inner power zone, on cue.

Read: A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often

Upcoming class: Achieving Greatly Class. Deliberate Thinking causes Deliberate Results. Lifelong Development

Whatever you do in life, find a way to control your own thoughts for they are what keep you stuck in unwanted life circumstances OR begin your new life experiences.


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Good Vibrations | The Healing Power of Sound | Mantras & Crystal Bowls

* Important note: Tickets must be purchased through Austin Yoga Tree at this link or at the door:

Good Vibrations

The Healing Power of Sound and Mantras

The experience of sound and vibration is at the core of human consciousness. Sound causes a shift in the energy of the body, releasing deeply held tension and inscribing new patterns of calming frequencies in the brain.

Through the powerful blending of the crystal bowls with the magic of mantra, we bridge the two worlds of Humanity and Infinity. It’s the magical key that allows us to touch into a deeper, organic and flowing Life. As we are embraced by the steady rhythm and the vibration that connects us all, our thoughts merge wholly with the sound current, allowing a deep healing in the mind, body and spirit.

Please join Vikki and Lamar for an enchanting afternoon of elevation, self-love and healing. You will leave energized and relaxed, empowered and inspired, focused and expansive, all at the same time.

Flyer Good Vibrations The Healing Power of Sound

Flyer Good Vibrations | The Healing Power of Sound

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Crystal Bowls Meditation Cocoon for Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Insights, Healings...

Crystal Bowl Meditation

A meditative cocoon for you to relax deeply, release stressors and find your inner power center. insights, precognitions, healings, deep meditation, energies.

Sounds to support your Deep Relaxation & Meditation

A primary reason to relax and meditate is to release life’s stressors, disharmonies and imbalances. THEN you experience the deep connection to your Inner Center that aligns you to your good and your guidance.

These multi-harmonic sounds create a meditative cocoon in which you can go deeply within to find your Inner Empowerment Center & connect with the All Good.

In 30 years people have reported many things including important insights, precognitions, healings, deeper meditation than ever, feel energies, discover their vision…endless possibilities.

$Suggested $20 Donation; sliding scale  Dress comfortably. Bring a pillow or mat if you want to sit on the floor.

What people say

“Amazing! Pure joy! Sublime” 

“You never know what will happen at one of Lamar’s intuitively-guided quartz crystal bowls meditation: healing, insights, resolution, lots of release of pains, lots of deep relaxation like never before, improved sleep.”

“I felt like I was the pulsing vibrational energy. At one point I heard a tone that made my soul homesick. It was angelic”

“I walked in with a persistent problem in my knee. The pain went away and has not returned.”

“Insight about something troubling me answered what it was all about.”

“I saw this white building that I was going into. Did not know what it was until the following weekend I went on an out of state trip and checked into that precise building. It’s where we stayed. Wow.”

More info, comments by others and about private sound healing sessions: 

Event listings:

Google Calendar

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Austin Meetup Group

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Studio recording available. Recorded at Sounds True Studio in Boulder, Colorado

BIO with the crystal bowls

Quartz Crystal Bowls are magnificent instruments made of 99% quartz crystal. They create a sound cocoon that envelop each person to allow them to go deeper within. Results include deep relaxation, healings, insights, precognition, and more. Lamar is an engineer who bought a crystal bowl in 1988 which took him on a journey, out of his logical mind and into the creative mind. He recorded his first creative project at Sounds True Studio in Boulder, Colorado. He found that when he plays a bowl for a person or a group he is given a unique meditation piece by piece that is perfect for the people present.

You may even feel Bliss in this very deep inner journey! Click here for more…

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Opportunities & Challenges of Learning to Work with the Whole Brain Functions

Explore the idea of using your whole brain functioning with the opportunities and challenges that this presents.

Cognitive & Intuitive Brain Functions

                                      Cognitive (left) & Intuitive (right) Brain Functions

Each person is designed to use both the logical and creative/intuitive functioning their brain is designed to be able to do. This post will use logic, cognitive as the same. Creative, intuitive are interchangeable.

Cognitive therapists work with the use of both the cognitive and intuitive brain functioning using their approaches.

Can a person handle a new concept?

The first challenge is to even consider that one has intuitive and creative functioning. The older a person who is very logical is the more likely their logical mind will resist opening up to this concept. It will disregard any thoughts since the logical mind likes and protects its domain. I like to say that the logical mind has never met a creative idea it does not resist.

Societal norms and expectations

Societal schooling teaches mostly how to use the logical brain functioning. Think of learning historical facts, mathematics, language and other logical functions. This exercises and develops the left brain hemisphere, mostly. Unless someone is exposed to the arts, music and other creative endeavors, the person is operating using half of the brain’s design and potential, leaving out the rich content of the intuitive mind.

This is necessary in many ways for people to be trained to do most job function requirements. I am trained as an electrical engineer which allows me to use the engineering approaches to function in a job. This is a very logical training. I have had to not resist practices to open up to creative ideas. And, my life now, proves the benefits.

When a person uses their logical brain functioning the operate using qualities, motivations and modalities to interact with and create their life. This modus operandi is on the left hand column in the table below. It sets in expectations of the way a person does his job and begins to bleed into, eventually consuming, the way that person does life. Has anyone ever known an engineer? There is a certain way to sell to us logical thinkers. There is a certain approach to analyzing the job tasks to then perform the outcomes.

If the logical method is deviated from, especially in school, through an intuitive thought, the outcome is marked wrong even though it is the right answer. Because the process did not follow the expected and trained way of doing, the teacher tells the student to show his work process.

What people who naturally have creative thoughts say about their experiences.

In my brain skills training classes I have had a noticeable number of students who have shared that this happened to them. For them, they describe how the answer pops into their mind. It is accurate but the teacher discredits it because the expected process is not shown. These people describe how they had to learn to do it the ‘right way’ to pass classes.

This is part of the process of un-training the natural creative mind functioning. When a person is told their creative mind provided answer is not valid without the correct process, she begins to lose this valuable brain function until she may eventually live life in a totally logical manner. 

Use it or lose it

This can be considered unimaginative since the creative mind is not being utilized. Unimaginative because it is logical wrote functioning. And new ideas that come from intuition come through the imagination. The right hand column in the table below shows the modus operandi of living more so from the intuitive mind.

It always feels like one is making it up because the pathway to receive creative thoughts is through the imagination. Whereas action is the way to use logical plans. Both are necessary to a whole approach to job tasks and life.

Imagination is the way of the intuitive mind.

Action is the way of the logical mind.

Both are needed.

The logical mind only contains a database of everything learned thus far while on the planet. Family training, peer influence and judgments made from doing something creative that did not work out. Of course they did not since the idea came from the creative mind yet the pathway to taking action was developed using the logical mind.

What can be done about this?

I have developed a class that trains the brain skills mixed with quantum laws of life to do life more effectively. When a person can begin to develop their creative mind and develop their imagination the results are experiences outside their current life box. Practicing these skills based on proper use from brain science, frequencies, focus and intent develop the person’s empowerment, effectiveness and ease in life.

Good news: Continuing to practice, continuously

develops whole brain functioning…for a life time.

This table is one way to compare the modus operandi of functioning logical versus creatively. I find it motivating to continue this whole brain development. As you can see on the left hand side there are typical words used in taking action coming from the logical mind. These are the ways the logical mind approaches life.

The right hand column indicates the ease of doing life that begins to develop. This is the way the creative mind creates life.

Modus Operandi Table

Cognitive vs Intuitive modus operandi

A story

I met a man for a lunch meeting. He is the owner of property that he and two directors are turning into a sanctuary, retreat center. When I met the two directors the first thing that became clear to all of us was a realization that I offer services and trainings that are the missing cog in a wheel where they are already offering some services.

When we all realized that and they mentioned “community” my ears, heart, mind and spirit perked up since my vision in life is to be a part of and build a dynamic community offering multiple approaches to personal growth, development and evolution. This is an outcome of my personal intent to raise the consciousness on the planet.

With this I made expectations of their intents and focus based on my many years in different personal growth, especially spiritually based, communities. I am drawn to be a part of building a dynamic community. After this lunch meeting where the property owner shared his focus and intent, I realized my expectations were off their mark.

The expectations I learned are from a totally different model based on businesses renting hotels for trainings. It is a model where the teacher comes and brings his own people and simply rents the space for use of the beautiful land and facilities. The goal there is to attract business retreat trainings and those of groups who need all their people in an isolated location for their needs. 

Once I knew this, it was when I had to face my expectations. In the lunch he was engaged with my discussion of explaining the process of visioning developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Center for Truth, www.agapelive.com. He was trained as a minister in the organization I have been trained in as and maintain my license as a spiritual counselor and practitioner.

I provided a short story of how he built his worldwide influential organization through his process of visioning first. Then taking action based on the vision. In brief, to vision is to connect to your source, higher power, quantum field (whichever label you use). This is where the better ideas, guidance and answers one needs exist.

Vision + Sensualize = Profound long lasting results

Then to what I teach: As the vision is developed, a person can use proper sensualization skills, commonly called visualization, to  activate the brain’s innate ability to initiate the unfoldment of the vision. It also reprograms the brain and heart neurons real time to create the neural pathways to achieve the vision.

Summary (use a different word)

When you want to build something in life be sure to train your imagination, thus your creative mind, to be able to be utilized as needed in the course of planning and doing. The developed skill to be able to switch between the cognitive and creative brain functions is invaluable in building a long standing endeavor.

When speaking with others about combining each person’s various skills into a common focus make sure you are on the same page. Otherwise your combined endeavor will be unsatisfactory since each person expectations and focus are not aligned.

Be willing to challenge your expectations. They are the only way you currently know how to approach an endeavor. And quite possibly they will impede discovering the best way to approach the endeavor.

Question yourself:

Are your expectations and plans blocking what is the best for you and your project?

Do they need to be adjusted?

Are you willing to adjust them?

If you want to use your intuitive mind, are you willing to change?

Find a way and be led in ways to achieve your vision. It is your vision. You came into this life to manifest it. 

For those interested

Achieving Greatly Class info here

My Google Calendar is here

Eventbrite listings of my events is here

Austin Meetup is here


Emanate Love


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Strengthen Your Inner Truth & Honor Others. Build Esteem & Quality People in Your Life

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements from book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The process of beginning to practice these agreements is the journey to building the truth of who you are and expressing that. This builds a higher level of effectiveness in life and relationships.

Great book, or audio book.

Empower yourself by aligning your thoughts, spoken word and deeds to be empowering and full of integrity. This leads to increased personal power and life effectiveness.

Some of this I am fortunate to have learned in my late twenties from my most masterful teacher Frank Natale, founder of The Natale Institute. I express some of this in the following blog posts:

Gossip & Effective Communication

Effective Communication is when both people involved are willing to change as a result of this communication

Withholds, Those little things that remain unsaid or unasked between you and someone

Effective Communication Between Folks is Difficult When People are Busy Filling in…

Do better.

Be better.

Live better.

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De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

Internal Scream

Internalized Stress May Be Suppressed and Forgotten while it methodically eats away at your well-being.

Stress is a killer, a maker of dis-ease in the body, a cause for acting out towards others and the self, a detriment to the immune system, a reason a person stays in a limited life box. It cuts off a person’s access to creativity. It adjusts the mental perception to be closed rather than open and curious about life. And on and on.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.
Handle your stress and the body’s inherent healing abilities come forth to do the rest. This is why I train a straight-forward science-based approach to On-the-Go, as needed, stress relief. It is trained at the brain frequency that programs a person’s brain and heart neurons This causes the user’s body, mind and energy to relax. Then a person can access the array of personal power that exists within each person.

Until a person learns to de-stress on cue in order to tap into their potential for directing their own life, these incredible powers lie dormant while the person lives a life in a haze of normality.

This National Geographic video goes into the detail of how stress deteriorates and kills.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

This mental atmosphere causes a person’s focus to be on what is not working which leads to more of what is not working. Where you place your attention the Life Force flows to create more of that. And, you are the only person who has the control to focus your mind.

This is why in my Achieving Greatly class each person first learns how to de-stress their body, mind and energy. Then the mind opens up to learn the other empowerment skills.

Using these techniques people have reported “A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often“.

Published article: The Grand Design For Success & Holistic Wellness

This leads to a plethora of benefits including: (from post Life Empowerment Engineer)

  • I feel whole again.
  • I maintained my thoughts and emotions during that difficult situation with such ease.
  • I have not had a migraine since the first session.
  • I was able to not have to go on high blood pressure medicine. Lamar taught me targeted relaxation skills.
  • In college I went from academic probation to graduating with honors thanks to the study skills.
  • I slept 7 full hours after 6 years of not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up.
  • I haven’t been able to move my neck independent of my shoulders moving for 15+ years. In a session we dealt with forgiveness. Lamar recorded a Focused Thought+ custom audio cycle for me. 3 days of listening to it and I now have neck mobility.
  • I lost most of my limousine business after 9/11 tragedy. 3 hours after my session with Lamar I got a new client that paid all bills for 3 months.
  • I was in an accident and used the Stress Management Technique to minimize the tension/pain in my body.
  • I turned off the implant in my spine controlling pain after the first session.
  • (On dialysis) I have started urinating more and the tests show kidney function has increased.

Take care of yourself so you can live a joyous life and be there for your loved ones.


Achieving Greatly Class info here

My Google Calendar is here

Eventbrite listings of my events is here

Austin Meetup is here

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