Welcome to a Field of Possibilities!

You are invited to rise above the haze
of normal limits on how your life is.
Join in learning, contemplating and
quite possibly eliminate a limit or 2 along the way 🙂

It takes All of Us to Raise the Consciousness

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De-stressing is the first step in well-being and using the powers that lie within us

Internal Scream

Internalized Stress May Be Suppressed and Forgotten while it methodically eats away at your well-being.

Stress is a killer, a maker of dis-ease in the body, a cause for acting out towards others and the self, a detriment to the immune system, a reason a person stays in a limited life box. It cuts off a person’s access to creativity. It adjusts the mental perception to be closed rather than open and curious about life. And on and on.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.
Handle your stress and the body’s inherent healing abilities come forth to do the rest. This is why I train a straight-forward science-based approach to On-the-Go, as needed, stress relief. It is trained at the brain frequency that programs a person’s brain and heart neurons This causes the user’s body, mind and energy to relax. Then a person can access the array of personal power that exists within each person.

Until a person learns to de-stress on cue in order to tap into their potential for directing their own life, these incredible powers lie dormant while the person lives a life in a haze of normality.

This National Geographic video goes into the detail of how stress deteriorates and kills.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

This mental atmosphere causes a person’s focus to be on what is not working which leads to more of what is not working. Where you place your attention the Life Force flows to create more of that. And, you are the only person who has the control to focus your mind.

This is why in my Achieving Greatly class each person first learns how to de-stress their body, mind and energy. Then the mind opens up to learn the other empowerment skills.

Using these techniques people have reported “A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often“.

Published article: The Grand Design For Success & Holistic Wellness

This leads to a plethora of benefits including: (from post Life Empowerment Engineer)

  • I feel whole again.
  • I maintained my thoughts and emotions during that difficult situation with such ease.
  • I have not had a migraine since the first session.
  • I was able to not have to go on high blood pressure medicine. Lamar taught me targeted relaxation skills.
  • In college I went from academic probation to graduating with honors thanks to the study skills.
  • I slept 7 full hours after 6 years of not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up.
  • I haven’t been able to move my neck independent of my shoulders moving for 15+ years. In a session we dealt with forgiveness. Lamar recorded a Focused Thought+ custom audio cycle for me. 3 days of listening to it and I now have neck mobility.
  • I lost most of my limousine business after 9/11 tragedy. 3 hours after my session with Lamar I got a new client that paid all bills for 3 months.
  • I was in an accident and used the Stress Management Technique to minimize the tension/pain in my body.
  • I turned off the implant in my spine controlling pain after the first session.
  • (On dialysis) I have started urinating more and the tests show kidney function has increased.

Take care of yourself so you can live a joyous life and be there for your loved ones.


Achieving Greatly Class info here

My Google Calendar is here

Eventbrite listings of my events is here

Austin Meetup is here

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What a minister, actress and comedian has to say about working with me...

I worked with Rev. Nancy Bergreen, a wonderful lady in August 2017. She is a minister with www.csl.org, an actor and a comedian. This is the same organization where I maintain my license since 1999 as a spiritual counselor, practitioner.

She was dealing with pain after an illness. In working with her I ‘heard’ the missing rhythm in her life. So, in the custom audio recording I guided her using both a spiritual and a scientific process to shift her into her inner power zone. Then I introduce and call forth the rhythm that she needs to propel her forward. Great results.

She tells me she continues to use the audio before auditions and performances to calm and prepare herself.

She was kind enough to make a video testimonial. It’s short… Enjoy


She sent the following testimonial

Contact me or through www.facebook.com/amomentswisdom/ if you want some help dealing with pain, stress or feeling stuck in what you want to do in life.

You have within you all that is needed to live the life you desire and be the person you desire. Plus you live in a Life that proactively supports your best life.



Emanate Love

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Pain Elimination: spinal implant, morphine and Oxycontin. No more meds and no more pain

I met Michael Thurman socially.  He told me about being in pain his entire life. He has a spinal implant to intercept the pain signals going to his brain with a control knob implanted where he can adjust the level. He was taking morphine twice a day and taking several Oxycontin pills daily. I do not know how he functioned so well in his small farm and restoring furniture. Beautiful work.

Mind over pain

Mind over pain. Direct your thoughts to manage/eliminate your pain

Overview of the four sessions with him


I talked about how pain travels in the body, gets amplified by our thoughts and stress level, and the relaxation response. Also, pain is not continuous; it is in pulses, i.e. signals sent from the body to the brain where it is registered. Find the calm between pulses and expand it.Then I prepared him for the upcoming quantum deep relaxation exercise.

Then guided him through this forty minute thought-focusing cycle to relax his body, mind, energies and enter into the optimal brain level for releasing pain while reprogramming the brain neurons to make changes.


He reported that he turned off the neuro-stimulator implant. Yea! Discussed his pain level. We went into more detail of the causes for his pain. I told him some about visualizing those areas of the body to heal. I then guided him through a short, 3 to 5 minute, process to eliminate pain and to use it just when his pain begins. 

He told his pain doctor that he wanted to start reducing the morphine. The doctor and PA asked him how he could do that. He told them that he is working with a man who is teaching him how to direct his thoughts. The Physician Assistant told Micheal I am getting better results than their own trained pain coaches. (I wish they want to learn what I am doing?) I encouraged him to give them all my contact information. He did. (See the letter I wrote to them below. No response.) We discussed different times he used the quick pain relief technique. I gave him some pointers.


He reports he has been out of pain for a while. When a spasm starts, he stops them right away with the quick pain relief technique. His morphine intake is reduced and he has only taken 3-4 Oxycontin pills in the last month when he used to take more than that daily.He had a blood test that measures lifespan based on the side effects of medicine a person is taking. Great result!

His lifespan has increased AND something I did not know: his pituitary gland had been declared dead by doctors. NOW it is alive and working. Awesome results. I gave him specific pointers to speed up the regrowth of nerves through scar tissue where he had numbness.


More than a year after working with him, he was in a bad accident. EMS told him that he shouldn’t be able to walk out of that. He had sat there and used the pain elimination techniques then walked out. (see his Facebook post below about this) This is so useful and better than all those drugs people carry around…and all of their detrimental side effects. This does not require a pill bottle.

It is carried in the mind, ready to  use at a moment’s notice, when needed. And the side effects include: self-management and shifting into pain and peace in mind and body quickly on-cue along with a true sense of freedom in life. Plus you will use this for the rest of your life.

A year or so later he was totally off all pain meds and the implant has remained off. And he does not need to spend money at the pain doctor saving his dollars and his sense of well-being in life. 

I write this in all caps: I KNOW THERE ARE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS INTERESTED IN HELPING PATIENTS BY EMPOWERING THEIR INNATE ABILITIES. IT JUST TAKES TRAINING. CONTACT ME! Let’s empower the patient and bring forth their own innate healing abilities.

AND this was done over the phone. Available by phone, Skype or in person.

Michael gave me explicit permission to use his name in any way that would get the word out. Some of his Facebook posts are below.

Letter sent to a pain management clinic in South Austin

I asked to coordinate my notes with his doctor visits to produce a report that could be used. I offered to show them how it is trainable with repeatable results. I heard nothing. You draw your own conclusions.

Michael’s Facebook posts

M Thurman FB post M Thurman FB post 4 M Thurman FB post 5 M Thurman FB post 1 M Thurman FB post 2

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Welcome! To A World of Possibilities! Shift from a life of difficulty. Inner G.E.M.S. Services

Awkaken-Close the door to the past

The doorway to living in the field of possibilities lies in consciousness.

Awareness  Mindfulness  Meditation  Masterfulness

Welcome to a world of possibilities.
Thank you for your interest and I’m happy you have curiosity about better yourself and your life 🙂

Move your dreams, purpose and vision into the realm of changing life as you desire it to be. Define who you want to be and become that. This truly is a life of limitless possibilities. We simply need to know how and open up to it.

My favorite realization after these many years of learning, licensing and experiencing, is that you are designed for success and you live in a supportive Life that is seeking to bring you to your inherent good.

Often, your problems, dis-ease and kinks in life are a clarion call for you to realize how much more powerful you truly are than the current circumstance.

I am now serving from the Austin area to the San Antonio area. Also available via phone and online.

The major focuses I use to assist include:
I am an electrical engineer and Life has led me, for decades, to learn multiple approaches to tapping into the human potential. Brain science based, advanced visualization that I coined as sensualization, spiritual/quantum laws and principles, emotional behavioral, energetic feedback to find new answers, and intuitive guidance.

* Brain science based skills: instant stress relief, pain relief, reduce meds, energize self, visualization (sensualization), healing, and more.

* Licensed Spiritual Counselor with csl.org. No dogma. Just working to heal the false idea of separation from your Good using known Life Laws & Principles.

* Energy work where I’m guided real time. P.E.A.C.E. Sessions – Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expression. This came to me in guidance 12+ years ago. Tremendous healing energy massage.

* Assist healing through Mind and Heart Visualization, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Energy Work, crystal bowl sounds, unique energetic feedback where the person accesses new info from the body’s intelligence, Shaktipat learned through Francis the Healer and others.

Rhythms of Life
The rhythms and thoughts within you dictate what is going on in life; problems and good things. In a session I listen for your rhythms and can hear which one(s) is off or missing. Then we go about aligning it to your good.

Around 2014/2015 people with dire medical diagnoses started coming to me. It has been an eye-opening experience watching them begin to heal and find their own inner medicine. Check ‘healing’ category in my blog. I have been fortunate to assist those with high blood pressure to reprogram their brain and stress events while reducing their internalized stress and getting off meds.

The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.
Handle your stress and the body’s inherent healing abilities come forth to do the rest. Learn a straight-forward science-based approach to On-the-Go, as needed, stress relief.
Another impact of stress is that it greatly effects your decision-making process, zaps your immune system, turns off your creativity, causes you to re-act not so kindly to others and more…
Watch National Geographic: The Science of Stress

Solution Based, Forward Focused
This is my motto for sessions. It is rarely needed to search for your limits. They are obvious in your current life circumstances. The modus operandi for sessions is to establish your starting point, find what is out in your rhythms and thoughts, and discover what you really, truly want in life; your passion. Then we go about revealing that which pushes limits up and out of you.

Business and Workforce Empowerment
The science based mental skills are particularly effective in the workplace. Employees increase productivity, decrease stress, get along better, improve decision making, enhance creative approaches and more effectively achieve goals. When employees can better handle their own life, they are more focused and productive at work. 

And employers experience increased retention, enhanced creativity, decreased medical costs and sick days while enhancing teamwork effectiveness.

Unique Value Added
At the end of most sessions, when it is appropriate, I guide you through a unique guided inner journey based on what you want. This is recorded, edited and emailed to you with a prescribed listening practice. It continues to develop you from within.

Some of the Focuses for Private Sessions

  • Discover your inner center to solve problems and enhance goal effectiveness 
  • Handle unwanted life circumstances
  • Choose and Declare Your Statement of BEing
  • Bring a vision and purpose for your life into reality
  • Discover your vision
  • Spiritual: Knock down those false beliefs in separation from your Good in life.
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment blows out the blocks and opens you to your All Good
  • Find your inner power center from where all personal power emanates
  • Reverse a bad diagnosis, thus unleashing the body’s natural healing process
  • Reduce Medications
  • Align yourself to meet someone for a new relationship
  • On-the-go stress reduction; in the moment
  • Eliminate pain in mere moments
  • Advanced visualization (sensualization) to make inner and outer changes
  • Have a challenging goal? Determine it precisely and implant it deeply within your visual, auditory and kinesthetic bodies so that it begins to unfold naturally
  • P.E.A.C.E. Session

Mention this blog post to receive a 20% discount off a single session.  

What are you ready to change, heal and bring forth in your life?
Contact me and let’s get started.

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Your Imagination is Your Way Out...for Change #ImagineIt

Your Imagination is Your Way Out of a Limited Life Box

Everyone goes through phases where something in life is too rote or not working anymore or it is just time for that change. The more a person evolves in this lifetime, the more a person has to grow out of limiting life boxes.

The challenge is that people tend to linger on what is not working. Neuroscientists say that the brain is designed to learn a habit and stick with it. It is in our brain’s wiring, i.e. neural programming. One loud NO registers immediately and the brain changes. It takes several strong YES’s to register in the brain.

Focus into the field of limitless possibilities.

Focus the Hubble Telescope into darkness for a long time yields an abundance of, at first, unseen celestial bodies. This is how we use our mental and heart focus to see into our own darkness to reveal what is truly there for us: an abundant and fulfilling life.

The great news is that consciousness supersedes habitual programming. It just takes knowing how.

Proper use of consciousness leads us out of stuck-ness

Every single thing we have done in life involves imagining it first. It is such an automatic process that we may not be aware of it. And it is our saving grace in life. The imagination creates the life framework to change and, done at the right brain frequency, reprograms the heart and brain neurons so that we can accomplish a desired change in life.

So, have your pity party 🙂 It is a part of the process…and oh my, I have had mine for way too long. At some point we are recreating the same thing over and over. When we only use our logical mind it is so focused on the past that it is recreating it for the future, over and over. Life becomes a continuous groundhog day, as in the movie.

Until we declare STOP the madness!

Make the shift:

  • Pause your normal thoughts.
  • Focus on deep breathing for a few moments. Breathe in through your nose being mindful of the air flow coming in. Hold it to the count of three. Exhale through the mouth noticing the flow of air coming up from your lungs, out your mouth. Do this a few times.
  • The more you focus on this flow of air, the more you remove the energy from those incessant thoughts and shift into your inner center where all real power comes forth.
  • That begins the shift.
  • Focus your attention onto what you desire, as if you have it, and let the energy that was fueling the old thoughts bring life to what you desire.
  • This shifts you onto your new chosen path.

Rinse and repeat. Do this process daily or even multiple times each day. This tells yourself that ‘I am making this change’. And you are telling Life, the Universe, what you desire instead. Stick with it to observe new ideas, opportunities and more come to you.

I hope this helps begin your process of change. Have patience and be willing to do something new to see the results you have in life.

With blessings,


Mention this blog post and receive 25% discount off a single session; in person, phone or Skype.

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I can't imagine that. Things we say, Say a whole lot. #WordsMatter

                            #WordsMatter    @amomentswisdom

“I can’t imagine that.”

Someone asks you if you want to go skydiving. You reply quickly ‘I can’t imagine doing that’.

Or, do you want to expand into a bigger or nicer home. “I can’t imagine that.”

Someone describes their life of abundance. You think to yourself “I can’t imagine that for me’. 

It is a good practice to start noticing your automatic replies to things. Wonder if maybe it’s just not for you or maybe it’s an unconscious limit showing itself to be re-looked at to see if that stills applies to who you are now.

These are declarative statements we sometimes make when something seems too big, too outside the box, too much abundance or too (whatever). And sometimes we just do not have interest or curiosity. That’s valid when it truly applies. 

The truth is people say these things without conscious thought. Wherever they were adopted from, they are showing you and others your limits. Recognize that some limits are necessary and some just stop us from growing. If you don’t catch your self or have a friend notice what you say, then you may be giving clues as to why you are not able to change, be who you choose to be or not achieve your goals.

Is it time to challenge your old ways?

What are those automatic thoughts that stop you from who you want to be?

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A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often

Life’s Design for Your Fulfilling Success (Click for more information)

We are so much more powerful than we ever give ourselves credit for. There is a way to use our brain, as it is designed, to make changes within ourselves and in our experiences of life.

Cognitive therapists talk about how our brain is designed to use both cognitive and intuitive functioning. The approaches I have learned activate the mostly unknown truth that we can also use our intuitive functioning just as easily as we use our logic. It provides immeasurable benefits.

It just takes the right training.

I first learned how to use Left/Right Brain Integration Skills at age 24. It has empowered me in ways that my students now experience; below. The fantastic news is that once we use these skills our life opens up and we can continue to expand out of any small life box in which we find ourselves.

Here is a progression of personal development reported to me by a student this year

  • My dreams for my future have expanded.
  • I am more grounded now
  • Doesn’t get pulled off center as easily as before
  • Manage my emotions better
  • Has set better boundaries with others
  • Picks up on other people’s feelings
  • Does not get drained by others
  • Someone close to me is changing in good ways

From my own experience and reports from others, these are natural progressions which occur for everyone who learns and uses it.

These skills can be learned in class and in private sessions. The private sessions allow you to learn the ones that apply to your immediate life needs.

Mention this blog post to receive a $50 discount

Achieving Greatly Class info here

My Google Calendar is here

Eventbrite listings of my events is here

Invest in yourself and bettering your life.
It pays lifelong dividends

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Awareness Exercise ~ Deep Meditation Tuesday ~ Service Discount

Learn More ~ Know More ~ Be More

Awareness  Mindfulness  Meditation  Masterfulness

Suggested exercise to develop more dominion over life.

Gain awareness of how your thoughts drive your actions, behavior and interactions.

Start noticing the thoughts you have as you take actions and interact with others.

Thoughts create reality

Conscious + Unconscious thoughts lead to your experience of reality. Generally, a person’s conscious thoughts are up to 10% and unconscious thoughts up to 90%. Yikes! Thus it is good to gain awareness of those unconscious thoughts. This exercise helps.

Having the awareness of the thoughts that drive you activates your innate ability to change.

Schedule a reminder or put a rubber band on your wrist to remind you to do this throughout your day.

Invest in yourself and bettering your life. It pays lifelong dividends

A Sound Cocoon for Deep Relaxation & Meditation with Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls

“Amazing! Pure joy! Sublime”
“I’ve had trouble meditating because of pain in my body and was feeling that, but when we finished my body cracked in about 6 places and I felt lighter. Thank you!” ~ Gail M-G

Click image for web page for more info and what people say

A primary reason to relax and meditate is to release life’s stressors, disharmonies and imbalances. THEN you can experience the deep connection to your Inner Center that aligns you to your good and your guidance. These sounds create a meditative cocoon in which you can go deeply within to find your Center & connect with your Good.

Join us for a deep relaxation in a cocoon of sound created by 3 quartz crystal bowls.

Private sound healing sessions available
Crystal Bowl Meditations are available for purchase

Tuesday, October 17, 2017  7-8:30pm
Center for Spiritual Living Central Texas
Facebook event
Get free tickets as an RSVP at my Eventbrite site: https://lamarirwin.eventbrite.com/

VAK Your Goals Discount

Use your body’s intelligence to determine the exact right wording of your goal.

Then through a series of movements and words imprint this in your Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic bodies. Once imprinted you will naturally be guided to achieve it.

Identifying and Imprinting your Goal + Follow-Up and support $150

Save the Dates for Upcoming Classes
More info to come

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training
Dec 2-3, 10am-3pm
by Dr. Joseph Huerta

Manifestation Cycle Class
Dec 3, 5pm-8pm
A new way of imprinting on the brain what you desire to manifest. Unique and fast
by Dr. Joseph Huerta

Achieving Greatly
Dec 9-10, 9:30am-7pm
Program your brain for self-management and achievement using cognitive+intuitive brain functioning. Techniques continue developing your brain for life.
by Lamar Irwin

Reiki Level 3 & Master Training
Dec 16-17, 10am-3pm
by Dr. Joseph Huerta

Invest in yourself and bettering your life. It pays lifelong dividends

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Are you like a leaky water hose, losing personal energy?

What bothers me about you, belongs to me. From a German saying.

That translates into what bothers you about someone else, belongs to you.

This is an axiom for personal empowerment; a fundamental law for human interaction.

Leaking Personal Energy

This is not just words. This speaks to the amount of energy you have for your life. You have more power when you heal your leaks thus altering your awareness of your self. Continue reading below… The Gift


Lamar’s Empowerment Channel

The Gift is that each problem you judge in someone else is life giving you a signal to do a little healing within yourself. Why walk around with your open wounds so easily push-able? These are your buttons. Own them. Do a little self-healing and self-realizing, so that no one can push those buttons to cause you pain anymore.

A Masterful Teacher I had in my twenties, Frank Natale said: No one can reject anything about you, unless you have already rejected that within yourself.

Thus these friends, people, coworkers are actually acting as your GPS system for you to find your energy leaks, aka the buttons that cause you pain. Once healed, you gain more personal energy through personal empowerment. Give thanks for them playing their role in your life.

Own It to Be Present in Your Life

In situations where you may judge and condemn others, you are leaking personal energy. Most people think their problems are because of someone else or something outside of themselves. This level of consciousness leaks your personal energy out of you, losing what you could use for fun, loved ones and achieving your goals.

Quite often, people then engage others in their outrage, spewing their self-identifying way of doing life, to all others who operate the same way. This is their Tribe. All the while losing more and more energy. This is called gossip and is a horrible meme, a virus, in mankind’s consciousness. And they are then the source of it.

And you wonder why you are tired! You’re like a leaky water hose, losing power and pressure while spraying everyone else.

Just like real estate being all about location, location, location…

   …Life is about consciousness, consciousness, consciousness.

Invest time and resources in bettering you. It pays a lifelong dividend.

Do something today to make your life better for you and those around you. Consider a coaching session. A trained person can see things for you that aid you in permanently patching the leaks in the flow of your life.

Lamar, Life Empowerment Engineer

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Lamar's Empowerment Channel on YouTube

We have an incredible amount of power within us. This chapter of my life is to do my part to empower humanity. Empowered people live healthier, happier and fulfilling lives becoming who they choose to become in life.


You are designed for success & You live in a proactively supportive universe.

Actually you are designed to receive a new idea in your creative mind, process it within all the resources within you and output it into your life. Incredible! And true…

I am beginning to video topics and post them to YouTube along with some talks I’ve given.

I could use your help to reach 100 subscribers. Then I can claim an easy to remember URL.

Thank you


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Inner alignment with brain integration skills empower us to achieve with ease...

Inner alignment with brain integration skills empower us to achieve with ease and synchronicity, eventually rooting out the extreme struggle and difficulties… Once you are on the right path.


Several methods used to align you from within



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Embed Challenging Goals within Your Inner Being for Achievement!


Click this image to read about your Comfort Zone

Embed goals within your inner being to make for achieving your goal become a powerful process from within. From within you is where all your true power for long lasting change emanates.

Once comlete, your life will begin to move in that direction. And you will find it unfolds in your awareness, in new ideas, in things to release and things to embrace.. You will begin to have synchronous events and opportunities that show you the way forward.


First, identify the goal’s phrasing using your body’s feedback mechanisms clarifying the precise wording to make it perfect for you. Usually the right goal is a balance of challenging yet very doable. Select a goal either slightly beyond where you are or greatly beyond your current life experiences. You could dare to choose the one that brings major leaps forward in life.

This becomes your Desired Result in life. Once this is clear, the integration process begins.

You will be guided in a series of movements while you say your Desired Result either aloud or silently. This integrates and syncs your left and right brain. And each phase embeds it deeper into your Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic layers of who you are, referred to as your unseen bodies.

Powerful energy is unleashed.

You will leave with the written goal, a sense of accomplishment and instructions to back it up. I will continue to support you if you need a brief phone call or email.

I did this earlier this year for two major desired results of mine and all kinds of changes are happening in my life. UPDATE: Life has changed dramatically as I align to these.

Are you ready? Is it time yet to rise above your own resistance to what you want in life?

  What is it costing you to suppress your true desires for the life you came here to live?

    Is it time to unleash your dreams and the powerful self that has been dormant within?

Call me. Let’s schedule this life change. This can be done via Skype.

Mention this blog post to receive a 20% discount.

 Lamar, Life Empowerment Engineer

© 2017 by Lamar Irwin, Mind Technology

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Your Mental Garden Guided Meditation Tele-Class

Cultivate Your Mental Garden

You are just One New Thought away from what you want in life!

Are your thoughts worrisome or optimistic?
,,,Supportive or self-sabotaging?
……Loving or Fearful?

The thoughts you have lead to the life you live. This is the way life works. The old thoughts of worry and pains of the past can be replaced with new thoughts of abundance, ease and joy. Then life will start heading in that direction.

Most people do not realize that their thoughts can be changed. Weed out the bad thoughts like you pull weeds from your garden. Plant seeds of thoughts of how you want life to be. Nurture them and your life will begin to change to match your thoughts.

Experience a guided mindfulness journey of finding your current mental garden of thoughts. Then create a new current mental garden by weeding the old one, turning the soil and planting the seeds of new thought.

In the emailed Cultivate Your Mental Garden Guidebook:

  • Before the class, you will receive a “Cultivate Your Mental Garden Guidebook” via email.
  • Work with this brief guidebook, contemplating and making choices to help you choose the thoughts to work with.

Agenda in the class

  • Open with a short guided meditation to get centered and connected to the othes
  • Discussion of thoughts and choosing your thoughts
  • I will lead you in mindfully creating, weeding and planting your mental garden
  • Discussion and Q&A

You can purchase the guided meditation as an MP3 file, at a reduced rate, to use on your own.

BIO: One thing people often say I excel at doing is leading these sort of focused mindfulness processes and meditations. Sample my meditations and talks at SoundCloud.com/MindTechnology; there is a 40-day series that enhances abundance.

I am an electrical engineer who has lived and worked globally. While in the Far East I took a class in Malaysia that taught me precision thinking at age 24. That mixed with an inner voice I’ve heard in my life to spark a lifelong passion to learn how to utilize a world of skills that lies within each of us to make life all about peace, love and fulfilling achievement.

Your deliberate thoughts create deliberate life experiences. Practice choosing your thoughts and watch your life change. Doing this teaches you that you can direct your life.

Upcoming Teleclass
July: Freedom from Within Guided MeditationSpiritual Living Circle
You Hold the Key
Power Up with a powerful spiritual healing treatment
Sunday 1-2:30 pm

Audio on SoundCloud
Let It Be Talk

Curious Mind News blog
Thoughts are energy. They have power and you are in charge

June 26, 2017 2:00 to 3:30 pm CST

Direct link for tickets or buy them below for the day class

June 26, 2017 7:00 to 8:30 pm CST

Direct link for tickets or buy them below for the evening class

Other Event links (for the curious of mind)
Lamar Irwin Facebook page





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Achieving Greatly class: Rare Skills to Utilize Your Brain's Design, Improve Life, Boost Personal Power and

…and Increase Self-Esteem


Achieve using your brain’s design. Increase ease. Decrease struggle.

Achieving Greatly through Mind Integration

Welcome to a new way to do life.

reserve my spot buttonA Syntheses of 3 Uniquely Powerful Approaches to Empowerment

Most people do their lives using the logical mind. This operates often through stress, struggle, will power, etc. When you begin to use the other half of your brain’s design you begin to have life operate more with ease, focus and synchronicities in life. The more you use it the more your mind develops to be able to operate in different and very beneficial ways.

Imagine having the following sort of skill set for you to do life in a more focused way with greater ease, choice and direction, where you achieve what you focus upon with results coming to you sometimes in surprisingly effortless ways.

Introducing the Wisdom Method
Stress Management, Relax Mind, Body and Energy… on Cue
You have news that stresses you out and would normally divert your attention for days with your thoughts spinning over and over. But in this case you have a way to release the stress, choose your thoughts and directly reverse that negative tailspin.

Some study results of effectiveness of these Precision Inner Thinking Skills
World Health Organization: at least 90% of all illness is from stress
“The ability to enter levels of deep relaxation is critical to the reduction of potentially damaging physical tension and psychological stress.”
~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Don’t carry around a bad start to the day. Shift it to be uplifting.
You wake up in the morning feeling completely out of sorts and down. You don’t want to do anything but it’s a full day you have to do. Imagine a simple thought process you do that shifts all those out-of-sorts feelings into becoming how you choose you want to feel. Shift your down and out of sync feelings into joy, happy and gratitude. The day will go so much better from that platform.

Be more effective
You look at your to-do list and feel this overwhelm and fear you cannot get everything done. Imagine a simple thought process to shift yourself into being effective at handling it all, one by one. You align your inner thoughts and sensations to the alignment of what you are about to do. Then things flow with effectiveness and ease.

Claiming Your Good in a seeming negative occurrence in life
Declare a life event to be Good so that it leads to something better. Gain the skills and awareness of how to do this. We have to do things differently if we want life to be different.

Headache Relief and Pain Management
Suddenly, you have a headache. Find somewhere to sit and close your eyes for just a few minutes. Do this focused thought process to eliminate it by the time you open your eyes again. You are in charge.

Introducing Sensualization Model for bettering life
Sensualize Your Life into Being
Advanced Visualization – Presenting a much needed upgrade to visualization, what I coined as Sensualization. This is an expansive approach working with the quantum laws of life to cause and direct your life. Sensualizing your life is using all of your senses and your heart energy laser focused on the same desires in life.

Your inner senses are how you steer your life. And you have equivalent inner senses to each of your physical senses. Sensualization is used to achieve a particular result in life; internal and external. This one-of-a-kind process of using these inner senses to reprogram your brain and heart’s neurons, to line up the path ahead, to direct your inner thoughts, feelings, energies, behaviors to your life’s desires.

Performance/Task Improvement through Precision Inner Thinking

Studies show that precision mental focus improves any performance in life, sports, job task or any area. Learn how to do this. Coaching helps. And this will teach you how to do a lot of it on your own.

Mind’s Eye for Change Manifestation Method
An innovative technique bringing all you learned in class in to a laser focus of your mind, heart and energy towards what you desire in life. Sensualizing your life reprograms the brain and heart, leverages the creative quantum forces that cause life and sends out a clear and concise order to Life in way that Life rises up to meet you supporting you in achieving what you desire in life as you become the person you desire to be in life.

Introducing Whole Mind Results Achievement Model for Goals
All goal setting techniques I learned in business are designed to work with the logical mind’s modus operandi. There’s a different thought and feeling process to achieve your goals that utilizes the advantages of your intuitive mind. Synthesize the benefits of the logical and intuitive minds results in a way to energize your desired results that helps them come easier and sometimes quicker while causing Life to bring you opportunities and open doors.

Additional skills learned include Making Wise Decisions, Developing more Holistic Projects and Goals, Energize yourself, Shift yourself…

Learn some of the Quantum Laws of Life, meaning ways to focus your thoughts that works with the awareness of how to leverage and focus those creative quantum forces for your desired results.

Improve life, Increase self-esteem and boost your personal power
Using these methods develops a greater sense to be able to handle life, have new ideas and access to your incredible personal power. Studies show: 83% increased creativity and intuition, out of 1000 people 49% report improved health, increased self-image, compassion and cheerfulness.

Nothing is as life-affirming and exhilarating as discovering what your personal power feels like coursing through you, and having a sense that Life supports you and your success. Invest in yourself that will bring increasing dividends in making the rest of your life the best of your life.

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