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Intent: To send a regular message to enthuse, uplift or make you go hmm #BetterLife


satisfiedWhat do you desire in life?

What are your first thoughts to that question?

What do they say?

Are your first thoughts a ready list of your goals, results and desires in life? Do you have a clear image/sense of where you want to be in a few years?

That’s living in your current desires to have them become your life results.


Are your first thoughts a ready list of complaints and what you don’t like about your life? Car problems, love problems, money problems family drama, personal problems, job stuff?

Ever feel like you are living in past pains that have different faces in your current life?
Makes you go hmm…

It is important to notice what your thoughts about your own life are. Are they forward focused or reliving the past? Are they focused on goals and answers or on past dramas and problems?

If you see that your thoughts have been mis-focused then Great! You now have a sign that it would be smart for you to take some well-deserved ME time to focus your life, make some deliberate choices and dream a little.

Schedule this now; don’t put it off. Set yourself up for success by deliberately choosing your direction in life.

I find it empowering to know that when I deliberately select my thoughts the corresponding results do occur in life
This is a scientific law. There’s no magic or hoping. It is the creative law.

Deeply satisfied

Hmm, blissfully satisfied? lol

Conduct your own Social Experiment

Ask some people this question and see how they answer. Notice who you hang around and who you may want to hang around.

Old saying: Life is a self-fulfilling prophesy

The primary reason people receive more of what they do not want is because they are focusing their thoughts and attention on that part of life.

The primary reason people receive more and more good with increasing ease is they are focusing their thoughts and attention on that part of life.

That’s great news! Isn’t it?

Remind yourself that your life’s creative edge lies in the seeds of the thoughts you maintain.

Focus Your Life

Your Power of Attention

Creative Life Force Flows Where Your Attention Goes

You have the most powerful instrument within you that most people never even hear about:
The Power of Attention directs where the Life Force flows in your life.

sunlight thru magnifying glass

This is how you activate the creative law (above) that is at work…by focusing your attention on it.

Select your thoughts, e-motions and actions to be forward focused, not looking in the rear view mirror. Sometimes you have to be so on top of your own thinking that you may have to shift yourself from focusing on the past to focusing on the present to move forward many many times in one day. It is training your focus and developing your discipline because what your mind’s eye focuses on is where you are heading in life.

I write this with no judgment because I’ve been there and done that, way too often and still fall into that trap at times. This is a skill of the awakened person to keep yourself aware and focused.

Important To Remember: You have the Power of Attention through the thoughts you choose to entertain in your head and heart. You can recall a fond memory or a bad memory when asked. You can focus on the problems or choose to focus on the goals. You are creating your life by what you focus your thoughts upon.

Tip: Think of something you want. Write it down in different places that you will see it and read it regularly taking ownership; “I am driving a ___” “I have all it takes to be a success.” “I am capable” – your thoughts. Write it on an index card and carry it with you, sticky notes, in a gratitude journal. Imagine having it. Close your eyes and imagine being in that life. Congratulations! You have just made another step towards it.

You are only one new thought away from each of your goals



May we each have that person who helps us, trains us, encourages us and pushes us to be our best.

I would like to be that person for you.

Coaching: I am thrilled to report that my clients have superb results whether it’s from a coaching session, in person or remotely, or an energy healing/clearing/alignment session. When miracles occur I just give thanks as I do when healings happen. Witnessing the change in you and your life is the most rewarding part of what I do. Check the different testimonials on my website by clicking here or there are others here and video here.

The difference that provides clients with incredible results comes from my forte in working with you so that you gain inner control and inner direction over your self  and your life. Life is best lived from the inside out since that is the creative process. With more than 3 decades of training in different modalities to help you gain this sort of personal power using training, skills and a scientifically valid integrative methodology.

I always want my coach to comfort me when I’m hurting and push me when I’m too comfortable. That is what I will do.

I am an electrical engineer with a lifelong intense passion for learning how to tap into the human potential. It began in college then while living in Indonesia I took a life-changing class in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; then many back home and in a few states in the US. The wealth of information on how to improve one’s life is vast; just have to find the right coach and teacher. Life becomes manageable and you learn to steer it in the direction you want to go.

water drop to rippleContact me for your free consultation
for coaching and/or healing energy work. If you mention this blog post you can receive a 35% discount off a coaching session or a $25 discount off a healing energy and alignment session.

Difference: I often utilize a dynamic mental focusing technique that helps you integrate the new ideas into your life. Once we get clear on what you want to heal, change or create in life then I talk you through a scientifically validated process that I also record. You will receive an mp3 file to use as prescribed 🙂

Contact me to set it up

30 minute free consultation

Sessions (with some ideas listed)


Meetup Groups: Align to Your Good thru Spiritual, Science, Meditation

3rd Wednesday of each month – April 20th – in San Antonio:




Let me know if this helps in any way and if you have any questions.

And let me know if you know of a group or business that is interested in Empowerment Hours talks or hosting a class or talk for your group

I appreciate your support: This Curious Mind Spark is the beginning. As I work out the routine this will become weekly; pardon a couple of skips. Just be patient as I mold this into a way to support whoever desires to better their life and learn some inner empowerment skills.

I appreciate your Support through the links below or send it from to my email below.






Author: Lamar Irwin, RScP is an electrical engineer and has lived and worked globally on an adventure of a lifetime. At an early age he ‘heard’ that life could be so much greater than his family of origin. This has motivated adventures and journeys into learning and training in multiple personal empowerment systems in a search to find ways to do life better using our inner skills that supercharge life. Along with a path to learn the many different skills to healing energies.

How may I help you live your best life?

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Curious Mind Spark Issue Volume 1 Number 1 4-2016


4 Key Principles to Being Brave

Brené Brown, Social Researcher and Professor at University of Houston

Worthiness takes practice.

Shame disappears when face to face with empathy.

Vulnerability is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Do you armor up or remain vulnerable?

Courage = Willingness to show up and try and let people know you care about something when you don’t know the outcome.


Brain Basics, Part One: The Power of Visualization | Psychology Today

Brain Functions

Brain Functions

As an advanced visualization teacher I appreciate clear ways to understand ‘why’ it works that you can imagine what you want and soon you will have that. This is a great article for understanding that.

One reason it works to ‘index’ information you are learning for easier recall:
“Fostering visualization of any content (curricular or otherwise) by targeting and using the occipital lobe as the central point of processing the information is one of the strongest ways to help that material enter the brain… and stay there even as external stimuli compete for attention.”

Occipital lobe- located at the back of the head, this section occupies some 20% of the brain’s overall capacity and is responsible for vision and being able to visualize scenes never actually witnessed before.

Source: Brain Basics, Part One: The Power of Visualization | Psychology Today



Scientists discover the universe grows like a Giant Brain

Here’s an interesting concept that makes sense.

After reading this contemplate this idea: If I am designed as the universe is designed then I must not be as limited as I think I am. I wonder what I might can do that I never thought of before.

All content below belongs to that website:

It is often said that we are connected with the universe in such a way that we cannot even comprehend.

It is said that the universe is the exact reflection of ourselves and that the universe is alive.

A new study proposed by scientist suggests that the universe acts like some sort of giant brain. The study, which was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports suggests the universe in which we live in grows just like a giant brain. Researchers suggest that the electrical firing seen between brain cells is actually mirrored by the shape of the expanding galaxies in the universe.

Continue reading…


Turn a Downward Spiral in Life Around

rabbit-hole-flyer downward spiral in life

How do you stop a downward spiral?

One must change the inner self to permanently change the direction life has been taking.

Life is best lived from the inside out.


A man called me for some assistance with his business. it had been very lucrative until the tragedy of 9/11. That day it starting going south. By the time he called me he had run through his savings, was behind on all bills including a mortgage and his wife, mother and kids lived with him. It was understandably scary.

He was familiar with mental focus, self relaxation and creative visualization – he had a home-study program* but it was not really changing things for him. This is typical.

It is always more impactful when someone who is trained in human development skills as a guide to help us in change.

We started with one specific thing… for him to be able to go out with his equipment and get work. It is a business that he can find paying clients anytime of day or night. BUT in the last ten years of a downward spiral he had developed this belief that when he goes out that he does NOT find any paying clients.

This is where we start. To make a change pick a specific aspect of life that would make a noticeable and measurable difference in life if it were to get better. For him it is to start to making some money and believe in himself and his business again.

We worked with very specific details of what it looks, sounds, feels like when:

  • He is hired
  • He is thanked
  • He is paid

And, how does he feel with his business working?

He created specific scenes in his imagination for these moments. I suggested a routine of this and for listening to my Quantum Relaxation CD that trains the mind to be at the effective level for creative visualization to reprogram one’s brain and heart to be wired for what one desires in life.

We shifted again because I was detecting that there was a spiritual split within himself. We discussed that, he got clearer about the relationship between him, money and his spirit. I did a Spiritual Mind Treatment which aligns a person’s consciousness to their true nature. I recorded this and emailed it to him.

He called me excited a few days later to tell me what had happened.

Just 3 to 4 hours after that session he got his highest paying client in many months plus that client ended up hiring him for more than a month; the longest duration of service than he had had in many months.

Also, he had been listening to the spiritual mind treatment mp3 file which always brought him a great sense of peace.

He told me that he had a traffic ticket that he disagreed with but the DA would not listen to him. He had been afraid to go to court because of what might happen so he kept postponing the court date.

He listened to that treatment one evening and after it this wave of peace and well-being came over him. He knew in that moment there was nothing to worry about and everything will work out great. So, he trusted that. Went to court and the ticket was dismissed by the judge.

He has a sense of new hope.

Find a way out, up a ladder

Lean on an experienced inner empowerment coach to grow naturally in the way you desire your life to become.

With some of this beginning success the downward spiral energy has begun to shift. Also, he was now motivated to do what I prescribed to him with the daily routine and weekly additions.

I am so happy for him and happy I can assist.

—-* I am familiar with the home-study course he mentions above since I used to teach those classes live. It is very well done but there is not enough CD time to get into enough specificity to help him more quickly make the changes  he was ready for and needed. Sometimes we need someone outside of our self to be able to help.


“Alter the person in the mirror to make permanent change. That’s my expertise.”


Dr. Huerta after a ONE Transform Session

We have the power and can adjust our energies to be in alignment with what we want. Doing this with an effective and strong focus cuts right through your personally held obstacles, known and unknown, to get you into the place to get very specific answers to what you want.

A ONE Transform session actually causes a Quantum Shift in life… in just 2 hours. It is experiential utilizing your brain, mind, body-centered intelligence and soul intelligence causing a transformation.

My friend, Dr. Huerta had this reaction. I wish I would have had a flip camera for after his first session that moved him to his core. But here this one is…

When we focus on the end result and are not distracted by obstacles and challenges we create what we want. When we focus on the obstacles, the reasons and excuses that we cannot achieve it, the pains, etc then we create more of that.

This proprietary combination of three powerful personal achievement techniques plus a new one taps multiple personal power centers to cause a direct experience of shifting into that new reality in the session.

There is a special offer at the end of this video.

Additional client results are at


Spiritually Alignment Causes Fast Changes

Mind Technology | Curious Mind News YouTube channel –

Benefit of getting Aligned with your True Nature using a Spiritual Mind Treatment

When you align your consciousness to the level that is what you want then your life shits to match it. When you stand in your truth the universe matches that for you.

This video has a special offer at the end.

Additional client results are at


Specials: Time Regression Session, CD, Customized Mind Training...

Current Specials to Help you find YOUR Heaven on Earth

Find a way out, up a ladder

Solutions to find Your Heaven on Earth



Craft Your Statement of BEing

Change Your Perspective of YourSelf  => Life will change accordingly

When you make clear choices on who you are and focus your mind on this you gradually and effortlessly alter your self image. Self Image is the lens through which we see life and allow life’s good to come into us.

THE Stress Management Training & Long Relax

Use for extremely deep physical and mental relaxation and for exercising genius faculties of your mind.

Use for training your genius mind faculties

Use for de-stressing quicker and quicker

Custom: Personalized Mental Guided Cycle Audio to Train Your Mind to Achieve Your Specific Desires

Choose the goal you want or the inner state you desire. We will work that then customize and create a personalized mental and heart focusing cycle for you and your desired results. This will be recorded in MP3 format and emailed to you.

Time Regression for Self Realization

This may be to an earlier time in this life or much further back in time.

Unseat a deep-seated fear

Discover to release a lingering issue – one that is like a burr in your saddle, so to speak

Move from pain pushing to vision pulling you in life


Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Day to you…







Happy Thanksgiving Day to you…

In this day of Thanksgiving we are
Grateful for what we have
Grateful for who we are
Grateful for our vision and purpose in life
and Grateful for who we are becoming

We join with family and friends to say thank you.
Thank you to our Divine Source
Thank you to our loved ones here and passed on
Thank you to ourselves for being us
And Thank you to our unfolding into our purpose

In this day of celebrating our plenty in life we activate more
Our plenty comes to us through our focus on gratitude
The door to the portal of abundance opens through BEing present within thanksgiving
This portal is a direct line to and from Source.

Affirmation: I live in gratitude for what I have and who I am… allowing more to unfold.


Movie: The Way

We must at times remember that we are first spiritual beings and second we are an expression in this physical form of this spiritual being. I liken this to the saying to ‘Stop and smell the roses’ – Stop and remember who you are.

Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez make this film that is a fun and meaningful movie of going deeper within one’s own self…

The ending is great with the same message as many other classics: what you seek has been within you the whole time that you have been busy seeking. Beautifully done.

Go see it. This is one to buy, when we can.


Marianne Williamson Speaking About the Occupy Movement, Berkeley, CA November 2011

Sometimes the Divine Source speaks through humanity for a major change. This thought-provoking dive into the depths of history, humanity and spirit is well worth the watch.

I have seen Marianne Williamson speak in person and on the internet. To me, she is one of the people I respect so much for her ability, depth of insight and willingness to speak God’s truth; i.e. speaking about the intelligence that drives humanity. Her website is

I know that some people do not agree with the politics of this movement. I am not arguing anything here. This is a look deeper into the current global movements involving personal freedom and expression – something that we are not going to see on the news.


A+ Student Brain Skills for Studying & Test Taking

Empowering Students Brain Skills

Empower a Student with Brain Skills

There is an intelligence to the way we are designed. We have a brain that has multiple modes that, when we use it as such, allows us to live a better and better, creative and powerful life.

We just were never given the Brain Functioning Handbook.

Luckily through mystics, through empirical evidence and now through the wonderful studies in neuroscience we can understand how to more effectively use our brain.

Brain Modes

Briefly, we have at least two brain modes that we access through our mental direction and conscious breath. The Outer Action Mode is for this world of form, using our five physical senses and taking action. This is generally a left brain hemisphere function. The Inner Creative Mode is where you can more easily direct your thoughts, emotions and thus your life. This is generally a right brain hemisphere function.

Many of my blog posts give different perspective on our Brain Modes including:

Supercharge Changes in Life

Improve Your Life – Update Your Mind’s Software

A+ Student Study Brain Skills

A+ Brain Skills

Best Practices for Students

In the A+ Student Brain Skills class students, of all ages, learn mental direction, intent, commands,  and how to set desired goals through visualization and imagination. For students this results in learning how to study less while increasing your grade. For non-students this helps with regaining mental functioning such as focus, self-direction and goal achievement.

There is more detailed information at the website for this class:

auditorium of students, stand out from the norm

Empower Yourself to Stand out from the Norm

What it takes to Stand out from the crowd

In a bad economy you have to get noticed to be hired, to be promoted and to get a raise. In big classes you have to find a way to excel above all the other students who want to achieve. To live a life that is true to your purpose and to move past your fears these are the skills required.

Most people on the planet just do things the way everyone else does them. This is what sets the norm. As we know from the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results – you will keep getting what you are getting if you keep doing what you are doing. The same applies as to how to move beyond the societal and expected ‘norm’.

How to take test

Test-Taking Skill

Empower a student – Improve our future

Consider a minor investment in your future… one that will keep giving the rest of your life.

If you know of any groups of students or school systems that want to empower their students then we can arrange separate classes. If someone wants to do a new study on the effectiveness of this system then contact me. The previous study is readable here. (This study is from another training method that uses the exact same process.)

Most people think this after taking a test…

Test taking

Instead, you can walk out knowing that you used the 3 pass test taking method to access the answers…


Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in It

Goethe, providence move, bold, courage, commitment

Commitment is a powerful cure

What will you do once you have fear and do it anyway?

I have placed a favorite poem that I use for inspiration here on the Curious Mind News blog: Goethe’s Concerning Acts of Creation.

Under ‘Pages’ on the left  column you can read this Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Under ‘File’ on the left column you can download this Download Wall Sign – Concerning Acts of Creation by Goethe. (Left-click and it will open in Adobe – maybe in your browser concerning your computer setup | Right-click to save it as an Adobe Reader file)

 What is your boldness?

I first experienced this power through a minister friend of mine, Rev. Marilyn Miller site, in California did for me. I was new to experiencing the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and had begun taking classes in the Science of Mind philosophy (previously done through Religious Science churches that are now renamed as Centers for Spiritual Living). I was living in Port Hueneme, California and working for the global Halliburton Energy Services as a Technical Sales Representative.

I had one of those bosses from hell. He was an extreme micro manager. I had just been promoted to run the Ventura Operation in charge of the trucks, clients, crews and engineers. He was never supportive. He told me to learn how to be the manager. I did and when I took actions he disagreed with he would override those. One time I changed asset assignment. He bitched and switched it back.

Since I was learning more self awareness and the spiritual basis for things in life that are not working… I realized that he WAS the  incarnation of my father. Yikes! Now what.

I asked my Rev. Marilyn. Now, I knew these Spiritual Mind Treatments were provided to people every Sunday but that is all I knew. She did one of these treatments specifically for me concerning this problem. Within one week, as Goethe says, providence moved. This global corporation changed its entire structure. The operations, of which I was the manager, was pulled back to the Bakersfield office. I was left as the sole employee for that division of Halliburton (wireline data collection and analysis) and I was the Technical Sales Representative for Southern California. I now reported to the Sales Manager in Bakersfield, not that other manager who gave me the gift of self awareness so that I could change.

Sometimes you just say: Thank you a-hole for the gift you gave me 😉




Guide a Child to Live Their Dreams

Plant Your Dreams to Let them Grow

Plant Your Dreams to Let them Grow

This is my recount of a story I saw on the Oprah show and that Oprah re-covered for the Lifeclass she has been doing on her new cable network, OWN.

There was a little girl in Africa who used to do her brother’s homework for him. Boys were educated and girls were married off while in their preteens. That is how that society values the genders.

The boy’s teacher found out she was doing the homework and begged her father to allow her to come to school. He would not. The girl,  Tererai Trent, was married off at age 11. She had three children . At some point a woman from an American Aid organization was in Africa. The girl told her that her dream was to have an education and to live in America. The woman told her to write down her goals. Put them in a tin and bury it so that it becomes a seed for her life and it will grow.

The 2 minute video on OWN

For the next years she was beaten daily by her husband. She ended up moving to America and got her bachelors degree then her Masters degree. Then she got her Doctorate. She married a good man. She had a dream to improve the schools in her country. Oprah donated over $1 million to her and arranged for some experts to help her implement the improvements to the school.

She achieved the four major dreams she had for herself and her life.

Guide a Child to Plant their Dreams

Guide a Child to Plant their Dreams

Guide children into doing this

Declare who you are. Claim what you will do with this life. Write all of this down. Bury it inside a metal container of some sort. See it as planting a seed. Let it go and allow it to grow. When you plant a carrot seed you get carrots. When you plant your dreams you get your dreams. Know this. Believe this. You only need to believe it with 51% of yourself. Even with doubts it will grow. Opportunities will come. Ideas will be planted in your mind.

Teachers, do this with your class.

Parents, do this with your children.

People, do this with your friends and loved ones.

Families, do this together.

Love and blessings,



How do you measure success?


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