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Taz - A Sweet Strong Spirited Companion

Taz a Spirited and Loved cat

My sweet strong spirited Taz. I love you.

Today, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at about 5:30 pm cst… Taz passed away.

October of 1994 or 1995 I was living in Port Hueneme, California; Oxnard, Ventura area. My housemate was Donna Vondera. It had been a year since Tidak had passed away from biting a poisonous spider. Tidak is Indonesian for the word Know and was part of one of my favorite sayings: tidak apa apa which literally means ‘know what what’. It was used to say ‘if god wills it will happen’.

Whenever I have a new animal I say different words to see what the pet responds to. I then zero in on their name. I tried all kinds of words when I first got him looking for his name. Different words I had learned living in different countries mixed with english words. It took a long time and one day I said you are just like a Tasmanian Devil. So I tried Taz. Each time he would perk up. So that fit his strength of spirit and he responded to it.

It was time for a new kitty. We went to the Ventura Pet Adoption clinic. They had two cats up for adoption. One was a fuzzy long hair cat that would stay in any position you put him in and let you hold him and did not resist. Then they brought it this gorgeous little white kitty full of spunk. He had a little bit of gold on the tips of his ears and tail. He was feisty. He did not accept being put into any position. His spirit was strong. They told me they had rescued him by a dumpster in the rain and estimated he was between five and six months old. So they said his birth would have been in June of that year. They told me that his tribe is Flame Point Siamese and that breed bonds to one person as its mother. He would need a lot of attention for at least six months and for that time it would be good to make sure someone was always around. And to make sure I spent the most time with him. Luckily Donna worked night shift so she could be there during the day.

I like a strong spirit so we left with this cute fiery white fur ball. They had me sign an agreement that he would be an indoor cat.

For most of his life he was like a dog to me. He would follow me from one room to another. He would make sure to lay within a few feet of me although he could only handle a little bit of physical closeness before he would jump out of my arms. It was an energy thing. He wanted to be in my energy field. If I went out of town for the night Andrew and others told me he would cry when I was gone.

His Spirit proved to be very strong. He would try to bite my finger when I shook it at him and said ‘no’. He would sit there and lap up water when I tried a water gun that is used to train most cats. Luckily, with that spirit, he came house trained.

In fact the first time I took a bath after I had him he climbed up on the edge of the tub and would play in the water with his paw. He always wanted to get in the tub/shower directly after I was out of it. He would stand next to the shower and let me drip water on him then use that to clean himself. Then there times he would sit in the tub and do his kitty prayer to the water spout god as he stared directly at where the water came out. Plus he would rub up against the water knob hoping to turn it on. Luckily he could not.

In California, I lived in a 3-story skinny house that was built on a small lot that was less than a mile from the ocean on the Port Hueneme strip of land jutting out into the ocean. As a kitten he would have made a ferocious neighborhood cat. He was muscular and over twenty pounds. But I had signed that agreement and I decided to keep that agreement. Cats are supposed to live a better and longer life when they are indoors. My two previous cats, Tidak and Mavro (greek word for black – he was a big shiny black cat), both died as a result of being outside. I grew up with cats on the farmland and was used to letting them be free. I decided I would keep Taz indoors.

Back to his strong spirit. He loved to swat the back of my heel when I was walking down the stairs. One time he did that one too many times. I grabbed him and put him right to my face and said: If you do that again I will take you back. That is the first time I realized that he understood me. He never ever swatted at my heel again. He heard me. That does not mean he did not ever show that spirit again. It is just that he stopped that behavior right then.

After I quit that corporate job I moved back to Austin. My friend, Mark, flew over from Denver to drive with me and Taz from California to Austin. I had a pet carrier. It was a funny scene… Taz was like the comic cat Garfield when I tried to put him in that carrier. All four legs went out so that he would not fit through the door. I would hold two of his legs and get them in but I could not get the other two in the opening. This was so funny; he was winning. I finally got him in the carrier and closed the door.

He howled and cried and made noises until I opened that door. Now, this is a cat who did not ever meow. Once I opened the door he would stay in the carrier… just do not close that door. I had it where he could come sit on mine or Mark’s lap and then he’d go back into the carrier. Just do not close him out from what was happening.

When we stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona and checked into a hotel that did not allow animals. I snuck him into the room in the elevator in his carrier and under a big blanket. The next day we drove through Sedona and saw the beauty in that region. We did a couple of short hikes up to the magical energy vortexes that are in Sedona. Such beauty.

It is funny he never once meowed like cats do. I thought that was a natural part of being a cat but maybe he never heard his mother, since he was abandoned, and learned to do that??? Less than seven years ago I decided to meow to him a lot and to pretend I was talking to him. Maybe he would pick it up. He did. About a month or so after I started meowing to him often he made a little meow squeak. I really was his mother teaching him the cat ways 😉 He began to meow ever so often but never was a big talker. It seemed just to get my attention if his water was not fresh or his box needed cleaning.

A year and a half ago he lost his muscle mass and became a very thin cat. In the last couple of weeks it became obvious it was his time. Andrew and I took him to a vet hospital today. It was, of course, hard to do but best for him.

There are some spirits you remember throughout your life. Those spirits that touched you deeply. I remember one other pet with the same connection, my dog Tuffy who died while I lived overseas. The past seventeen years have been major change and ups and downs. Taz was there with me always. His spirit was sharp. He would come to me when I felt bad. He was that presence.

I know we are connected in our life travels. I know we will meet again. I expect him to become one of my stronger guides on the other side.

I love you Taz. I will think of you and feel your energy around me.

Happy trails.

Meow, Lamar

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Improve Your Life - Update Your Mind's Software

Focus, Believe & Achieve

Focus, Believe & Achieve

How does your mind work?

What are with all these thoughts?

What can we do about things in life that we want to change?

Are we destined to do it the way we do it now?


The 3.1 pound mass in your skull is the brain, the physical organ that takes all inputs and directs and produces outputs in your body.

Your mind is your awareness of all these processes and is the avenue for you to gain more control and direction over these processes.

What we call thoughts are just electrical impulses in the brain.

In other words the brain is the physical organ of the mind. And the mind is the consciousness of the brain. For those who tend to ponder these things consider the chicken and egg paradox when it comes to the brain and mind 😉

At its base operation the brain is a biological computer. It takes input from the amazing intertwined systems that make up our physical body; the nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system,  blood system, musculature system, on and on… we have truly amazing bodies.

The importance of your brain

The way your brain is programmed is based on your family, education and life experiences. All that you have learned and experienced in life caused your brain to be programmed to do life they way you currently do it. The way you get up out of a chair is a brain program. The way you think/feel/behave in romantic relationships is a mental program. The way you hold a pen is a program. On and on…

Consider this: Every single act that you take, every thought you think and every feeling you feel is a result of the current mental programs running in your brain. Left unchanged people will experience their lives with the same thoughts/feelings/actions they have always had which yields the same life they have always had.

How do I make a change in my life?

If you want to have a different life, a different feeling, a different relationship or a different anything it takes new software for your brain. If you want to behave differently in a situation you need new brain software. If you want to have a different type of romantic relationship it takes new software to re-program your brain. It sounds simple and it is but how???

You can’t just go to amazon.com and buy new mental software? Or can you…

When you need your annual antivirus/web protection software update for your computer what do you do? You can either go to the store to buy the new software or you can find it online to download it. Then you install it. Remember you can contact me to get the software since I still do some computer consulting; no shipping involved.

Find Software for the Life You Desire

Find Brain Software for the Life You Desire

Where do you go to get your new mental software that you want to program your brain with?

You get new software by making it up from the different inputs that are available. You can observe someone you know who has that type of relationship you desire to have. Notice what she says about it? How does she behave? What does he seem to think about himself when it comes to a relationship? What thoughts must someone be having who has the type of relationship you desire. Adopt these thoughts.

Remember that we are in relationship with every single thing, item, possession, animal and person in our life. We have relationships with them. AND we have relationships with ourself.

You can contact me to assist you in creating this new customized software. When someone comes to me we take a brief evaluation of what their experiences, thoughts, behaviors and feelings are in that particular relationship that he or she desires to change. Then you determine what you choose to think/feel/behave/experience in that relationship. We will turn these into affirmations and mental programs for you to use while awake, sleeping and meditating.

From this I create a custom piece of software for you using your chosen desires. I will guide you into the programming mode of your mind and will do the initial programming for you. This is recorded so that you can continue using this program regularly.

You will keep it up by carrying around your affirmations and using them. When you are awake and alert just read them once in awhile while imagining it to be real. As you wake up in the morning recall these affirmations while imagining this to be your life. As you are going to sleep do the same.

I will send you the audio recording of your new software programs that we record; MP3 file or a CD. You will listen to this regularly. You can listen to it as you are drifting off to sleep which will help to gear your mind to work for you while you are sleeping and dreaming.

Have Fun Re-Programming Your Brain & Mind

Have Fun Re-Programming Your Brain & Mind

Re-Programming using Both Modes of Brain Operation

Because your mind has at least two modes of operation getting new software installed takes more diligence than just putting in a CD on your computer. The primary mode that people are accustomed to is the Alert Action Mode where your senses are engaged and you are doing life. By reading affirmations regularly and imagining in this mode you help to make changes.

Supercharge your Affirmations

In the Inner Creation Mode of brain operation you can supercharge the programming by using your Imagination. In this customized mental audio program I guide you into this Inner Creation Mode which is an optimal frequency range for reprogramming. This is where neuroscience shows that your brain’s programs (as seen in neurons and synapses) literally change while you are doing this programming.

Start today

Write out what you desire to have in a particular relationship in your life; career, romance, money, auto, home, service, etc… Make it clear and simple statements that uplift your energy when you read them.

Read them regularly

Meditate and envision them being real.

In fact you can just purchase new mental software.

I already have some CDs for certain goals people have. And I think it is much more powerful when the new software is customized for who you are and who you desire to be.

Contact me when you want some help; skype, phone, google voice, in-person, whatever works.

Mind Mastery Class this weekend

This class teaches you the specifics on how to

  • enter your optimal brain reprogramming zone
  • use specific steps to achieve specific outcomes
  • activate your intuitive/creative thought channel
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Saying 'I need...' is an Opportunity


Find a New Bridge to your Power

Find a New Bridge to your Personal Power

I need = actually means I need some help to activate a new potential within me.

I heard this concept from Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center. Then I took it deeper into my own experience.

When you say ‘I need’ (something). It really means that you need to activate that power within yourself. It is time to find your power in that area of life. And your spirit is reaching out asking someone for help to grow. What a different perspective from the norm?!

There are multiple mind-sets that different people come from when saying ‘I need…’ And it always means the same thing no matter how it is heard.

This ‘I need’ statement is said from the belief and the feeling that life is happening TO you. Actually, you are now in the doorway of a new opportunity to be guided into a new level of personal power and away from the societal norm of victim-hood. I understand this mind set very well. Having grown up in an alcoholic household where other dysfunctions happened I chose something very different in my early adulthood. I chose to purge that past and to learn better ways to manage myself and life. Having done this process of going from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ many times I understand the inner process to transition into my power and away from my pain.

As Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith says: Pain pushes until Vision pulls

It is difficult at times and even 20+ years after my Spiritual Awakening (which happened on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia) I have to catch that old mischievous thought pattern when it pops up once in a while.

Whac-a-mole your old thought patterns

Whac-a-mole old thought patterns to Establish New Thought patterns

Back when I first became aware of this and began the journey it was like a game of whac-a-mole. I would handle one area of life and then this belief that it was happening to me would pop up in another area of life. Then I would handle that one… and then it would pop up in another area of life… on and on. That is what we sign up for when we want to remove ourselves from the stream of normality and delve into our true nature and live the life we came here to live… not the life that others would have us live.

Then when someone has grown into their power and, for me, I have become an authority on personal growth, spiritual development, mental focus, stress management, etc via coaching, teaching, speaking, writing, et al, there will still be times when life feels like it is happening to us… once again. New opportunities to grow!

There is a song: Life is calling me a little bit deeper than before. (If I find a link I’ll connect it here)

This happened several  months ago in the biggest way it has ever occurred in my adult life with authorities attacking me, slandering me, people gossiping (talking about me and not to me), financial income disappeared without any warning and every single aspect in my life (except my partner and cat) became topsy-turvy. That is when the teacher, me, needed help which was not quick in forthcoming from friends and others, perhaps representing my stubbornness to not change? Perhaps representing time for upgrades in the friends department of my life?

From terror to peace

Sometimes the path seems lonely

Sometimes the path seems lonely

It really was a bad dream. Almost every person who I thought cared about me and was part of my friend, student or spiritual support system, whether I knew them for a few years or for a decade, would disappear when I reached out for help; one long-term person even attacked me with her partner’s help for having these problems in life. Blaming me for being down and kicking me through her projection of blame. Whew, this was turning into an additional lesson to develop my wisdom about friendships and who I extend my heart to. Plus a clear sign to go within myself to be led to the answers.

I knew where I needed to be in my mind/heart/nervous system set point but I could not find the way to get there by myself.  As I felt those old feelings of being consumed by other peoples’ crap and I felt as though I was drowning ‘under’ the old way of perceiving life I reached that point of proclaiming ‘I am not going to take it anymore!’


That is when I finally reached out to a shaman friend, Joy, from New Zealand – lives in South America currently. It took her knowing for me, guiding me and using her skills for me to find a new and much deeper sense of personal power and to create a new self-identity from this new level of comprehension, depth and power.

Everyone in life plays their roles perfectly for us to grow into our True Selves

And to realize that EVERYONE in life plays their roles for me to find more personal power and for me to dig deeper within so that I rise above it. I had to claim this even for the antagonists, even the gossipers, even those who lied, even those friends who did not have the ability/willingness to help when needed, even the persons who promised help and did not deliver when I asked, even the head of an international training organization who slandered and attacked me as I kept finding ways to resolve things and sought peace with her, even the landlord whose home was a health hazard as determined by the city, even the previous spiritual support people who were not there, even… on and on…

Need a Hand Up the Mountain Climb

Need a Hand Up the Mountain Climb

I NEEDED help to find my new footing into a deeper and new level of life.

Life is always providing us opportunities to achieve our dreams

and to find our power. It is not always pretty and tidy.

Joy used her skills to hold my hand (via Skype) and take me through the process. I found it. Hallelujah!

It was then that I could stop saying ‘I need…’ Instead I could now proclaim ‘I have found a new self within me’ and begin to integrate this new perspective and new awareness to unleash this Universal power into my life. That is when things first began to turn around. It then continued to unfold as I integrated it into all those areas that simultaneously needed a life upgrade. It took a while to integrate because it was in so many areas of life (friends, supporters, self perception, home, finances, business, auto, etc). I was discovering how to come from this new self with Universal power in each affected area of life. It was time to do my inner work using these new skills and perspectives.

A long time ago I signed up for a life that was different from the societal norm.

In my late twenties I moved to Denver where two close friends had moved to. We did constant spiritual exploration together; reading, meditating, workshops, trying to channel, etc. We each committed within ourselves in our own ceremony that our individual primary commitment for the rest of life was to our personal growth and to the spirit inside us coming forth in life. I signed up for it and this is what it requires at times to achieve it.

Considering the situation that began in 2010, nine months later I am seeing the benefits beginning to show up in my external life. All that inner work is now causing external changes that reflect the new person inside. PLUS the greatest reward is that I feel like a different and new person. I am much wiser, my vision is much clearer and my service comes from a much deeper place within me.

Realizing the Healing Powers Within

Realizing the Healing Powers Within

This is what Personal Freedom feels like

I have such a profound change in life that I feel more empowered and capable; those aren’t even enough words to convey the deep swirling of energies that I now feel more constantly inside me. The conscious path may seem daunting or even impossible at times… And you can be guaranteed one thing: on the other side of the mountain climb lies the fields of glory where the rewards will be reaped for a lifetime.

And it all began with an ‘I need…’ statement that turned into a journey of a lifetime.

Now, to continue my journey, mission and purpose.

Thanks for reading/listening. Supportive questions and comments are welcome.

My blessing for you

May you find your way through the weeds of other peoples’ control over your life onto your own unique path to find your True and Authentic Self to unleash your Soul’s Dreams to be made manifest. May you hear the gentle and loving voice of your guidance to walk this path and proclaim to the world: I AM HERE AND I AM READY TO SHINE!

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A Hero To Yourself – from Science of Mind magazine

Science of Mind August 2011

Science of Mind Magazine August 2011

From the Science of Mind magazine Daily guides: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let’s dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can.

– Shirley Briggs

I see that the future is bright with promise. It beckons me forward into a more complete realization of my own worth and my rightful place in the Universe. 

– The Science of Mind, page 246

My sister-in-law gave me a journal six months before I had set the date to go sky-diving for the first time. I was terrified of sky-diving, but committed to jumping as a means of overcoming fear. The title of the journal? Courage Every Day. My sister-in-law had no idea of my sky-diving plans.

The journal is full of courage-related quotes, and I’d like to share my favorites. Alfred Montapert wrote, “Welcome problems and eat them for breakfast.” Thinking we don’t have power to overcome is the victim’s stance. We are powerful beings, God in form, and God has our backs in every moment. There is no difficulty that we cannot rise above when we believe in ourselves and the One Power that is all of creation.

Richard Tate wrote, “Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot’s license.” What greater way to be a hero to yourself than to do something that has not been done before? Orville Wright didn’t know how to fly, but he figured it out. It is quite heroic to persevere through unknowns and uncertainty to do or be something new.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “There is a person now slumbering within us, which if awakened would do to evil what light does to darkness.” The slumbering person within us is awakened by consistent spiritual practice, elevating our own and all human consciousness above evil—it simply fades away into nothingness. Our most heroic acts are those that enable us to truly know ourselves in all our guts and glory.


Knowing that God always has my back, I leap into the adventure that is my life. I am a hero in my own eyes.


* I understand that some people may have a problem with the word ‘God’. The context here is It is the Quantum Energy and Intelligence that physicists tell us that we exist within. Some people refer to It as that Love Field of Energy around us and inside us. Or Source Energy, Universal Intelligence, Higher Power… Man has given it many names and each name comes from man’s own awareness of who he considers himself to be in the cosmology of life.
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Life Catalyst | Coaching & Guidance Into Your Good

Expand Your Self to BE Who You Are

Expand Your Self to BE Who You Are

Coaching is the art of skillfully guiding someone into obtaining what he/she desires to have in life while activating the different human systems that allow his/her greatness and goodness to manifest through his/her life.

Being a Life Catalyst comes from having obtained substantial depths in life so that I can guide you into new horizons within yourself. I am fortunate to have trained, learned, apprenticed and licensed in four major personal growth systems plus many minor ones. This allows me to perceive you and your desires from the multiple layers of life that make up your personal matrix system leading you into a more expansive and permanent change for the better.

This means I perceive multiple layers of what makes up a human including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetics. Working on five and more layers simultaneously provides for a much deeper experience of who you are and who you want to be.

People hire me to work with them on any aspect of life, tangible and intangible, whether it be:

  • a goal to achieve
  • learning mental focus
  • achieving stress management real time
  • taming your mind
  • reducing certain medications
  • effectively apply different silva method techniques
  • learn deep meditation in just 3 hours
  • enhance and deepen inner awareness
  • spiritual mind treatment
  • spiritual coaching
  • gain control of your inner conscious states
  • time regression
  • healing
  • adjust your personal energetics
  • show you how to open and cleanse your personal energy centers
  • more… what do you want?
I have a Core Principle -> Life Skill Framework for what I offer:

In all that I do with my clients I will take you as deep within yourself as you need and/or willing to go in order to achieve a long-lasting change in life. I am so blessed to have been guided to learn many systems for 28+ years so that I can be a Holistic Presence to assist others in Activating their Potential into their life.

If you have an interest, contact me and we will schedule a free 20 minute session to get you started and to have a power-packed sample. Then, if you choose to, we will continue the session for just $50, an extreme discount.
Sessions are available in person, on the phone and via skype (with or without a webcam)
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Core Principles of Human Potential -> Corresponding Life Skills

Human Potential

Human Potential is Infinitely Unfolding to those with Curious Minds

To tap into the human potential is to explore the multiple layers that make up the human. Along the journey a person realizes that it is like going down the proverbial rabbit hole into a new world of wonder that exists within them self forever expansive, forever infinite, forever creative and forever a grand adventure.

This is a brief overview of Four Core Principles of Human Potential

Remember from science class that potential energy remains a potential until it is activated to become kinetic energy which is when it becomes an action in life. Our potential is the same. It resides as a potential until we Activate it to become an action in our life.

Below you will see the Core Principle (potential) on the left that -> (leads to) the Life Skill (kinetic – action) on the right.

Unleash Your Brain Power

Unleash Your Brain Power

* Principle of Human Potential: Brain Intelligence-> Life Skill: Directing Your Thoughts
It is more than valuable to tame your thoughts and direct them to chosen endeavors. It has been shown that effective self-direction leads to greater mental focus, increases creative thoughts and leads to a major reduction in physical, mental and emotional stresses.

Medical Science tells us that 90% of illnesses are directly caused by persisting levels of stress in our human system. And we know that at least 90% of all problems in life are occurring because of internal persisting stresses (mentally, emotionally, energetically) that prevent the natural good from coming into our life.

To know how to direct our thoughts is actually a fundamental  life skill for any person who wishes to live a life beyond their norm. This is part of my repertoire.

Tools for this include Deliberate Creative Visualization, Optimal Imagination, Mental Focus and Stress Management.

And we are so much more than just our Brains and thoughts. There are layers available to each of us that are beneath our mental perceptions fundamentally occurring within and through us. Direction of our thoughts leads to the ability to direct these forces BUT is mostly submissive to most of the other principles.

Your Riches exist within you Waiting for you to Tap It

Your Riches exist within you Waiting for you to Tap It

* Principle of Human Potential: Heart Intelligence -> Life Skill: Identifying Your Heart’s Sensory Signals
Science has now shown that our organs contain neurons, which are the make-up of our brains that lead to our ability to make mental decisions. The poets and romantics have said for ages that we should follow our hearts. I add to that “while maintaining a balanced input from all of our sensory inputs.” Each person’s heart is a unique layer of valuable guidance available to help them navigate to a better and better life.

The Heart’s Sensory Signals are always occurring within our Human System. To be able to identify the heart signals, listen to them and then make wise decisions using the heart’s input helps people to live a life beyond their norm. This training is part of my repertoire.

Tools for this include Emotional Management, Universal Love Meditation, Self-Direction on Heart Attunement, Life GPS.

Intuition is a Thought Process Leading to Infinite Potential

Intuition is a Thought Process Leading to Infinite Potential

* Principle of Human Potential: Intuitive Intelligence -> Life Skill: Hearing & Directing Your Intuition
Dr. Michael Gershon is picking up on research begun in the early 1900s about how our gastro-intestinal system provides us feedback on much more than just what we eat 😉 His book is The Second Brain.

The intuition can come from sensations in the guts and from unexpected and instantaneous KNOWING thoughts. A person can train their brains to receive intuitive thoughts directly from this energetic channel on cue. This training is part of my repertoire.

Tools for this include Creative Visualization, Expansive Imagination, Taming the Logical Chatter.

Life is an Unfolding Process of Evolving into your Greatest Good

Life is an Unfolding Process of Evolving into your Greatest Good

* Principle of Human Potential: Quantum Intelligence -> Life Skill: Tapping Your I AM Intelligence
Quantum physicists tell us that every person, rock, animal, cloud, waterway, tree – everything – is different levels of vibrating quantum energy. This includes all of life, seen and unseen. Quantum energy contains quantum intelligence. Just like we know that in each of our cells is all the intelligence to recreate our human form.

It is a progressive process to train yourself to have the skill to identify, hear and direct the multitudes of quantum energies – Quantum Intelligence – that make up who you are. This is accomplished by working directly with the Laws of Life including Oneness, Creativity, Law of Attraction, Reciprocal Universe, An Abundant Universe and much more.

Learning these are what many will consider walking a Spiritual Path. Learning these leads to an expanded Cosmology in your MIND.

As we accept that we are not separate from our Source/Quantum Intelligence – and that we cannot be nor can ever be separate – our life will unfold more and more into being a life that reflects abundance, good, creativity, living your passion and achieving your goals. These skills lead to an advanced state of living life. This is part of my repertoire.

Tools for this include Contemplative Meditation, Visual Expansion of Self, A Freed Mind & Imagination.

Mind Technology | Wisdom, Education and Research for Better Living

Mind Technology | Wisdom, Education and Research for Better Living

* Principle of Human Potential: MIND Intelligence -> Life Skill: Living Your True Nature

Our MIND encompasses all of the above principles working within our Personal Matrix in synchronous unison intently for us to have our highest good and to live our highest life. As a person works with these Core Principles of Human Potential their Mastery of Life increases through the proper use of these new Life Skills.

This continuously unfolding of our MIND’s Intelligence results in a Resetting of Your Human System to a new Set Point so that you can live a Better and Better Life.

Tools for this include the Visioning Process, Finding Inner Answers.

Your MIND has Access to all your need, want and desire, right NOW

Your MIND has Access to all your need, want and desire, right NOW

* Principle of Human Potential: Quantum Matrix -> Life Skill: Collective & Synchronous Power

As we find our power through these inward focused principles and life skills we begin to sense a collective consciousness and tap into our passion and mission on this planet. You are now ready to take your unfolding personal power to work with others to achieve a greater good on this planet, as you are directed to do and to be.

One tool for this is the MasterMind Process.

Contact Me for assistance, questions and comments

Contact Me for assistance, questions and comments

Contact me if you are interested in any of these services, want me to do a few-hour experiential presentation to your group or if you want to sponsor me to come to your city, state, country.


Another book I want to mention is by a man I have met: The bestselling How God Changes Your Brain by Mark Robert Waldman. It is a game changer for life. The neuroscience proves that a simple few minutes practiced daily for 8 weeks increases your brain capacity by 40% and more in different abilities. Go there and see him speak and his other 11+ books: http://www.markrobertwaldman.com/

These principles are some of the fundamental aspects of the Mind Technology Learning System through classes, coaching, speaking, etc… Contact me for services and questions – and with comments.

© Copyright 2009-2011 by Lamar L. Irwin, Mind Technology

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Intellectual Freedom, Carpe Diem and Be True to Yourself

Dead Poet's Society Movie Poster

Dead Poet's Society Movie Poster


To Be Read At The Opening
of D. P. S. Meetings

I went to the woods because I
wanted to live deliberately…
I wanted to live deep and suck
out all the marrow of life!
To put to rout all that was not life…
And not, when I came to die, discover
that I had not lived…



This is from the book of poetry Five Centuries of Verse that is used in the Dead Poet’s Society meetings. These are certain lines pulled from “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau.  The original poem and 3 others from the film are at: http://www.peterweircave.com/dps/verse.html

This is one of my most recommended movies to watch for those who desire to live from the depths of life and to experience the awesome-ness while here on the planet.

We watched this movie Dead Poet’s Society the other night. I have seen it several times but it had been a while. I was re-inspired in the best of ways.

Dead Poet's Society - Robin Williams

Dead Poet's Society - Robin Williams

I was reminded of these 3 important intents for life:

  • Develop and use Intellectual Freedom
  • Carpe Diem, Seize the Day
  • Be True to Yourself

Change is possible at any time of life. What is required is simple. Focus upon these intents regularly which will stir your thoughts, your perceptions of your life and increase your depth of self awareness. This will then allow new thoughts to come into your consciousness. Rest with them like you smell a good wine. Savor them like the first  sip of a fine wine on your palette.  And sense the new energies as they begin to stir within your personal matrix.

In Brief:

It is a quietly powerful movie with Robin Williams playing the teacher, Mr. Keating, who has enough awareness of himself and of life to use unorthodox teaching methods in a stodgy private school where parents send their boys to become what parents and society expects of them. Mr. Keating helps each boy open their minds and hearts, find their own intellectual freedom, take action to explore their lives, dare to stretch and expand their experiences in life. It is especially beautiful how he ‘pulls’ out the depths of one boy who is so self loathing and afraid of life that he just observes everyone. During the movie he transforms into more of his true self. A metamorphosis.

Several of these students resurrect the Dead Poet’s Society which ends up running afoul of the stodginess and expectations of the old people who “know what is best for each of the boys”. This is such a beautiful portrayal of life and possibilities with the boys awakening and resisting. It takes you through and into the depths and rewards of intellectual freedom and authenticity with a powerful heart.

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Even the Dalai Lama says 'Sometimes I get angry, too'

This story by ABC News Nightline, Dan Harris, has so much information and value.


Brain changes while Tibetan Monks meditate

Brain changes while Tibetan Monks meditate

Finally: Science is Thawing the Resistance to Mainstream Meditation

I understand that most people need science to justify new things that have been serving humanity for thousands of years. Believe me. I am a degreed electrical engineer who relies on logic for much of life and had to do a lot of training to balance out my thought processes to include more intuitive and creative thoughts. But that logical mind runs amok at times and prevents us from doing things that are good for us, especially practices that have proven to help some communities for hundreds of years.

AND the good news is that the re-burgeoning field of neuroscience, now that they have the equipment to do so, is measuring the immediate and noticeable impact on human’s brains while meditating. I caught part of the story on ABC’s Nightline last night and it was great!

Click the link below to see several very interesting short stories about meditation

Each segment has a different person and focus. Very well done!

Link: Meditation finds more acceptance in the mainstream

(I am looking for a way to embed this video on this page since ABC News doesn’t make it easy like other streaming sites do. Until then you will be rewarded by clicking the link.)

There are four segments from 1 to 8 minutes each. Each one is great


meditation in business

Meditation is making its way into Business

Segment 1: Benefits of meditation

It is estimated that 20 million Americans are regular meditators.

Look at the graphs of brain activity while meditating which shows a marked increase in activity. Soon after someone starts meditating the parts of the brain associated with compassion and awareness grow while the parts associated with stress shrink. Plus researchers found that these new meditators were less mean to each other and began to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, a sign of letting go of our controlling egos. Great solution to emotional self management, a skill that is needed by all.

They also mention how meditation has made it into some of mainstream America; in Fortune 500 Corporations, elementary schools, musicians, etc.


Tibetan Monk hooked up for meditation study

Tibetan Monk hooked up for meditation study

Segment 2:  An interview with the Dalai Lama

Even the Dalai Lama says that he loses his temper once in a while. He continues: if someone does not ever lose their temper then he doesn’t believe them. And if that’s true then they must come from some other space (indicating that they are aliens).

YIPPEE! I SO AGREE. We are not designed to be completely positive. This is a misconception about the impact of meditation. This validates my concept in this blog post Gossip & Effective Communication under ‘Positive Facades’. We are not designed to never have difficulty. We are designed to be authentic. Life is designed as a place where we continue to learn how to be greater. And at times there are ‘downs’.

Segment 3: Overview of meditation

A 1 minute introduction to meditation


Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

Segment 4 – Book: Real Happiness

This is a discussion with Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness. She is one of the US’s foremest meditation teachers. Dan Harris asks her about her childhood and how she overcame that through meditation. Interesting.


To my students and coaching clients: please listen to this as motivation to do your daily practice. Remember how it felt in class and make a choice to better your lives for your sake and for your family.

To anyone else: Check this out. Consider it. We have to do something different in life when we want a different outcome.

Trust the science over your internal resistance. Once you begin to do just a few minutes daily in a few weeks you will start noticing a difference to how you view yourself, view life and have more self control and direction. I have taught meditation in Spiritual Centers and through a scientific method that just takes minutes to practice and I still find value and an increasing inner strength plus a stronger sense of self. However you learn it, use it.

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Gossip & Effective Communication




Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.        ~  Miguel Angel Ruiz, a great book ‘The Four Agreements’

(Some of you may read between the lines.)

I was extremely fortunate that once I had moved back from living in other countries being an engineer that I was referred to an incredible teacher, Frank Natale, who shattered my reality as I knew it; in good ways. He took people into the depths of their being and experiences beyond anything anyone could have imagined and beyond any teacher I have met to date… for those who were willing. It was all about being authentic to oneself, going into the depths of your own inner matrix and discovering who you are from the inside out. At times I consider it was boot camp for my soul… and just as tough with the best rewards ever.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Frank was about gossip and effective communication. His trainings were experiential so he would set up exercises for you to learn lessons directly with the other participants. We learned the truth about the intent, behavior and content of gossip. And we learned what it says about the nature of the gossiper. These struck me deeply and altered the way I communicate with people, permanently. Thankfully this was when I was in my twenties.

Gossip is not the Truth

A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.       ~  Ouida

The first thing to learn is that once one person tells a story to someone then that person says it to a second person then it goes to a third person and by now the content is different from what was first said. It begins to barely resemble the original story and will soon become a pack of lies. For the most part gossip is built on lies by the time you hear it. I have done this when I taught Effective Communication classes in business and spiritual centers and it always occurs.

gossip hurtsGossip operates with peoples’ unclean energies

Good gossip is just what’s going on. Bad gossip is stuff that is salacious, mean, and bitchy; the kind most people really enjoy.        ~  Liz Smith

The biggest lessons involved the ones learned by the heart and mind through those experiences. The personal energies involved in gossip are not clean. Think about the intent of someone who says bad things about someone else, especially if they never intend to resolve it to their face. Could there be anything positive that comes from talking about someone rather than talking directly to them? I know many people who walk away from gossip including myself. A person who gossips likes to work with negative energies. Like attracts like.

Gossiper’s intent

Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip.        ~  Richard Steele

If someone desires resolution then they do what is necessary to resolve things. When someone desires to harm someone else they do what is necessary to do so. Therefore the intent of the person who gossips is clear… it is a negative intent that comes from one’s own malice in her own heart.

Gossip is a Behavior

He gossips habitually; he lacks the common wisdom to keep still that deadly enemy of man, his own tongue.        ~  Mark Twain

The other thing to know about gossip is that if you listen to a person gossip about someone then you can bet your bottom dollar that when you walk away that same person will be gossiping about you to someone else. Gossip is a learned behavior. If a person gossips it is the way they have learned to do so. The good news is that we can always change our behavior once we become aware of it and desire to be better and better human beings.

Positive Facades are a dead giveawayGossip hurts

A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.        ~  Billy Graham

Another truth is that those who you meet who claim to function effectively in a positive bubble are quite often the ones who have the most malicious intent in their hearts. These are the rosey optimists who have a nice façade but you do not dare want to go deeper and find the energy underneath. This is only natural. Life is about highs and lows and our control is in perceiving them and adapting appropriately. Those who think that their lives should be just positive do not handle criticism or feedback… therefore it builds up and becomes malice. This can be a result of some kind of substance abuse that is not fully healed.

Requirements for resolution

To resolve something with another person there are 3 basic requirements:

  1. Both people must be willing which means adjusting one’s personal frequency to the frequency of resolution
  2. Both people must talk to each other not about each other
  3. Both people must be willing to own their own truth in the matter and to listen to the other person’s truth in order to learn from it

Gossip does not solve anything since it is never addressed to the person for whom it would make a difference. It can never ever lead to resolution. Never! It exists at the frequency of ill intent towards others.

The Golden RuleGreat Rule

There is a great rule to follow:  Do not say anything about someone else that you have not or will not discuss with them. This takes the negative intent out of your communication.

I know that for me, having worked in global corporations and other companies after having this training I was not someone to hang out at the water cooler, so to speak. I adopted a habit of finding ways to excuse myself when someone would start to gossip. That is when I developed my internal points of reference where I could detect the energy of someone’s communication and tell if it was gossip as they began to talk. I have been known to just walk away. I do not choose to be in that energy and to facilitate malicious intent. It is under my conscious choice and control.

I know that through the years I have slipped at times and corrected myself. And I know that I have picked up the phone at times to speak directly with someone who was important to me to understand what I was hearing. Sometimes these became a great clearing leading to a closer connection with someone. This is an adopted behavior that has helped me to find authentic people to play with in life. It has made for less quantity of friends but much better quality of friends; people who are willing to be real with each other with minimal facades and use clear, honest and effective communication.

The Truth is always revealed about the Gossiper    Truth wins out

What I do know is that when there is gossip, give it enough time and quite often you will hear the truth about the originator of the gossip and witness how their malicious intent will come to the surface. Keep watching. The truth always surfaces. That is a law of life.

Note: I never have claimed nor will I ever claim to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. I do not desire to be that perfect presenter who claims no problems in life. My goal is to be authentic and to do my best to help others grow from my multidisciplinary trainings as a teacher. Therefore, as a teacher my life is transparent to those who desire to grow with me. Contact me if you hear something and desire clarity.

Very sincerely,


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Amazing Grace in Action



I just watched both parts of the Oprah Farewell Spectacular shows. Yes, they have been on my DVR since May 23 and 24. I didn’t want to see the end. Give me a break; have you ever visited the state of denial?

Intertwined with my love, my awe and my tears I feel such a deep and soul-felt gratitude for the multitude of gifts I have received from watching a lot of Oprah Winfrey shows over the years. I have received emotional, physical, mental and spiritual gifts in the forms of insights, ah ahs and self recognitions directly because of who she is. Her own recognition of who she is and her willingness to do what she is born to do while operating in the energy of an amazing grace is what is truly transmitted across the airwaves. It is who she is that people detect without realizing it.

I first found her show while living in Houston after having done the most profound and life-façade-shattering work with a man named Frank Natale, The Natale Institute. It is as if he helped me to excavate the path through the debris that was my upbringing to show me the depths that lay within me then Oprah joined in to show and teach me many steps along the way for the next 25 years.

Oprah is a human being who, it sounds like, never lost touch with her spiritual self. Watching Oprah being herself and getting better somehow made me want to be myself and get better. Thank you. Namaste

It makes me wonder…

What am I to do with the rest of my life?

What is Source’s vision for me that requires relying on a healthy partner?

How deeply will I go within myself to find the path to do so?

What about you?

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Maintaining Emotional Agility in Life | Who We Are, part 1

Bridge at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas

Bridge at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin (click to go to their site)

Life is a journey. Believing this helps in a person’s ability to 1) persist through the inevitable storms of life and 2) have a larger perspective on current life detail which helps to lessen stress.

Life is never going to remain absolutely awful as it will never always be continuously rosy. We live in a world of contrast where we have the opportunity to do what we want and be who we are. Sometimes difficult things happen in life and it hurts. Depending on the event and our current strength of self it will have an affect on different levels of who we are: emotional, energetics, mental, physical and/or spiritual.

I do not intend to make light of anyone’s circumstances, pains or difficulties. It is truly tough at times and sometimes we need a shoulder to lean on. I am also a spiritual counselor; if you are having a tough time and you want a positive affirmative spiritual prayer (non-denominational) then please contact me. [These are designed to effectively help you enhance your awareness, increase your connection to your Source and begin the healing process at its root foundation.]

Most hard knocks come with some kind of emotional pain since that is one of our senses that helps us to detect that it is difficult. Emotions have a strong energetic vibration kind of like sound does. Sound causes a movement of energy that is detected by the ears. Emotions cause a more visceral movement of energy within the body. It is the major energetic component of the event  This energy, when blocked, will store itself in the body. This ends up being that place in your body that always tells you when you are experiencing stress. You know, that shoulder that always hurts or that spot below the shoulder blade that is painful when there is a stressor in life. It tightens up or does more…

In other words when you stop your emotions from being expressed you stop the movement of this energy that is arising from within you so that it can be released. This energy was initiated by some life experience which then became a memory that is associated with this emotion/feeling.

This becomes an unresolved wound. Even if it was 1, 10 or more years ago it is still a wound. It is still affecting your life. You have just forgotten it. Just because you have pushed it aside means that it is affecting your perception of life. You are making decisions that avoid that wound. Your awareness of life is clouded in that area of life. If someone does anything that is remotely close to that original wounding event you will likely have some kind of re-action. The deeper the wound the stronger the re-action. The wound is forgotten but its effects remain.

Even when you have forgotten the event you have not released yourself from it; a part of you is stuck there. This is when people typically will say that it is not important to deal with it. It’s in the past, I can’t do anything about it now. What good would it do? It’s water under the bridge. Just suck it up and go on with life. Real men don’t cry.

All of those common sentiments are okay and life is a choice.

But consider this example: Someone who had taken my classes came to me for personal coaching. As we delved into what she thought was the issue it became obvious that there was a major pain in her past that was unresolved. I worked with her about forgiveness and recorded an audio guided mind cycle for her to use after the session. Within days she contacted me and said that she had not been able to move her head to the side without moving her shoulders with it for 15++ years. She had been to doctors and chiropractors and had found no relief. Then that morning on the way to work when she went to check behind her she easily and naturally rotated her head for the first time in all these years without even thinking about it. That emotional charge was gone. She was freed from that painful part of her past AND she had freed up that energy that was stuck in the past to be used in her present life.

Simply by doing the forgiveness process she released that original emotional pain and now her body had the mobility it is supposed to have.

Forgiveness is not done to let the other person(s) off the hook. Forgiveness is done to let yourself off the hook of that event so that you can move on in life. Once forgiveness is complete you will be able to recall the memory but the emotional charge will be gone…

And the process is not ever as frightening as one might imagine. It is NOT important nor valuable to relive the experience; that is an old school way of doing this process. With the skills I use of approaching it from your emotional/mental/energetic/spiritual levels you will touch upon it just enough to open those emotions so that they drain out of your body. And it is just old energy draining out of you so it is not as painful as your mind may perceive it will be initially. It may seem like a mountain to climb but it always ends up being a molehill.

Plus you will find that you have new energy for your life once this is done. You have freed up that old energy that sucks your current energy because a part of you has had to keep suppressing it.

Many people believe that if you hold onto emotional pains then they become dis-ease within your consciousness which then hardens to became a disease in your body. I tend to agree with this since it is now well known that 90% of all illnesses and headaches are caused by stress. And emotional energy causes stress within the body.

You are an emotional being along with spiritual, physical, mental and other layers. It is important to keep your emotional body fairly clear of old debris so that you can accurately detect what is in your life now using your clear emotional senses.

This is a part of who we are. Check back for other parts including Mental, Spiritual, Intuitive, etc…

I, as always, invite your comments, questions and other concepts.

In-Joy your Journey,


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Ask the Right Question to Receive the Right Answer

Curiosity and Inspiration trump fear

Curiosity leads to Inspiration = trumps fear


When we are curious we receive new thoughts.

To Be receiving new thoughts is the prelude to receiving new things!

Now, you are on your way!

We are constantly tuning our personal frequencies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) by what we think about and how we feel. The great news is that we have the free will and the response-ability to choose our thoughts and our feelings.

When you want to expand your life experience you have to expand your imagination, since this is the template for your life’s possibilities. When you desire better then imagine it better, first. Next, you start having new thoughts and ideas which you pick from amongst them to choose the selection of thoughts and ideas that you are now going to construct your ever-evolving template for pieces of your life.

A great and easy way to open up that mental channel for generating the new thoughts and ideas is to focus your mind simply by asking life-expansive, curiosity-laden questions.

When you ask the right question you get the right answer!

Compose some questions who’s answer(s) would move you forward on your goal(s) and contemplate them during idle mental time throughout your day. This is great to do while driving. Turn the radio off and play with your imagination. While exercising…

Examples of questions:

How can I flow with the stream of life to effortlessly receive my good?

What can I do today to feel joy?

How do I move aside?

What is my next inspired action to take?

I wonder how I can get my foot in the door at ____?

What one thing can I do differently today?

I am curious to see how this plan is going to unfold?

I wonder what someone thinks and feels throughout their day who has lavish abundance…
…Can I adapt their thoughts and feelings then rehearse them for me?

What doorway is about to open for me to ___?

What new thought will I have that leads me to this goal?

What will I really feel when I achieve this?

Show me how to do this!

What does someone who has the career of their dreams think about themself?

What’s the biggest, in the sense of best for me and others, dream I can conceive of?

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How can we help…

How can we help our brothers and sisters all around the globe.

Right now I am seeing the massive earthquake and 560 mph tsunami  wave (biggest one was 23 feet high) that hit off the coast of northern Japan. A nuclear reactor is heading towards possible instability in northern Japan. Boats in California were thrown against each other. Chili is bracing for a tsunami.

This and the citizens in Libya (and Iran) who are expressing their desire for freedom against leaders who fail to heed their soulful call.

What can we do for them? Is there anything that will help?

Many people just check out and turn off the news. Does that help?

I have found myself growing into what I heard Michael Beckwith (www.agapelive.com) say years ago: the news headlines are your prayer list for the day.

Then I heard years ago that when a butterfly flaps its wings half way around the world the wind changes. This clearly is embracing the fact that we are ALL ONE with EVERYONE.

Spend some time in your quiet focused mind (alpha level) visualizing and imagining connecting to someone and/or people over there. Let your Intelligence guide you. There is no time and no space, thus no separation, in this function of our minds. When you feel a connection send some comfort, be with them ‘as if’ you are there, ask them what they need. Send them healing energy.

Do what you can to help our friends, brothers and sisters.


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Let Freedom Ring

freedom butterfly

From bondage to freedom, the Soul's Journey

Can you hear it?

Can you feel it?

Congratulations to the Egyptian people who have stood in their Truth and claimed their future, en masse. The world’s soul has found a greater outlet for its expression of freedom and I, for one, stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, soul to soul, with them.

What is happening? The people of Tunisia stood together last month and ousted a 25-year dictator from THEIR country. And now Egypt, the largest Arab country, has caught the soul’s wave of Freedom.

Quantum Physics tells us that we are all one energy, we are formed from the same quantum energy. The spiritual path I have learned most from is based on the concept that we are All One. Simply put we are all one energy, all one mind, all one heart and all one soul.

The soul is constantly seeking new ways to express Its Self. Remember that each of us is a soul based in its spiritual self choosing to have a human experience. We all come from that Whole Soul that exists as pure Love traveling a journey to live and experience more Freedom. This is our One-ness. From this we are individuated as unique expressions in our physicial forms. Remembering our fundamental essence while living this life is a profound way to find meaning, purpose and joy in life.

Now, can you hear their freedom ringing pure? Can you feel that new opening for their, your, our, soul’s greater expression in life? If so, embrace it. If it’s weak imagine it more. If it’s silent then spend some time connecting with your own soul so that you can connect with the Global Soul.

No matter what your current level, let us all join together and embrace these brave expression’s and imagine that Freedom, Love and Wholeness Ringing Loud enough for the world to remember its roots. It is an honor to be alive to witness the spark of vibrant living being ignited.

Blessings to those who lead the Soul’s Journey to Freedom


An Idea for a regular inner practice. You can do this while meditating, exercising, going to sleep: Focus on those moments in your own life where you experienced a breakthrough in personal freedom, self expression. What circumstances led to this? What personal change did you make that led you to this? How did it feel? What does the soul’s freedom expressing through you feel like to you? Smell, sound, taste and look like? Now imagine experiencing that with a few million of your closest friends? Imagine what the Tunisians and the Egyptians are experiencing. And imagine their collective soul’s journey unfolding on the wings of love, freedom and wholeness.

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The Soul’s Greatest Expressions

The Soul’s Greatest Expressions include: Freedom, Wholeness & Love.


Let Freedom Ring

Below is a somewhat abbreviated list of countries whose citizens risked their lives to allow their soul to express its greatest self.

Just some of the countries, in the last two decades, or so, made up of citizens whose souls are willing to risk the action of finding their Soul’s Greatest Expressions.

I post this as sort of an addendum to my post “Let Freedom Ring”. I think of these and the ones that I was involved via the media. As you recall these imagine how freedom must feel after such oppression. Let this stir your soul and your own personal freedom.

1986 Philippines ousted President Marcos

1989 – The fall of the Berlin wall. Germany begins its journey towards Wholeness

1989 – The people of China find an outlet, unfortunately temporary, for the world to witness their soul’s deepest desire for Freedom in Tiananmen Square

1991 – The collapse of the Soviet Union with pictures of Boris Yeltsin on top of a tank in Moscow’s Red Square

1998 Indonesia (where I used to live)

1989 Poland

1994 Romania

1994 South Africa first time all races could vote

2003 Georgia

2004 Ukraine

2010 Iranians disagreed with a rigged election and were squashed

2011 Tunisia

2011 Egypt

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