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Causing Miracles

Miracles occur when physical experience instantaneously aligns with Spiritual Principles.

Miracles result from metaphysical laws which we can call upon.

“Because we fail to realize that Principle is not bound by precedent, we limit our faith to that which has already been accomplished, and few “miracles” result.

When, through intuition, faith finds its proper place under Divine Law, there are no limitations, and what are called miraculous results follow.” Science of Mind p 162-3

As your consciousness evolves, you will see miracles are natural, normal, and understandable.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Healing & Change

Science of Mind trains us that when we do spiritual mind treatment for change, we are leveraging Universal Laws and Principles.

We know that in that treatment the healing occurs though our physical senses may not, yet, detect it.

The next treatments are to be about Trust and Faith that it is in process of unfolding into physical reality.

We are to “believe that the spiritual body is perfect, and since it is difficult to believe the [physical] body is perfect, we must confine our statements to a realization of the spiritual perfection of man”.

As we embody that mental realization, “the objective healing will automatically take place.”

Applied Metaphysics Column

To Be or To Do?

Life is busy. It requires our time and attention. But ask yourself: Where does physical life come from?

The Loving Intelligent Nothingness, as it appears to physical senses.

Thus, ask yourself: Is it important To Do everything that pops into your head?

Are all those To-Do’s an avoidance scheme concocted from within?

Is it of value To Be with yourself in quality time?

Take this action to better your life.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Travel Your Super Highway

Travel Your Super HighwayWhat do you do when life weighs heavy?

To rise up, lean on your True Identity: You are a spiritual being having human experiences.

A spiritual being relies on belief, trust, peace, strength.

Doing this constructs an invisible, and palpable, path that rises above the haze of normality.

Release the appearance.

Go within and call upon those Spiritual Qualities to believe and trust more.

Lean on the peace and strength of God.

See it. Feel it. Know it.

Then you will travel on Life’s Super Highway above the societal haze of normality.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Feel a Soul Nudge?

Do you feel an inner nudge?

Hear a whisper?

Sense there is something more within you?

Is there a soul’s desire seeking to express through you?

Become curious, an energy that attracts answers.

Ponder it. Wonder about it. Vision it. Play with it.

You are designed to ask for and receive a creative thought, process it through all the intelligence you are, and output it into reality.

Within this new thought resides all the resources necessary to implement it. God does not leave you hanging.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Handle rejection

No one can reject anything about you unless you have rejected it first.

I met a new friend recently who sings and is blind. I asked him what he wants as a singer. With a ready list of things he does not like about himself, it became obvious that his negative self-talk was a detriment. He even did not like his voice. I finally, gently asked that if you do not love your voice, then how can others ever love it?

What you have rejected, love it.

Applied Metaphysics Column

You Are a Healing Being

“If we could stand aside and let this One Perfect Life flow through us, we could not help healing people!” ~ Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind p 358-2

There is a formula to healing.

The flow of the Force for Good is to be unhindered and unrestrained. Its Intelligence is to be heeded. It guides the way.

Ultimately it is a matter of relaxing into this Loving Intelligent Field.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Access all answers

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein

Steps 1 and 2 of a spiritual mind treatment are designed to shift your frequencies from the level of the problem into Your HighestLevel of Potential, where all answers exist.

At this much higher frequency of Infinite Potential, you are aligning yourself with a field full of possibilities.

Life then proactively supports you, your intent and focus. That ‘door’ opens and your world miraculously changes.

Tired of the problem? Reach for the stars for your answers!

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Ponder the Infinite

May 5 2022

“Here and now, we are surrounded by, and immersed in, an Infinite Good. How much of this Infinite Good is ours? All of It! And how much of it may we have to use? As much of It as we can embody.”

* Dr. Ernest Holmes. Founder of Science of Mind Philosophy

Go to your relaxing spot

Light a candle

Do some deep breathing

Allow your mind and heart to connect to this Infinite Field of Good

Release all perceived limitations

Ponder that hidden whisper.

Let it to unfold within your heart

Watch it unfold into your vision and destiny

Imagine doing It and becoming It

You have now initiated change

Pat your self on your back


You have chosen to lead your life

You have left the haze of normality

You are now one of the rare people on this planet

Keep going

Lead humanity

Applied Metaphysics Column

Emanate Your Best Life

May 18 2022

Life emanates from the inside out.

The Light of Life acts like a projector bulb using your thoughts, emotions, and energies to produce the slide projected on the wall, the life you live.

In addition to being the Designer, actor, writer, director, and producer of your own life. You are the Being through which your Best Life becomes your Best Reality! Nice, eh?

In your life projection, which components do you like and which will you change?

The thoughts you think cause matching emotions.

So craft them deliberately by choice.

Your Heart Center sends emotions to your awareness for making changes.

Feel. Listen. Sense. Deeply. Soul level.

Emanate your best life

Applied Metaphysics Column

Peaceful societies

Septembe 14 2022  

What societies experience as peace externally begins with each person looking in the mirror of their heart finally discover a new sense of peace within.

Peace is the natural state of your soul

Sometimes we examine our personal non-peace walls and other times we do a deep dive into the Science of Mind principles and ask for guidance.

When you ask, the answers always show up.

Give peace a chance.

Applied Metaphysics Column

Light Up Brightly

September 7 2022

Find your passionate endeavor to Light Up Brightly.

How do you know your song your passion? Do you feel relaxed and focused? Do babies smile at you walking by? Do you see your Sport Light looking on your mirror into your eyes?

Yes! You are Lit Up  ? Your soul is expressing through you unencumbered as you are Born To Be.

You are in bliss, ecstastic, and feeling Personal Freedom  ?

Keep doing what you are doing. You are in the groove of Life.

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Cause your goals to manifest…

Aug 17 2022

Cause your goals to manifest. Be determined and persistent.

Thought – Choose your goal. Craft supportive thoughts and beliefs.

Emotion – Feelings fuel your thoughts into reality. Choose the feelings as if you just received it.

Imagination – Craft a full sensory scene of having it now. Immerse yourself and live it.

Surrender – Let it go to the Wisdom of Life.

Receive – Shift yourself into your receiving mode: Be joyous and grateful.

Pray for it, imagine it, and play with it as if you already have it.

Applied Metaphysics Column

If I am I because I am I…

“If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you. But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you!”

Menachem Mendel Morgensztern of Kotzk, better known as the Kotzker Rebbe and the Kotzker (1787–1859) was a Hasidic rabbi and leader.

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Frequency Match or Mismatch? Hmm

The energy difference dictates all relationships. This difference is why each and everyone one of your relationships go the distance or lasts only for a moment.

You have a close best friend and suddenly she clams up. Or he gets with your closest friend.

It’s all a frequency match or mismatch.

You are in a committed relationship and suddenly you no longer feel you are in sync with him or her anymore.

You have a great job for years and are successful doing it. Then you feel a shift like you are beginning to feel separate from it. You have changed something about who you are. The company did not change.

Same with your career. This is my story.

I worked hard for my electrical engineering degree from Texas A&M University. It enabled me to live my childhood dream. I was placed in the Far East and had continual adventures that this sagittarius loves to experience.

Same with material items.

Same with anything, material or unseen, animate or inanimate.

Shift your vibratory frequency and all of life has to rebalance to adjust to the new you. I am intrigued by this. Of course, I am an electrical engineer and see everything in life vibrating unseen frequencies.

So how do you change your vibratory frequency? Great question.

Generate curiosity by asking ‘How do I change my vibration’?

This is the most effective way to generate change. It draws to you ideas, answers, open doors, and resources that match the frequencies of your curiosity generated thoughts that you choose to you hold on you mind and heart.

Meditate, read the right books, walk a labyrinth… anything that makes you calm and peaceful works

The way I began this was to ask myself while in the shower what new idea do I want to draw to me for my benefit?

I would remind myself through the week my question. Each time I was regenerating that curious energy to draw to me ideas.

And you are directing your mind and heart on the path you choose. You are the commander of your life. Take command.

Find Your Peaceful Space to Go Deep Within & Find Source Within
Love long and prosper