Great time at Potluck Meetup

Silva Mind Method Potluck Social & more Meetup
Silva Mind Method Potluck Social & more Meetup

Just wanted to let you know how we had a good time at Tuesday’s Austin Silva Method Potluck Meetup and the date of the next one.

You can sign up for free for that group

Thanks to Dick Dunbar who owns a condominium in the complex, we can use a very good clubhouse space for meetings. Kitchen/eating area in one half and meeting space in the other half.

On the menu: salads, sushi, various cookies, homemade Indian food, yummy beans and sweet potatoes. Hungry yet? We had coffee, water, tea to drink. Thank you to everyone for bringing some food and refreshments to share.

We chatted about things for awhile. Dowin told us about different minerals and rocks he carries and uses; he had 2 golden azeztulite that had a lot of energy in them and had given him a personal energetic detox experience. He’s a real enthusiast and good resource in this plus he is closely linked to Nature’s Treasures; two great stores in Austin for all kinds of minerals, all sizes and lots of decorative things.

There were several graduates who had taken classes before; a few from more than 30 years ago… then from the last class. So each of us who had taken it before shared how some experience, recent or past, of how it has impacted our lives.

Then we adjourned to the other side of the meeting room and discussed a fundamental outline of how anyone can achieve what they desire to have, do or be. With an internal desire strong enough to motivate you to do something different, i.e. make a change, this is how you direct your life with intention:

  1. Direct your mind and body into a Relaxed Focus. This is the fundamental skill learned in classes. At its simplest, this can be done by sitting in a relaxed spot indoors or outdoors. Relaxing music, if that’s helpful. Control your breath and direct the mind and body to relax using self-directing words, images and feelings.
  2. Pro-actively use your imagination to create an image on a mirror of what you desire to have, do and be. Draw it in your mind as you would like to allow it into your life. Know and feel that it is already done and complete.
  3. Be persistent. This is a step that is often overlooked. For many reasons we tend to want fast results and if we do not get it then we give up and confirm, declare to yourself and then believe that “it” didn’t work. Our research from our world-wide reach shows that all you have to do is allot 5 minutes a day, at a minimum, to initiate your mind to show you the path to the change you seek. This is your guidance system that then activates the Law of Attraction… as in the movie The Secret.

One question was about the use of emotions in the process. This is important. Every amount of seconds and minutes that you direct your imagination to practice what it looks like and what it feels like to have what you desire. I see emotions as a faculty we have to generate our life; equivalent to an activating catalyst to speed things up.

We are all rehearsing for our life by our current predominant thoughts. We might as well learn to get it under our control.

We then began a goal-energizing process:
Everyone wrote on the chart their name and their goal to prepare for our Goal Creating Mind Cycle. We went through the process outlined above and everyone created a direct experience in their own minds of having what they desire to have, do and be. Then, for step 3, I mentioned to just visualize that same desired and imagined slice of life for 5 or so minutes each day, at a minimum. Keep doing this for however long it takes. Some things happen quickly. Others take some time. Bottom line: it generally will happen as long as we persist in directing our mind while following up on opportunities that arise as a result.

It was fun to enthusiastically hear right after this empowerment exercise that people wanted to do this again next month.

So, it’s on. Same location, on Tuesday November 17th 7 to 9:15 pm. Free.

Location : The Summit Condominiums Clubhouse, 2425 Ashdale Rd, Austin, TX (north on Burnet Rd above W. Anderson Ln. – NorthCross Mall).

For those who were there and for anyone who wants to join in this process now, I look forward to hearing about the things in life that start to change as a results of doing the outlined procedure for 5 minutes a day. Please phone in, email and bring with you to the next meetup questions, questions and results. We will handle them and continue to end with an empowering and self-directing group experience to keep you moving forward and self-directed in life.

San Antonio folks – Does someone have a home or a clubhouse that we can use to do the same sort of monthly event there? I will commit to driving there to hold the meeting… just let me know. I came down for a meeting two weeks ago. I will see if anyone has a place before I set the next meeting.