Finding a lost item

So, I got home about 8:30 from teaching Silva Life System to hypnotists in Boerne, Texas. Great class. One of my best yet; the last half of this year have had some of the most impactful and energy-filled classes. Good reason to refresh…

Monday I had to go somewhere and my wallet was not where I usually put it. I was feeling tired so I just casually looked for it, remembering when I last had it. I knew it would show up sometime that day. By the time I needed to leave to make a deposit and go set up someone’s computer system, I still didn’t know where my wallet was.

So, I finally went to use a Silva Method technique to find it…

I went to level and visualized the last time I remember touching it planning to trace what I did next with it. I did briefly see where it was but didn’t trust it fully as it was a “light” impression.

So, I did another technique. I cleared my mind visualized the wallet then asked where it is. I cleared my mind and listened for the first words. They were not strong either.

So, I did one that works well for me. At level I visualized and moved my hands as if I was touching and feeling around my wallet; these are strong memories since I’ve had it for a couple of years at least. I brought back those feelings, smells and memories. Then I started to connect with the energy of the wallet and made that energy strong. After doing this I programmed that energy that it would immediately draw my attention to it when I was close by.

Finally, as a cap off to confirm it will happen… I made up a program saying that I was going to count from 1 to 5. At the count of 5 I will open my eyes and will immediately be drawn to where the wallet is located. I will find it and it will be effortless.

I carried out the plan, opened my eyes and was drawn immediately to the pair of short pants I was wearing last night and found my wallet in a pocket. This was where I first saw it with my first attempt.

Hopefully it is useful  ideas on how to apply the Silva Method concepts to finding a lost item.