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Free eGuide to Create Your 2010

Choose + Clarify + Focus + Receive

This is a simplistic view at how every person creates, modifies and adjusts what they have/do/be in life.

The absolutely fantastic awesome rejuvenating news is that this is under YOUR control.

Everyone is doing this either intentionally or automatically. When we run on autopilot we are doing these steps automatically and they are based on the past… thus we keep having/doing/being the same things in life. That is good for those aspects of life that are always working well.

But what about those aspects of life that are not working so well?

Then it’s time to do something different. What better time than now… the New Year!

The end of each year is a great time to evaluate the current year to see what worked, what didn’t work and how much on the ‘right track’ you feel that life is going. This has become something I enjoy doing for the past many years.

So my New Year Gift to you, to say thank you, is your Personal Guide to Choose Your Life in 2010.

Go to this link:

This is a small workbook. Print it out. Get a cuppa tea, a pen and a blanket and have fun imagining.


What It Is All Truly About

Mind Technology de-stress re-train
Mind Technology de-stress re-train

I held the Silva Life System class in San Antonio in Susan’s house last weekend. We did it there because she had tried to refresh the class (she had taken the original BLS class in mid-1970’s) in August but is supersensitive to dusts and things in the air that most of us are not sensitive to… due to a genetic health condition.

Remembering that one of Jose Silva’s dreams was to have a healer in every household I looked forward to it. Since this is a subjective educational system it is a matter of training those people who are curious enough to learn something new and powerful.

Interestingly, since this class was a little more focused on healing that it drew someone else with a progressive illness to attend. A hypnotist, Karen Peterson, who practices in San Antonio recommended the classes to a gentleman. So, we got to help him create a visualization/imagination scene with specific measurable benefits to use as he continuously will be re-programming his brain to direct the body to heal. Every time he practices creating these scenes by directing his thoughts he is directing the energy that runs through all the intelligent network of pathways to cause change.

Having taught several people with physical health conditions this reminds us how important our underlying health is to our life. Without vibrant health we are less effective in life in some way; it is vital… and mostly under our direction.

Who’s the healer in your household?