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Brain Research Confirms a Yoga Practice

Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma Practice & Current Brain Scan Research
Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma Practice & Current Brain Scan Research

Did you know that current brain scan research proves increased frontal lobe brain activity after just 8 weeks of a simple practice done 12 minutes a day? Improved activity in this area of the brain indicates increased ability to maintain clear, focused attention upon a task.

The practice is from Kirtan Kriya Yoga: the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation; it sounds like a great and easy practice to do. I found this website with an easy description and pictures.

This is in the bestselling book How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist. I am bringing in Mark Robert Waldman, co-author to Austin April 30, May 1 and 2 for a variety of individual events. He and his research partner Andrew Newberg, M.D. have been declared the world’s leading experts in spirituality and the brain by Time, Newsweek and the Washington Post. They currently conduct research on the neurological correlates of beliefs, morality, compassion, meditation, religious experiences, and spiritual practices.

The events with Mark are designed so that you can come for pieces of it or save money, learn some fascinating new findings about our brains and attend it all.

The events are listed here. Read about it, visit Mark’s website and consider joining us:

Have a great April, Lamar

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Adult follows Child’s Map for Life

Who created the map you live by?
Who created the map you live by?

do you
rely on
to find
Life’s Treasures?

I was talking with a very insightful and psychic friend the other day and he said something that was such a good way to put ‘it’.

The child makes the map that the adult lives by.

In some classes we talk about how as a child your initial job is to watch, learn and absorb how those ‘big people’, adults, do life. The child is building belief systems, learning what to do in specific situations and what not to do and generally learning how to relate to all the aspects in this life.

So, if you had great role models, adults, around you then you learned some great ways to handle life. BUT if you didn’t then… you end up taking workshops 😉

Take a moment to contemplate what this means to you. As an adult your Treasure Map for finding your Life’s Treasures was created by you when you were a child.

There is so much to this… and this is a BIG part of my motivation to teach and coach those who want new Treasure Maps.

What is on your map for finding the treasures in your career?

What road does your map take you down when you consider romantic relationships?

What about health, money, friends, fun…

Take a moment today and look at the path you have been following? Is it still valid after all these years? Or does it need a bit of upgrading?


Giving Thanks & A Quick Fun Thing To Do

Brain skills for Tuning Your Mind
Brain skills for Tuning Your Mind

Happy April Fools 😉

It is a new month. Make it like a New Year! What do you resolve to do this month?

You can do something simple to Tune Your Mind to Receive good things in life. Relax and recall the things, people and events that you have enjoyed in your life. Write it down if you wish.

It is just like tuning a radio. You tune your mind to what you desire to perceive/receive in your life simply by choosing your thoughts!