Facing Fear

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.
– Mark Twain

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Development of Our Bodies – Seen and Unseen

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It takes All of Us To BE All We are To BE

As we grow it is easy to see our physical development and make sure that we are physically maturing into an adult. We see it everyday in the mirror. When we are young our parents/authorities can see it and guide us.

Are we more than the physical body?

What about the rest of who we are?

I write this post to pose some ideas and receive some comments, not to provide answers.

We can consider that, just like we have a physical body, we have other bodies: A Mental Body, An Emotional Body and A Spiritual Body, at least.

So, how do you know if your emotional body is growing up and maturing into adulthood? You nor your parents can see it in the mirror? What are the signs of an immature emotional development versus maturing emotional development?

How do you know the status of your mental body development? While in school you know it by your grades and understanding of life. What other signs indicate this, especially after you graduate and enter the workforce?

And now your spiritual body development? How the heaven do you identify your progression in spiritual development? What kind of feedback does life provide you as you develop your own spirituality?

I did not write this to give you explicit answers. To accomplish that will be chapters of writing.

I write this to pose questions that make you ponder and consider your own development in the totality of all that allows you to have a human experience. The saying goes “If you ask the right question you will get the right answer.”

Please post your comments and present some ideas. We look forward to them.


Spirit to Form

I heard this quote that piqued my interest: Thomas Carlyle: The spiritual is the parent of the practical.
It made me go hmmm… Contemplating this I want to change the quote to:

The spiritual is the parent of the physical.
This is what is true. As we hold it in our thought field so shall it manifest in our physical world.