Let Freedom Ring

freedom butterfly
From bondage to freedom, the Soul's Journey

Can you hear it?

Can you feel it?

Congratulations to the Egyptian people who have stood in their Truth and claimed their future, en masse. The world’s soul has found a greater outlet for its expression of freedom and I, for one, stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, soul to soul, with them.

What is happening? The people of Tunisia stood together last month and ousted a 25-year dictator from THEIR country. And now Egypt, the largest Arab country, has caught the soul’s wave of Freedom.

Quantum Physics tells us that we are all one energy, we are formed from the same quantum energy. The spiritual path I have learned most from is based on the concept that we are All One. Simply put we are all one energy, all one mind, all one heart and all one soul.

The soul is constantly seeking new ways to express Its Self. Remember that each of us is a soul based in its spiritual self choosing to have a human experience. We all come from that Whole Soul that exists as pure Love traveling a journey to live and experience more Freedom. This is our One-ness. From this we are individuated as unique expressions in our physicial forms. Remembering our fundamental essence while living this life is a profound way to find meaning, purpose and joy in life.

Now, can you hear their freedom ringing pure? Can you feel that new opening for their, your, our, soul’s greater expression in life? If so, embrace it. If it’s weak imagine it more. If it’s silent then spend some time connecting with your own soul so that you can connect with the Global Soul.

No matter what your current level, let us all join together and embrace these brave expression’s and imagine that Freedom, Love and Wholeness Ringing Loud enough for the world to remember its roots. It is an honor to be alive to witness the spark of vibrant living being ignited.

Blessings to those who lead the Soul’s Journey to Freedom


An Idea for a regular inner practice. You can do this while meditating, exercising, going to sleep: Focus on those moments in your own life where you experienced a breakthrough in personal freedom, self expression. What circumstances led to this? What personal change did you make that led you to this? How did it feel? What does the soul’s freedom expressing through you feel like to you? Smell, sound, taste and look like? Now imagine experiencing that with a few million of your closest friends? Imagine what the Tunisians and the Egyptians are experiencing. And imagine their collective soul’s journey unfolding on the wings of love, freedom and wholeness.

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The Soul’s Greatest Expressions

The Soul’s Greatest Expressions include: Freedom, Wholeness & Love.

Let Freedom Ring

Below is a somewhat abbreviated list of countries whose citizens risked their lives to allow their soul to express its greatest self.

Just some of the countries, in the last two decades, or so, made up of citizens whose souls are willing to risk the action of finding their Soul’s Greatest Expressions.

I post this as sort of an addendum to my post “Let Freedom Ring”. I think of these and the ones that I was involved via the media. As you recall these imagine how freedom must feel after such oppression. Let this stir your soul and your own personal freedom.

1986 Philippines ousted President Marcos

1989 – The fall of the Berlin wall. Germany begins its journey towards Wholeness

1989 – The people of China find an outlet, unfortunately temporary, for the world to witness their soul’s deepest desire for Freedom in Tiananmen Square

1991 – The collapse of the Soviet Union with pictures of Boris Yeltsin on top of a tank in Moscow’s Red Square

1998 Indonesia (where I used to live)

1989 Poland

1994 Romania

1994 South Africa first time all races could vote

2003 Georgia

2004 Ukraine

2010 Iranians disagreed with a rigged election and were squashed

2011 Tunisia

2011 Egypt