How can we help…

How can we help our brothers and sisters all around the globe.

Right now I am seeing the massive earthquake and 560 mph tsunami  wave (biggest one was 23 feet high) that hit off the coast of northern Japan. A nuclear reactor is heading towards possible instability in northern Japan. Boats in California were thrown against each other. Chili is bracing for a tsunami.

This and the citizens in Libya (and Iran) who are expressing their desire for freedom against leaders who fail to heed their soulful call.

What can we do for them? Is there anything that will help?

Many people just check out and turn off the news. Does that help?

I have found myself growing into what I heard Michael Beckwith ( say years ago: the news headlines are your prayer list for the day.

Then I heard years ago that when a butterfly flaps its wings half way around the world the wind changes. This clearly is embracing the fact that we are ALL ONE with EVERYONE.

Spend some time in your quiet focused mind (alpha level) visualizing and imagining connecting to someone and/or people over there. Let your Intelligence guide you. There is no time and no space, thus no separation, in this function of our minds. When you feel a connection send some comfort, be with them ‘as if’ you are there, ask them what they need. Send them healing energy.

Do what you can to help our friends, brothers and sisters.